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January 20, 2009

Rick Warren's Inaugural Invocation

Let us pray.

Almighty God, our Father, everything we see and everything we can't see exists because of you alone. It all comes from you. It all belongs to you. It all exists for your glory.

History is your story. The Scripture tells us, "Hear O Israel, the Lord is our God. The Lord is One." And you are the compassionate and merciful one. And you are loving to everyone you have made.

Now, today, we rejoice not only in America's peaceful transfer of power for the 44th time. We celebrate a hingepoint of history with the inauguration of our first African American president of the United States. We are so grateful to live in this land, a land of unequaled possibility, where the son of an African immigrant can rise to the highest level of our leadership. And we know today that Dr. King and a great cloud of witnesses are shouting in heaven.

Give to our new President, Barack Obama, the wisdom to lead us with humility, the courage to lead us with integrity, the compassion to lead us with generosity. Bless and protect him, his family, Vice President Biden, the cabinet, and every one of our freely elected leaders.

Help us, O God, to remember that we are Americans, united not by race, or religion, or blood, but to our commitment to freedom and justice for all. When we focus on ourselves, when we fight each other, when we forget you, forgive us. When we presume that our greatness and our prosperity is ours alone, forgive us. When we fail to treat our fellow human beings and all the earth with the respect that they deserve, forgive us. And as we face these difficult days ahead, may we have a new birth of clarity in our aims, responsibility in our actions, humility in our approaches, and civility in our attitudes, even when we differ.

Help us to share, to serve and to seek the common good of all. May all people of goodwill today join together to work for a more just, a more healthy and a more prosperous nation and a peaceful planet. And may we never forget that one day all nations and all people will stand accountable before you. We now commit our new president and his wife, Michelle and his daughters, Malia and Sasha, into your loving care.

I humbly ask this in the name of the one who changed my life, Yeshua, Isa, Jesus [Spanish pronunciation], Jesus, who taught us to pray:

"Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us. And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. For thine is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever. Amen."

Update: Video of Warren's prayer


Thank you for posting this. It was a wonderful invocation!

I thought that Pastor Warren's prayer was very well done. I appreciate the spirit in which it was given and find it both very appropriate and spiritually moving.

An excellent invocation! Thank you to Rick Warren and Christianity Today for posting it.

Rick Warren prayed in the name of "Isa" the false Jesus of Islam. Isa, according to the Koran, was NOT crucified and was NOT resurrected from the dead and wis NOT God. Rick Warren prayed to a FALSE JESUS.

Wake up Church.

A prayer worth praying often; I've made a copy of it to place in my prayerbook so as to use it as a basis of many more prayers for our President.

Nice prayer, but you left out who Jesus is so what sort of prayer was it? Saying "to the one who changed my life" is not exactly praising our Lord and Savior and put Him in His rightful place. In fact, it makes Christ appear subjective, as opposed to the objective truth applicable to all people. The implication is "Jesus works for me".

This was a safe prayer and I'm dissapointed. Yes its a prayer to the nation, but you are a Christian first, everything second. Speak boldly and proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Shame on your Rick Warren - though I think many people predicted it.

That, moved me -as a foreigner looking on- more than any other part of the ceremony. Thank you.

I am a Indian Christian from the state of Mizoram, India and I was very 'satisfied' to listen to Rick Warren boldly praying in the name of the one whom all Christians should not be ashamed of. May it serve to all humanists and those who strive to have political correctness prevail rather than the Word of God, that the god of the "IN GOD WE TRUST" is the God of the Bible revealed in His Son Jesus Christ. Praise be to God and all power to all those who stand in Him alone!

Rick we do appreciate the courage you had to pray especially in the name of Jesus...most people just say in the name..We are so proud of you. Ted thanks for the postings. Martin

Thank you Rick Warren! God guided me five years ago from a reclusive life in a farm in Kentucky to your World Class Church and your Sermons and classes on campus which changed my life and moved me towards my purpose of a music ministry! My heart is warmed and thankful that your prayer is heard by our country and to let us all remember God is who we are to seek and to thank!

Warren's prayer rocked. He is faithful to the One he serves no matter how much hate and intolerance is shown to him. He prayed the only type of prayer he knows to the only God he knows.

Warren's prayer rocked. He is faithful to the One he serves no matter how much hate and intolerance is shown to him. He prayed the only type of prayer he knows to the only God he knows.

It was a speech, not a prayer and it was waaaaaay to long.

He had the second most stage-time of anyone who took the platform this morning to speak. That's really just reinforcing the stereotype of long-winded pastors...which most are.

Fortunately though, none will remember this invocation. This day wasn't about Warren. It was about Obama. Even Rick couldn't steal that spotlight.

As an observant Orthodox Jew, I found Pastor Rick Warren's speech Outstanding.
Well Done!
-- steven fink

Re: Citizen Tom's comments:

>Rick Warren prayed in the name of "Isa" the false Jesus >of Islam. Isa, according to the Koran, was NOT >crucified and was NOT resurrected from the dead and wis >NOT God. Rick Warren prayed to a FALSE JESUS.

>Wake up Church.

Isa is also what Arab-speaking Christians refer to Jesus when they believe in the risen Lord! Thus Rick Warren's reference to Isa was appropriate.

Also, regarding Posted by: Andrew Harnack at January 20, 2009.

Warren clearly stated who he was praying to, Jesus. The fact that Warren stated what Jesus did in His life simply shows Warren's personal faith. Sure he could have said more, but his prayer was still to Christ, and was fine.

I thought Rick Warren's prayer was perfect. It was inclusive, yet it was scriptural. The reference made earlier about him praying to a "false Jesus of Islam" is rediculous. He prayed in the name of Jesus and recognized that His name is different to different cultures. He in no way denied the Christ of the Bible or bowed to the Islamic view of Jesus. Thanks Rick for the prayer and the call to seek forgiveness in the areas that we have let pride and self sufficiency have become the norm.

ISA is the muslim Jesus. Read this:


Warren was equating Jesus with the false prophet of The Revelation, who, in Muslim eschatology, is subordinate to the muslim messiah, Al Mahdi (the Antichrist).

When he (Isa) comes, he will help the antichrist establish islam, either by the conversion, or killing, of Christians.

The great falling away (2 Thessalonians 2:3) is "full steam ahead."

Don't be deceived, people. Put down the "Purpose Driven" stuff and read your Bible, only.

I'm with Citizen Tom on this one. What was the point of including the name of Isa in the prayer? Why can't Christians pray in the name of Jesus alone?

Thanks for posting this! I had missed this coverage (because of all things, I was in a Bible study!), so I was thankful to find it so easily.

I've also posted it at my blog and at Inspired Bliss (faith channel of blissfullydomestic.com and extended a hat tip to you).

Our God is in control! Just the fact that Rick Warren was invited to give the invocation at such an enormous event was a blessing. I truly respect our new President. The Lord spoke loud and clear through Pastor Warren! Followers of Jesus do not be critical, we get enough of that from the world! Think about how God is going to use this prayer to reach the lost...even if that is just one soul! God Bless you Rick Warren!

We were wondering if he would mention Jesus...he did and I cried.

Thank you for posting this beautiful prayer. Pastor Rick you are the best!

Clearly, there are so-called christian (sic) folks here who have permanently adopted the dogma that we cannot accept as brothers, those who seem different in speech and appearance--even as they speak of the Christ who gave us so very many examples of specifically including the "outcast" classes of His day.
I look for Warren and Obama to work together to build bridges, that so far clergy and congregations in America have faltered, nearly forever in the vituperative process of "planning stages."
The invocation and the inaugural address give that promise.

What a nice prayer. In that setting, with that audience it was his only option. Pastor Warren is good man just bland and ho-hum.

Jesus I know - but who is this "isa" Rick is praying to?

Jesus I know - but who is this "isa" Rick is praying to?

this prayer was well-phrased, thoughtful, and encapsulated well the hopes many of us have in this new leader. it also encouraged us to keep our focus on the God who made the heavens and the earth, in Whom we should place our ultimate hope and trust, and in Whose hands the well-being of all countries ultimately lies.

yet two things made my ears stand up a bit. Mr. Warren refers to God the Father as "the merciful, and compassionate one", attriubtes directly pulled from the Quran, where Allah is refered to often as "al-rahman, al-rahim". in the end of his prayer, he refernces "Isa", the name used in the Quran for Jesus of Nazareth. Isa, though associated with the Christian Jesus, is paradoxically a figure whose Sonship, divinity, crucifixion, and resurrection are denied. the Isa of the Quran and the Man desribed in the Gospels can not ultimately be the same figure. the Allah of the Quran gives commands and allowances for bahaviour which God, through His Son, has made clear are not right in His sight.

it is good to draw Muslims's attention to the One they know as Isa, and to point out His uniqueness- yet to validate even implicitely the belief that Allah and Jesus' Abba are one and the same is a stance Christians must be careful of, and a slip we must avoid making.

I was impressed with Rick's prayer. I don't think that it was a "safe" prayer at all. He wasn't afraid to say what he believed in. I got chills as I watch footage of individuals from other countries listening to the prayer as Rick stated, "And may we never forget that one day all nations and all people will stand accountable before you." Regardless of race, creed, government leaders, or citizenship, we will be accountable to what we believe and who we place our faith in. And American wasn't the only nation to hear it today.

I think Obama has given up his place beside Alah by this catering to Christianity. He thinks he can pretend and all will be well. All will not be well. Alah knows all.

Would Jesus have offered a prayer at the crowning ceremony of King Herod? This was a man who ruthlessly murdered thousands of babies without batting a eye. Obama proudly supports the murder of thousands, if not millions, of God's precious creations, without remorsefulness, through the guise of abortion. Pastor Warren should not have agreed to pray at the inaugeration.

This is the most featherweight inaugural prayer I have ever heard. I think Rick Warren was facing a staggering contradiction when he wrote this prayer and was uncertain on how to resolve it. After all, he was the guest preacher at the "Immaculation" of America's new messiah. Why would you even consider hope in Jesus, when hope incarnate was standing live before the entire world.

The prayer was beautifully done. For all those who are parsing each and every word looking for fault, please grace us with your "oh so perfect" prayer that should have been prayed instead.

For the person who asked why didn't he just say "Jesus", you do know that words (including proper names) are pronounced differently in other languages don't you? Or do you think the spanish word for water is water? Anyway, I thought it was a nice way to publicly extend Christ to the nations, though, he couldn't possibly say His Name in every language, he probably wanted to.

THis was a surprising prayer. While the world watches, Rick prays for the minority religion: Christianity is one third of the world's faith. For Americans, Rick excludes the one quarter who are non-Christian. All rather strange. Dr Rick's book sales will soar, perhaps that will convert some more people.

Rick Warren did an excellent prayer!It was inclusive, yet it was scriptural. The Lord spoke loud and clear through him! What a wonderful blessing that man is to many!

I also thought that Pastor Warren's prayer was terrific until he tried to lead people in the Lord's Prayer, a blatent Christian expression of faith. Let we who are Christians (like myself) not forget that there are many citizens of our country who are not who also wanted to pray for our new president. I indeed saw his prayer as being a bridge rather than a wall. The Lord's Prayer, which was not necessary was a slap in the face to all non-Christian believers in this country. Once again, the Christian church has fostered a wall instead of a bridge.
An olive branch was offered to the so-called evangelical movement and a slap was returned. Too bad that Pastor Warren did not follow the bridge-building efforts of the person who went against the advise of many of his party and invited a conservative Evangelical to the most prominent place in the ingaural festivies reserved for clergy.

Thank you, Pastor Warren, for the inaugural prayer. In a time when the name of Jesus is frowned upon and even prohibited in a public prayer where there might be non-Christians, it was refreshing to hear someone bold enough to share his personal faith. President Obama seeemed to have wanted all sides to be represented and Jesus "showed up"!! In the strong name of Jesus, I thank God for Pastor Warren.

I respect Rick for taking advantage of this opportunity to gain relationship with President Obama. It was a huge opportunity that I suspect he prayed about and followed the Lord's direction in. Overall, I thought this was a good prayer/speech (let's not kid ourselves, Rick had an agenda in his words making it somewhat of a speech).

I too share the concerns at the use of the term "Isa" which I have only been able to research to be a reference to the "non-son of God Jesus" from the Qur'an (Citizen: I would welcome some references for the Arabic-Christian use of this name). I can't say for sure, but why would you include the Hebrew, Spanish, Muslim and English names for Jesus, at a English gathering unless there was a "inclusive-type" agenda (Hebrew sure, Christianity has it roots in Hebrew, but Spanish and Muslim?!?)?

Of greater concern to me was the reference to Dr. King and other "witnesses" shouting in heaven. This, to my knowledge, is a completely non-scriptural application that has no basis of Christian truth, and was, at best, a sensational reference to tie President Obama to MLKJr.

Just my concerns - I'm sure many good people will disagree.

Regarding the use of Isa in his speech...

I found that as a sign of uniting all...as Isa is Jesus according to the Quran. Muslims do believe in Jesus as a prophet of God and a very important one at that.

But all that aside...we should take that as a step towards all us of uniting as a human race reaching for peace...this speech was very well done...great job!

Re Citizen Tom's comment

faulting Warren's prayer as not to Christ Jesus, I'd like to refer you to two very key point of his prayer.
a. The name Yeshua in the scriptures refers only to one Jesus Christ.

b. There is only One person who taught us to prrsy 'Our Father who art in heaven..." The man Jesus Christ

Remeber also that for the Arabic christian, Yeshua (Jesus Christ) is called Isa.

According to Warren, "We know today that Dr. King and a great crowd of witnesses are shouting in heaven." We know nothing of the kind and in fact it is highly likely that if he were alive today Dr. King would repudiate Obama's policies on a host of issues from abortion to same-sex 'marriage'. Unlike Obama, Dr. King was, after all, a Christian who believed the Bible.

Warren also said, "We are united not by race or religion or blood, but to our commitment to freedom and justice to all." This is unbiblical since every person on the earth is indeed of one blood. What does Warren think, that some of us are descended from apes or aliens?

Warren also managed to pay homage to environmentalism by offering repentance for failing to "respect" the earth. It would have been better if he had said something about failing to respect God's word.

All in all it was a pretty weak effort and if he wasn't prepared to pray anything challenging then it would have been better if he had declined the invitation to pray.

As an 11-year member of Saddleback Church where Rick is senior pastor, I confess my bias. Our church has been praying for God to use him in the inauguration to find the words to touch the hearts of those who do not know Jesus or accepted him into their lives. Always surprises me to hear other Christians being critical of Rick, a man, like all men, with weaknesses and imperfections, but a man who has brought more peopole to know Christ than any other active church leader alive today. I thought Rick rocked! I don't always agree with him, but as an ex-Catholic who did not have God in my life for 30 years, Rick literally saved my life (now, and for eternity) by reaching me that first sunday I attended Saddleback. Rick sometimes sounds like he thinks God is a Republican (as do most conservative Christians), but his love and prayers for Obama are solid. Well done, Pastor Rick.

I really liked this prayer. I thought it was inclusive and also touched on some very important areas that it is important to remember such as 'the wisdom to lead with humility, the courage to lead with integrity, and the compassion to lead with generosity.'
I also really liked the part where he said 'when we fight with each other, forgive us
when we fail to treat our fellow human beings and all of the earth with the respect that they deserve, forgive us'

The name "Isa," used in Warren's prayer, is NOT the name that Arabic Christians use for Jesus. Consider the following from a scholarly article written about this by Jochen Katz. In the article, he explains:

"The traditional Arabic name for Jesus is Yasu'. Until very recent times, all Arab Christians used no other name for Jesus. And even today, that is the name used by more than 99% of all Arab Christians. Just walk into any Arab Christian church, turn on Arabic Christian broadcasting, read Arabic Christian literature written for Christians. You will only find Yasu', never Esa [or Isa]."

The entire article can be found at this address:

Rick Warren had the golden opportunity to preach the gospel of the grace of Jesus Christ to millions of nonbelievers.

Instead, he offered up a lukewarm prayer in the name of Jesus not Jesus Christ.

This was a lukewarm ecumenical monstrosity. Why do Christians feel they need to be ecumenical? I do not expect Muslims to appease me. We need to stand strong for what we believe in and prach it fearlessly.

Woe unto me if I do not preach the GOSPEL!!!

Comment to kris: so Pastor Warren saved your life, huh? Not Jesus? Interesting....I believe Warren's prayer was for Warren and not for anyone else's sake.

My agreeing and disagreements with Pastor Warren and President Obama must be layed aside for the cause of unity, not unity with those who are not of like faith but all who are followers of Jesus. We Christians have promoted diversity in our ranks far too long. The multiple mention of the Names of Jesus was very appropriate and much needed for healing in our own ranks. We follow the same Jesus but different languages pronounce His Name differently. Let's stop the pettiness and move on for the sake of HIS Kingdom.
Babu Lonnie

Rick Warren was the wrong choice. This prayer does nothing but confirm the religious right's belief that they have the only exclusive right to god.

Jesus said not to pray like those in the synagogue who heap upon themselves the praise of men and receive their perishable reward. If God is to be glorified then one can't pray having a fear of man rather than a Fear of God. Rick didn't have the strength to pray with boldness and conviction, a prayer that would rattle the false comfort of those who are not of God. It was an opportunity to express the falling relationship this country has suffered leaving the God of its heritage, the God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob. What benefit is it to pray a warm n fuzzy payer (Inclusive) instead of what this country needs most, repentance. God comes first, that what the bible is about and our relationship to Him or as it may be with many, the lack there-of. Jesus said no one comes to the Father but by me, that is an Exclusive. If one is not Spiritual filled enough to express that Truth in Public, then pray in private so that your Heavenly Father will hear you and obtain the power(Reward) to do so. Never in anytime in history does America need the Mercy of God then now; MGHM!

Rick Warren included the following statement in his prayer/speech, "Help us, O God, to remember that we are Americans, united not by race, or religion, or blood, but to our commitment to freedom and justice for all." Given Mr. Warren's history, including his treatment of gay Americans, one wonders if his reference to "justice for all" was intentionally hypocritical or merely disingenuous.

Rick Warren speaking at Ebenezer Baptist Church said yesterday that he was not a "politician" Well today he contradicted that by his prayer using Muslim expressions of god and the false god "Isa" The word of God predicts a great falling away. Be on guard, let no man deceive you, let no man take away your crown of rejoicing in Jesus name above all names!

"Regarding the use of Isa in his speech...
I found that as a sign of uniting all."

Why is it when religious people talk about "all" they really mean only religious people?

It would have been damned Christian of Warren to mean "all" when he said all, instead of preaching to the choir.

There are those of us who are good people for goodness' sake, because it's the right thing to do, those of us who are inner-directed to be decent, responsible, loving, caring people instead of other-directed people who prefer to look to a god or a church or a religion to find reason to be decent, responsible, loving, caring people.

It would have been nice...

Thanks for posting this. Yes, Pastor Warren made an international stretch, but I think we can stand beside him on this effort to pray the Lord's Prayer and to seek God's blessing for this president and his family. Though I didn't want Obama to be our president, the people of the United States have chosen their president and he is in our prayers. Thanks for the bridge, Pastor Rick!

Prayer is intimate and being in a public setting praying does not mean everyone will agree with the prayer being spoken. I find it a grievous error to critique prayer which is, essentially, a conversation between speaker and Listener.

Throughout our lives, as discerned Christians, we must pick and choose those things that would prove to be a blessing rather than a curse and to live in a way that brings glory to God and that would lead others to know His love.

I rejoice that Rick Warren had this very public conversation with God and that there were, undoubtedly, those present that joined him in that prayer...it shows a spiritual solidarity that has been lacking in the public sector for quite some time.

Rick Warren's invocation was superb and incredibly moving. I'm not surprised to hear some criticize him, but I'll pray for y'all to snap out of it. : )

One of my favorite parts of Pastor Rick's prayer was the "forgive us" series. It reminded me of Solomon's prayer at the dedication of the temple. What it lacked, in my opinion, was the very crucial aspect of recommitment and reconsecration to obey the Lord, which Solomon included in conclusion: May God uphold our cause, "so that all the peoples of the earth may know that the Lord is God and that there is no other. But your hearts must be fully committed to the Lord our God, to live by his decrees and obey his commands, as at this time." 1 Kings 9:59-61. The OT and NT biblical pattern is: repentance-forgiveness-recommitment to consecrate our hearts to God, to live by His decrees.

Forgive us, yes, but strengthen us to serve, not only our fellow man and woman, but first and foremost you, our mighty Creator, to whom we owe all praise and glory!

"We know nothing of the kind and in fact it is highly likely that if he were alive today Dr. King would repudiate Obama's policies on a host of issues from abortion to same-sex 'marriage'. "

Is it irony that you repudiate someone else as knowing "nothing of the kind" about which way Dr. King would go and then set out to describe *exactly* how Dr. King would go, "scare quotes" and all?

Dear me.

Since Warren said "I humbly ask this in the name of the one who changed my life..." the prayer was adequately inclusive by my standards. It would have been unacceptable had he said "We humbly ask this in the name of..."

Still, I'm not sure why one would ask God in the name of a person of God..."I ask you in the name of you...?

Better, to me anyway, would have been to say "I honor your name, Yeshua, Isa, Jesus [Spanish pronunciation], Jesus. You changed my life. You who taught us to pray:......"

In any case, it sounds medieval, not something done in a modern, representative democracy. We don't ask powerful figures to grant favors, which has such a "Godfather," illicit, smarmy feeling. We democratically legitimate leadership positions, we expect the elected and appointed to honor our petitions for redress of our grievances...we expect them to do right by the Constitution.

Of course, with Warren's Proposition 8, H8, activism, he obviously has little regard for a most basic, fundamental right in modern democracies, the right to petition one's government for redress of grievances.

As Warren's prop 8 advocacy not so tacitly said: "Who ever heard of our, not their, government honoring the petitions of "homosexuals for redress of their grievances? Let's forbid it altogether, who cares about their civil rights? And, I'll unconscionably slander those "homosexuals" on Belief Net while I'm at it, then deny that I did it."

Consequently, Warren's prayer is hollow and hypocritical, mere window dressing of cardboard and tinsel, however pretty. Moral people now rightly shun him, and now that the President has honored a promise, I hope that to be the last of Warren's appearances in national ceremonies...unless he show's sincere repentance for his heinous advocacy of destroying the most basic of civil rights.

You're all missing the point. Rick Warren caved into his self-imposed philosophy of ministry by trying to focus on the common ground of all faiths. "Can't we all just get along?" He attempted to appease Muslims, Jews and ignorant Christians by failing to pray in the name of Jesus CHRIST. By failing to mention Jesus as the Christ, the Son of God, he attempted to appease the Muslim and Jewish communities who believe in Jesus on as a prophet, but not as "God's Son" or as the Messiah, respectively. Essentially, Warren failed his test, "He who denies Me...." That so many Christians believe "it was a terrific prayer," "inspiring," shows the paucity of biblical knowledge that abounds in today's evangelical community.

Kris. while i appreciate your veneration and trust for your pastor, I must point out some suspect logic, with all love and respect. Don't mistake my following words-that I am accusing him of being apostate- but,historically, most apostates initially were faithfully(and fearfully) following God. The tempters of power, pride and compromise has often lured them away...Rick is not somehow above these temptations.
What I find most revealing about people who have followed the "purpose-driven" philosophy is in their language-the selfishness of it. "it helped me find MY ministry", "MY purpose"-me, me, me. I even hear this language from Rick in interviews, he mentions all that he and his church is doing in a way as if GOd is a tag along.

The word of God is very clear on what our purpose is, the fact that SO MANY people have to use an outside source to find it is telling. And Rick Warren did not save you in this life, nor the one to come.- 2 Tim 1:9 "...God, who has saved us and called us to a holy life-not because of anything we have done but because of his own purpose and grace." And how this purpose looks individually is something to be sought out through prayer and revelation, not from some formula and regiment, not that books can't help. But the bible is the primary book for this-there are many examples of the holy spirit instructing people in this manner, in Acts, as well as other places.

I was disappointed that Warren's "sermon" mentioned Jesus (it wasn't really a prayer).

The inclusion of "Jesus" made the "prayer" a Christian speech and therefore not inclusive for all of the theists in our culture.

But, actually, I look forward to the day that there are no prayers during the presidential or other inaugurations. There should be no mention of "God" at any government activity.

Right on Rev. Point them to JESUS! The Bible tells us to pray for our leaders so for all of you who disagree with Rev Warren praying for our President and Contry, shame on you. God can change hearts and minds. Pray for your President and his cabinet and that Obama changes his mind on immoral issues.

As I was standing outside the large crowd that had formed in front of the Harlem State Office Building waiting for the inaguration of Obama, it did'nt bother me that it was so cold. It was the happiest feeling that I have ever had. When Rick Warren stepped up and began praying it felt so magical. I tell you as he prayed I looked up to the sky and saw birds flying above and could have sworn that our lord would part the sky and come right out. It was such a magical and spiritual moment. I will never forget it.

Rick Warren - typical evangelical - take a moment meant for all of us and make it out about you and YOUR views. Sadly, this is what I expected from him. He SHOULD have made this a prayer that worked for EVERYONE even non-believers. It can be done, listen to Gene Robinson's invocation at the concert held on Sunday in DC. There is a man who is Christian but made it a prayer for all.

but a man who has brought more peopole to know Christ than any other active church leader alive today.

how does that matter or even possible of being proved true? He did a great job, but whether you bring in one or one million it's all the same in God's eye because you do it to his glory.

I wasn't much interested in the inauguration,But what pleased me was The name Jesus Being Mentioned. The name ISA is Jesus in Arabic, Arabic is a Language and culture but not a religion for amongst the Arabs we have Christians too and not only Muslim it's just like the name Musa meaning Moses in Arabic first name giving to Moses while he was under the care of the daughter of pharaoh,So Isa means Jesus with Arabic,but when you go into the Quran then Isa means something else? No matter what he Mentioned the name of Jesus in different languages of the world,Spanish,English,Hebrew,Arabic. I love His courage in this end time God bless you Pastor Warren and All Glory be to Lord GOD almighty in JESUS name.

Rick Warren nice speech u gave until u got to the part of Isa, are u selling out Jesus Christ the one and only true saviour ?... Judgement is comming from God and i pray for you to repent what you have done
God Bless America

Jim M: Herod didn't kill thousands of babies.

Jeff: the fact that you'd think that by using a non-WASP name for Jesus he was luring us in the arms of the False Prophet makes me think you'll probably be among the first ones to be fooled. Use your brains, not your hatred. Really, sharpen your mind, and let not your flesh be tempted into circumvolutions.

Ewan, Johnny and SteveC: in corporate prayer, the speaker brings the concerns of the public to the 'real audience': God. Rick Warren brought many of the concerns of Americans to God, pleading for help from above, and not boasting that 'yes we can' with our own strengths, but through Christ to whom he prayed. Corporate prayer is not preaching, and it is not speech politics.
Are you always praying because you believe you have the right answers, the right motives, and the correct understanding ? Follow the Pharisees.

I have many problems with Warren. I find it ridiculous to call him conservative. His gospel scares me when he says receive and believe. He doesn't talk about sin and man's utter wickness and need for a Saviour. The Biblical gospel is in Acts 20:21 repentance towards God and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. Those who hold to the Biblical Gospel and have truly been regenerated are Christians. Those who call themself Chrisitians and deny the Gospel are not.

This said I am glad that he did have the guts to pray in Jesus' name. I am concerned about the "isa" thing and will have to do some reasearch on that.

Please read the article on Isa that I have attached. I think Mr. Warren needs to repent for praying in the name of Isa of the Q'ran and of the muslim faith because if that is who changed his life he is in real trouble.


I noticed Obama did not recite the Lord's Prayer along with so many others. I find it all very celebrity minded...like halftime entertainment. I would of liked to have seen a public farewell to the Bush family. Even so I did not vote for Obama, I will however respect his office and pray for him and our great nation. Look up Washington's pastor Peter Marshall's sermons for the way it should be done. God Bless America.

I do not understand why the Islamic Jesus wouldn't be the same, flesh and blood person as the Jewish Jesus and the Christian Jesus.

My narrative about my grandfather is no doubt different than my uncle's narrative about his father, but, our differing narratives are about the same flesh and blood person, even if I knew him as "Grandpa," and my uncle knew him as "Dad."

Details about Jesus may differ, the role Jesus has in the three religions may be different, but why would one not expect that? If I understand Jesus as they understand Jesus, I would be Jewish or Islamic. If Jews and Islamics thought of Jesus as I do, they would be Christians...though maybe Post-Protestant, annoyingly liberal Christians.

My Jesus merely says to me to try that Golden Rule thing as best I can. That is pretty much God's will for me, and perhaps mankind in general, as near as I can figure out from the New Testament. That's adequate for salvation, whatever that is.

I don't really care what salvation is, as the intellectual interest is sufficiently rewarding to me. Expecting more would be greedy, and I was taught to be modest man, or at least pretend to be a modest man. I'm definitely not good enough at the Golden Rule to expect more anyway.

Rather than speak broadly to me from a printed page, Pat Robertson's personal Jesus said to buy a certain brand of TV transmitter, if memory serves, and apparently continues to personally dictate a great many detailed instructions to him, which I'm sure Mr. Robertson carries out as only he can.

Is my Jesus not the real Jesus, or is it Robertson's Jesus not the real Jesus?

Mr. Robertson is rich and powerful. His Jesus apparently made him so. My Jesus did not do that for me. I'm sickly and live on modest means and modern science....a good fifteen years past my DNA expiration date now. What does that mean?

In fact, I don't think much of Mr. Robertson, who seems to hate me and mine in absentia anyway; but is that base envy I feel about him, an unfair projection of my dubious, paranoid fears, a negation of the Golden Rule, or something else?

What did Jesus think about, being an exemplar of the Golden Rule in action, while harassing the moneychangers in the temple? (Who undoubtedly were back the next day.)

There are two very different Jesus narratives that Mr. Robertson and I have, though informed from exactly the same source, the Bible. Are they nevertheless about the same person of the one Godhead? Or is one, or both, not the real Jesus? I don't know...but I'm going with mine anyway.

What did Jesus say God prefers? Faith, what ever that is, a stab at hope, a try at love, a thought on mercy, a few bucks for charity, rather than animal sacrifices...No dealing with those demanding moneychangers to broker the soon to die animals. Forget about all that blood and guts to dispose of. Those fires needing constant maintenance...not my problem. All that meat that's too fatty for me to eat now days? Out of sight, out of mind. Thinking about the Golden Rule is at least tidier and less tempting to eat...though more complex to actually do.

I can't know God. As the medieval Rabbi said, If I could know God, I would BE God. God is welcome to that. I have other, not-God things to be. I have a big enough ego as it is.

But, I can somewhat, or at least hope to somewhat know myself...maybe. "Maybe" is a fun word.

Do you remember when the children of Israel asked for a king? God granted them their request, even though they already had the One True King as their ruler. What happened when Israel started having kings? The kings kept leading them astray (not all of them, but most of them). Kings were a gentile concept.

Fast forward to today. Look at all the problems we have in politics. Look at how corrupt politicians are, and how we keep having horrible presidents with disgusting views on abortion and gay marriage and the list goes on. Yes, Christ said to render onto Caesar what is Caesars, but He never endorsed the Roman empire (which our politics are based upon).

The Lord Jesus Christ is our One true ruler. When it comes to inaugurations, I don't think we as Christians should have any part. I respect Mr. Warren for getting up and praying, but I'm disappointed he didn't call Jesus the Son of God and that he failed to pray for America's repentance. He was a part of something that I don't think we should have any part in. There's too much evil in politics, and I want no part.

This is what he should have chosen for the subject of hs prayer:

"If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land." II Chronicles 7:14 KJV

The prayer should have been a prayer for repentence. Our nation has forgotten God, If we do not repent as a nation judgement is coming, AGAIN!

Ans speaking of purpose driven, just read the Word of God and He will give you a purpose!

Rick Warren's prayer emphasized the following:
God as Creator and the One worthy of all glory.
History = His story (of which we may play a part therein). i.e. the Great Meta-narrative linking all humanity
The Schema (ancient prayer of Israel, reaffirmed by Jesus in Mark 12:29)
God as THE compassionate and merciful one.(Muslims would recognize and affirm this as well.)
God is loving to everyone He made. (see Ezekiel 18:23, also Romans 2:1-4)
Gratitude to be living in this land, at this time.
The affirmation of "the great cloud of witnesses" in Heaven, of which Dr. King is presumed to be a member thereof. (I'll leave judgement on that point up to God and not human opinion.2 Timothy 1:12 and King's faith lead me to believe that he is among those alive in Christ.)
Prayers for wisdom, humility, courage, integrity, compassion, generosity, and protection for the newly elected leaders.
Our commitment to freedom and justice for all.
Forgiveness for self-interest, hatred and violence, forgetting God, presumption, greed, disrespect - of both fellow humans and creation.
Clarity, responsibility, humility, civility - even when we don't agree.
Sharing, serving, and seeking the common good.
Unity in working towards justice, prosperity, health, and peace for all.
Our inevitable day of judgement before God.
Gratitude for Christ's saving grace (though it was personalized for Mr. Warren and not proclaimed as being available to all who will believe.)
An appeal to those who know Jesus by another name, even though they may not worship or venerate him as Lord and Saviour, God Incarnate, God-With-Us, Messiah and the Christ.
The Lord's prayer.

Quite an impressive and biblically mandated collection of statements, petitions, concerns, and prayers.

Yet some are not impressed.

He said more than some people wished to hear. And yet he didn't say as much as other people wanted to hear. But that assumes the prayer was meant for them; that they were the intended audience, and not God, Who alone should be the object and subject of our worship.

Such is the dilemma faced in conducting any public prayer or collect. There is always some issue or problem left unaddressed. Can I affirm this prayer despite my stated misgivings/criticisms? Yes, because it addresses issues that scripture affirms are God's concerns about us and our world.

Is it a perfect prayer? No, but it includes the prayer that Jesus gave us and that's close enough on its own. God honours the intention of prayer, not the level of perfection therein.

Could you/I write a better one for the occasion? Only if God wrote it through you/me. And that hasn't happened (at least in my case). So I defer to Rick Warren and trust that God was speaking through him and that his prayer was addressed to God on our collective behalf and not simply to impress humans. And if it was, I will still affirm that which is of concern to God.

If you feel something was left out, something that is a burden on your heart, pray about it NOW. God is listening and maybe that burden is His way of asking you to join in a dialogue with Him about something close to His heart as well. If you can get others to join you - so much the better, as you can voice their concerns in prayer as well. But be wary of criticism lest you be tempted to pride and think your efforts at prayer would be more pleasing to God than Rick Warren's or anyone else's.

Brothers and Sisters, can we start building up and affirming one another in prayer rather than tearing each other apart? Rebuke and admonish where necessary, but let Love be in all and over all and through all because that is the mark by which the world will know the truth and sincerity of our faith.


As a Chaplain, I can tell you that Pastor Rick Warren did an excellent job. It is a question of submitting to the authority over you. You cannot pray in the name of "Jesus" as a military chaplain or prison chaplain when you are praying to a gathering of various faiths. Pastor Rick skillfully brought the name of Jesus in a brilliant manner and also he lead the most powerful prayer of all prayers, which is Lord's prayer! That in itself is more than sufficient.

But Pastor Rick did complicate his prayer by emphasizing the "One God" to attract the muslims. But it would have raised red flag for Muslims because of our Trinitarian belief! Also he used the word "Our Father" which is anathema for muslims! The use of "Isa" is no big deal because he is just referring to a particular person's name to prove a point that his life was transformed because of that person. What is that person Jesus Isa means to Rick Warren is the focal point of this argument rather than the Muslim listeners. Evangelical Christians are getting plain nasty with their own brothers! Back off and correct one another in love!


If the subject of marriage equality for GLBT people had been an issue in his lifetime, and if Dr. King had qualms about supporting it, I have no doubt that his close friend and great movement strategist, Bayard Rustin would have addressed them quite well.

I have little doubt that Mr.Rustin would have married the man he was living with when he died, had he been able. But as it was an "interracial" union...even if it had been a "heterosexual" relationship, it would have been illegal in many states until shorty before Dr. King's assassination. Though unconstitutional, those laws were still being removed from Bible Belt laws up to this century...and some people were trying to keep them anyway.

Do you really think you have Dr. King's position of abortion pegged? Well, as "Roe" was decided four years after his murder, I won't say that I know. I'm pretty sure that he supported birth control. I do know that my denomination somewhat reluctantly supported legalized abortion...and I'm quite positive that it was a Christian one.

Where were conservative evangelicals, in general, during the Civil Rights movement? No where near it, if not actually throwing every impediment possible at it, in a show of "massive resistance."

Even CT couldn't think of much good to say about Dr. King, until some time after his assassination. CT even got Herbert Hoover to attack Dr. King. It turns out, Mr. Hoover's grasp of the situation was wrong, but there was no equal space, if memory serves, for Dr. King's rebuttal.

Try finding Dr. King's Nobel Prize win in CT. It's there...but you had better have a comprehensive index to find those few grudging lines.

If memory serves, Dr. King was an editor at large at Christian Century, the very magazine that CT was founded to oppose, founded with seed money from oil magnate J. Howard Pew.

Compare with with Pastor and Apostle Paul who said every knee would bow at the name of Jesus. This does not sound like a prayer to the God of the bible, it sounds like a prayer of appeasement to the crowd and the cameras.

The great temptation for clergy praying at political events is to advocate their particular and often peculiar agendas, the prayer being the pretext for doing so. All in all, Rick Warren's prayer was better than Robinson's or Lowry's crassly political prayers. It is interesting to note that despite Pastor Warren's concerted efforts to address the culture and its elites in their terms, they still hate him because He believes in the necessity of a crucified Savior and retains a biblical view of sexual morality. And when are we going to quit "wetting our pants" every time some politician allows us face time, access, a place on the program, etc.?

To the Christians: Remember, you are in exile. Rick Warren praying on behalf of a foreign king does precious little to further the cause of the Kingdom. I am neither for it nor against it, but I think it needs to be put in the proper context. The momentum of history does not hinge upon a president, a nation, or a well-intentioned prayer.

You cannot expect the ceremonial ritual of a nation to fully emulate the doctrine and ritual of the Church. It's not fair to a nation that has never been 'Christian' and it's not fair to the faithful Church who rightfully distances themselves from nationalistic ties.

It is unbecoming of you to throw stones at Warren for what he has tried to accomplish. Stop judging his faith and allegiance to Christ simply because he tried to contextualize the faith outside of your Western sensibilities. I'm not a Rick Warren fan, but really, you've picked the wrong hill to die on. It's a waste of everyone's time.

Grace and peace upon you all.

I was very impressed with Pastor Warren's prayer. It was obvious that God had a hand in Pastor Warren's preparation of this prayer.

The point of the whole prayer was that a prayer to God to bless the man that will be controling the highest postion in Government. Hopefully the words about Christ (Jesus) brought Obama and the world a little closer to the fact that Jesus is here with us and takes part in every aspect of life including the bringing in of a new president. The blessing has been placed over the Obama family hopefully bringing them that one step closer to having a close and real relationship with Jesus Christ. In every way that step was taken. Wether it was Warren, Graham or Mother Teresa somebody always has something negative to say lets just sit and think where that negativity origanates from. God bless Obama and all of America they will need in these hard end times.

"Do not judge lest you be judged. For in the way you judge, you will be judged; and by your standard of measure, it will be measured to you. And why do you look at the speck that is in your brother's eye, but do not notice the log that is in your own eye? Or how can you say to your brother, 'Let me take the speck out of your eye,' and behold, the log is in your own eye? You hypocrite, first take the log out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to take the speck out of your brother's eye." - Matthew 7:1-5

You know I'm not saying what Rick said was right or wrong, not my place. I do believe that we need to live a holy life before God. "Pursue peace and holiness without which no man may see God." Heb 12:14

Someone wonder why Christianity is suffering, stuff like what is going on on this board is why! We might be pursuing holiness, but don't forget the first part, peace.

"But avoid foolish controversies, arguments about genealogies, quarrels, and fights about the law. These things are useless and worthless." Titus 3:9

Let's stop our bickering, if he is wrong then let the Spirit of God convict him, we just need to pray for him and restore him in love if necessary.

Let's get united and go after what really matters...souls!!!

Having read through numerous postings in response to Pastor Warren's prayer, I find myself wandering, "How would I have prayed before a watching world?" Better yet, "How do I display Jesus in my life each day before a watching world?" That is truly where the rubber meets the proverbial road.

Lest I be to quick to judge another, maybe I should at first look inside myself to make sure that I fully confess Jesus as my Lord and Savior through my actions and words each day.

I'd like to respond to Deborah's comments regarding Isa:

Isa is the Arabic word for Jesus. Missionaries in West Africa will ask Muslims to believe on Isa. When the Muslims say that they know Isa, the missionaries tell them that their Isa is a different one than that of the Bible. Warren was merely pointing out the different name, and not referring to Jesus in the Qu'ran.

Isa is another word for Jesus, and Warren was not implying that Isa of the Qu'ran and Jesus of the Holy Bible are the same. By using Isa, it will hopefully get Muslims to wonder why Warren mentioned him, and will hopefully spark discussion for them to seek into learning about Jesus as found in the Holy Bible.

Here are different names for Jesus around the world.


Citizen Tom,

Please do a little more research before going on a tirade about the name Isa. Yes it's true that the Qu'ran paints a false picture of Jesus, but that doesn't mean that the name Isa is not the right name for Jesus. If that's the case, then Jesus isn't the right name either. His name is Yeshua.

Isa is the Arabic and several other Persian/Turkic name that genuine believers use for Jesus. I know this because I've lived in these cultures.

It's incredibly ethnocentric to insist people use your name for Jesus to refer to the same person. They need to be able to speak his name in their home language.

Your information may not be entirely informed. I lived in a Muslim country for two years and the believers there used the name Isa. However it wasn't an Arabic speaking Muslim country, so it is possible that some do use a different name, but I know that many believers in these countries use the name Isa.

Please, don't demonize someone just because you think the name Jesus was said differently such as Isa. For your information, Jesus called Isa by Korean Christians, and some other languages have pronounced Jesus differently. So don't get caught up in this. God knows our hearts. He knows Who we worship. Clearly, Jesus here mentioned as Isa, is Jesus of the Bible. It follows by the verses from the BIBLE.

The most interesting and surprising was Rick Warren's praying in the name of the Muslim “Esa”, who, in their story is neither divine, nor died on the cross for us:

Do not make confusions over Rick warren's use of Jesus' name in different languages. For person living middle east or south asian countries where hindi or urdu languages are used Isa means jesus only, relate it with language not religion

to all the people crying out against rick warren's use of "Isa,"

Jesus was called Isa long before Jesus.

And Jesus was called Y'shua long before Isa.

And Jesus was called I AM THAT I AM long before any of those.

Nothing holy about the english name of Jesus. It's about the person, the work on the Cross, the death and resurrection. I don't see anything wrong with Muslims who come to faith through the message of Isa crucified and resurrected.


Not one person made the sign of the cross. What is wrong with these people? We also noticed the error about Obama being the child of an african american immigrant. His father did not have US citizen ship. Is history being rewritten already?

Yeshua, Esa, Jesus, Jesus... changed my life too.

An excellent testimony, rev. Rick Warren. Congratulations.

It was a nice prayer but Rev. Warren didn't mention ex President Bush & ex Vice Cheney in his prayer. I am strictly a Barack fans/believer but it would have been so appropriate had he prayed for them and ask God to continue protectiong them. At least that the way I was taught.

I've read and re-read the prayer and have to conclude it is good. Warren was referring to Jesus Christ the Son of the living God born of a virgin. This is proven by the fact that only Jesus Christ gave us the Lord's prayer which he quoted. Warren was trying to include many people but he was CLEARLY referencing the Jesus of the Bible and Orthodox Christianity. He was faithful to His Savior.

Thank you Pastor Warren

God's Word is our great heritage
And shall be ours forever;
To spread its light from age to age
Shall be our chief endeavor.
Through life it guides our way,
In death it is our stay.
Lord, grant, while worlds endure,
We keep its teachings pure.
Throughout all generations.
-N.F.S. Grundtvig 1817

This is MY prayer for all Christians and for our country, and for our entire world, for that matter.

Too long, and inappropriate for the occasion. Strange criticism from an ordained member of the clergy, but mine nevertheless.

Pastor Warren took this gift given to him by President-Elect Obama to invoke God's presence into a truly momentous event, and turned it into the Rick Warren Show. This should have been short, impactful, and relevant to all. It was none of these.

It was inappropriate in that at its base it assumes the United States to be a Christian nation. It was not at its creation, it has not been throughout all of its brief history, it is not now, and I pray will never be in the future. The United States is unique in the world in that it is a nation of all, Jew, Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, non-believer, all of the creation. Addressing Jesus in all of His names as various traditions refer to him, was not an inclusive gesture, but rather a judgemental gesture, and just a gesture.

President Obama is the President of all who are citizens of the United States of America, all of us. I wish Pastor Warren had gone beyond his normal boundaries and recognized that so that all of us who worship the one God in our own ways, could have been mobilized to unified prayer and action in support of our new President.

For all of you Christian naysayers, will you please read Acts 17? The first task in reaching the lost world is building bridges. The apostle Paul has been skewered by many for "failing" on Mars' Hill, and it seems that many of you are doing the same to Rick Warren. I am a conservative pastor who believes in biblical inerrancy and the need to be true to the message of the Scripture. Warren could have slinked around and given some "political" prayer like the benediction, but he didn't. He spoke of God from the beginning to the end...the God of the Bible. And his references to Jesus in four languages was an exclamation point, not an attempt to water our Lord down. He was asked to pray, not preach! I thank God for men like Rick who can make the gospel approachable. How've all you hardcores been doing on expanding the kingdom?

One last thing...true followers of Christ pray for their leaders, they don't criticize (Romans 13:1-7). So for any who would like to spend the next four years dogging our new president (whom I didn't vote for either), be aware of your disobedience.

I thought Rick Warren's prayer ran the perfect balance between expressing his beliefs and respecting those of all Americans. If he had concentrated more on Jesus as the son of God, he would have alienated hundreds of thousands. If he had said less, he would have compromised his own beliefs.

As far as his use of Jesus' name in other languages, don't read more into it than that. He was translating for everyone's sake. To include Arab Christians, Hispanic Christians, Korean Christians (apparently), Israeli Christians, etc. Don't be so full of hate that you condemn him for reaching past your Anglo-Saxon bias. I guarantee you that the apostles not once used the name "Jesus," in the English pronunciation. Let it go.

When I first heard the prayer live, I was disappointed. Maybe it was just the delivery. I'm not sure. Reading it, it's a good prayer. Maybe the immensity of the moment overwhelmed Rick Warren a bit... and who in the world could blame him?

Thank you, CT, for the work in posting these discussions--and in your promptness (better than some of the so-called news organizations). I believe there is value in noting that Jesus Christ DID NOT affiliate Himself with the Zealots (2,000 years ago, the meaning of this word is the same as today...) though he did select Simon as one of his disciples.

Deliver me from those who must have gay marriage and from those who say we must NOT have it--and that this, their own little litmus tests and beliefs are somehow qualifications for entry into THE KINGDOM (all others, be damned). I think not.

Christ sought and brought redemption and forgiveness--now go back, read some of the contributions here and weigh who lines up with Christ's teachings--maybe, some are christian in name only ? ? ?

God will not be asking me to help in grading Rick Warren, but I choose to give him a passing grade, for certain--and, in matters of politics and race, I'd flunk MOST of the clergy that I knew in the 50s and 60s, when the really hard battles of the "underclass" in America were being fought (they somehow found and cited "scriptural reasons" for minority inferiority).


First of all, having written two books exposing Rick Warren as a false teacher, published by Southwest Radio Church (swrc.com), I am not even surprised that Obama selected Rick Warren, they both believe in a Global Peace Plan that can be forged with Muslims. In blessing and celebrating Barack Obama, Rick Warren, and Rev. Mahoney, Rev. Rob Shenck, and Congressman Broun consecrating Obama, I would like to ask the following. I am curious would you have done the same anointing for Hitler? Stalin? Pol Pot? I am quite sure there were government officials and pastors who did exactly what you just did to honor Hitler's Inauguration! The Temple grounds after the Lord destroyed it in order consecrate it for the Romans? How about when the Antichrist stands on the Temple which the same Jesus Christ said would defile it with the Abomination of Desolation spoken of by the Prophet Daniel? Are you going to, like John Roberts and Rick Warren, consecrate this man of sin? Or are you going to sound the alarm on His Holy Hill and be responsible and warn the people like Ezekiel did as a good watchman on the wall? For if you don't his blood will also be on your hands!

In this regard, I appeal to you to read my letter to Supreme Court John Roberts available at:


Yes God is Sovereign over Obama who has become President, but woe to them by whom it comes! Apparently none of you who applaud Rick Warren are familiar with the precedent and commandments of the Apostle Paul who did not commend false teachers rather he marked them and three times in Galatians said let them be eternally damned...unless you repent!

Obama, citing Scripture: "We remain a young nation, but in the words of Scripture, the time has come to set aside childish things."

Taken from I Corinthians 13:11 which states:

"When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things."

So now that he is an adult he is asking us to grow up to do away with childish things (and such things as unborn children) like:

Right to Life of unborn and the pursuit of happiness according to the Declaration of Independence

Right to Life even if you are born

Belief that sodomy is a sin and that God used Sodom and
Gomorrah as examples of his wrath against it

Belief that marriage between only a man and a woman

Belief in First Amendment

Belief that you need a real birth certificate to become President

Belief in shouting the truth from the rooftops and sounding the alarm on His Holy Hill for concealing and covering up the truth about your birth

Belief that Islam's global agenda is the total destruction of Jews and Christians.

Belief that God hates evil men and does not love all men

Belief in capitalism and exchange it for Marxism

Belief that fraud is an abomination to the Lord

Belief that Planned Parent was founded on racial purification and extermination and eugenics

Belief that the Apostle Paul was talking to Christians in the Scripture Obama quoted

Belief that it was wrong to snuff out the life of baby before it even had a chance to become like a child without ever even getting a chance to put away childish things

Belief that the land of Israel is not Obama's to carve up

Belief that the "Fairness Doctrine" is unfair and constitutes censorship

Belief that all Christians are suppose to evangelize atheists, Muslims, Hindus to become born again in compliance with the Great Commission

Belief the Ten Commandments which say Thou Shalt have NO other gods before" but when I was no longer a child I put away that childish idea and believed Gene Robinson's prayer

Belief that sodomites when not enter the Kingdom of Heaven

Belief that if you do not work you should not eat for the adult belief that I am entitled to a government handout and bailout for what I have not earned

Belief that Jesus Christ is the Messiah and exchange that for the belief that Muslim Louis Farrakhan is right in saying the Obama is the Messiah and Mahdi

Belief that Jesus Christ is exclusively the way the truth and the life and no man comes to the Father except by him and the Apostle Paul (whom Obama quotes) that taught anyone who preached another gospel be eternally damned for an INCLUSIVE God

Belief that the Biblical Doctrine of Separation is a commandment of both Jesus Christ and the Apostle Paul and become united

Now we are asked by Obama to grow up and put away those childish things so that we can all be one in his NEW AGE!

Barack Obama loves to quote the Apostle Paul's Second Letter to the Corinthian Church, how about quoting his First Letter to the Corinthian Church:

"Do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: neither the sexually immoral, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor men who practice homosexuality, nor thieves , nor the greedy, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God. And such were some of you. But you were washed, you were sanctified, you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus and by the Spirit of our God." (1 Corinthians 6:9-11)

In case anyone believes Warren's words in his Inaugural Prayer:

"Help us, O God, to remember that we are Americans, united not by race, or religion, or blood, but to our commitment to freedom and justice for all...When we fail to treat our fellow human beings"

where is the freedom and justice for all of the "resisters" and Fundamentalist Christian Rick Warren calls enemies of the 21st Century that he as purpose-driven out of churches? For those of you doubt his lack compassion for them and schematic for removing all of those who oppose him that he claims "You don't have to see eye to eye to walk hand in hand", read these documented cases: in Rick Warren's "Spiritual Eugenics" at: http://www.voiceoftruthradio.com/james.htm

Ask these Christians who were given the left boot of fellowship how well they walked hand in hand with Rick Warren, as he is now doing with Barack Obama?? Is Rick Warren now going to give back all of the churches throughout the world that he has hijacked? And is Obama going to give the Presidency of the United States that he has hijacked (and Warren blessed) back to the People of the United States?

I posted this on another blog after I listened to Dr. Warren's Invocation. Since you folks are talking about it here, I thought I would add this to your discussion.

Just to be real clear on where Warren went wrong: Robinson got it right. Warren played out a Christianist subplot: "Look at me! Watch me assert the Christian character of this national event!" Besides being really juvenile and, to my mind, contrary to the teachings of Jesus, it really showed how weak the hand dealt to Warren is.

When you have to say, "It's my party, and I'll evangelize if I want to!" you have already lost. As Jesus suggests several times, if you are really in charge, then hospitality is the first thing to get done right. The crowd got it right; millions of Americans standing around in freezing cold and a vast social crisis being polite and happy-an awesome invocation of any God worth worshiping.

Ignoring the wisdom of the Jesus he was so busy fronting for, Warren proceeded to lay on a thick dab of Christianist civic culture for the people he wants to affiliate with. When he dragged out the Pater Noster, it was all about asserting that culture's ostensible dominance. He might as well have said it in Latin. Led into temptation, he did evil, by implying that those who did not believe on his particular sort of divinity did not really have a right to be there unless they were willing to lay down a modest offering of hypocrisy in front of his preferred idol.

In my tradition, and I would suspect, likewise in many other Christian traditions, The Lord's Prayer is said together, at most worship services. To recite it in any sort of ceremonial setting is to invite everyone there to join you in saying it. What would have been authentic, moving, and genuine evangelism on the part of a church group waiting for the gates to open got made over into what I am comparing to the choice offered to early Christians when the Romans decided to persecute them, "All you have to do is burn a little offering on the Emperor's altar here, and we will let you go. We do not care what else you worship, as long as you also perform the rites we require. Otherwise, we have to kill you."

This is really too bad; Jesus, Barak, and I were all hoping he would do better, but he did not. The guy is still not ready for prime time.


In reading the comments of support for Rick Warren's prayer I can only think that at best the church in the United States is extremely immature in its faith. Or at worst, it's completely off the reservation and doesn't know what being a Christian means.

By not affirming Christ's deity, and by not affirming His death on the cross as the only sufficient and final sacrifice for sin for those that repent and cast themselves upon Him, Rick was instead affirming whatever mistaken notion his listeners had in their heads about Jesus.

Being Christ's representatives is not about tolerance any more than it is about coercion. It is not about diplomacy any more than it is about deceit. It is about proclaiming Jesus as God's redeemer. His one and only Son - the only name given under Heaven to men by which we must be saved.

When the question is at hand, to do anything else as a Christian is to deny Jesus by omission.

I don't think Rick had that in his heart in this.

But he had an opportunity to serve Jesus greatly. He didn't take it just like we all sometimes don't take it.

But what a lost opportunity, and what a sad commentary on the church if the posts here are representative of the church at large.


Mr Warren made the most of his opportunity. He is in the unenviable position of trying to be true to his beliefs while offending the least possible number of people. I really like that he ended with the Lord's Prayer so that hundreds of thousands could join in the prayer.

"Do not judge lest you be judged. For in the way you judge, you will be judged; and by your standard of measure, it will be measured to you. And why do you look at the speck that is in your brother's eye, but do not notice the log that is in your own eye? Or how can you say to your brother, 'Let me take the speck out of your eye,' and behold, the log is in your own eye? You hypocrite, first take the log out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to take the speck out of your brother's eye." - Matthew 7:1-5

"Pursue peace and holiness without which no man may see God." Heb 12:14

"But avoid foolish controversies, arguments about genealogies, quarrels, and fights about the law. These things are useless and worthless." Titus 3:9

To the xenophobic, Islamophobic, and linguistically challenged people wringing their pious hands over Warren invoking the name "Isa" (thus betraying the Jesus of the Bible in deference to "Isa" of the Qur'an), let's set the record straight:

"Isa" is the Arabic transliteration of "Jesus." Period. Plain and simple. When Arabic-speaking Christians who live in Jerusalem pray in the Church of the Redeemer on Sunday mornings, they pray to Isa. Likewise, when they pray to God, they say the word "Allah," which is Arabic for "God." No, they are not secret Muslims planning an overthrow of the Church. They are Christians, many of whom have Christian roots going back 2,000 years (back when my Nordic ancestors were still worshiping Thor).

For those of you who think you have to use a specific spelling and a specific language lest you commit blasphemy, then consider this: "Jesus" is an Anglicized Roman bastardization of the Lord's Aramaic name, "Yeshua." So it's time you repent of your heresy of calling Yeshua "Jesus" (He hates that), lest your mortal soul be imperiled! (I'm kidding; I point this out as those who are linguistically challenged are often humor-challenged as well.)

And while we're at it, you'd better start calling "God" the unpronounceable word transliterated as "YHWH" in scripture, or else [Tetragrammaton] will smite you thusly!!! (You've been warned.)

I doubt you'll ever make it to Heaven if your Pharisaical linguistic legalism is any indication, but on the off chance you do (by His mercy), prepare to have the Creator ask you, "So who is this 'God' fellow you've been praying to, you heretic? My name is [unpronounceable Tetragrammaton]...and you know my Son, Yeshua, the nice Jewish boy named after Moses' sidekick Joshua? He’s wondering who this Jesus fellow is..."

Reguardless of what it was it was a prayer of protection and a prayer for this nation, we are taught to pray for our leaders not just the president the leaders of our cities the governers the mayors down to the principles of our schools and the smallest ones, everyone whom has power or authority even our bosses, yes our bosses we are to pray for. So I say God bless you all and God bless america.

If only Mr Mohler had been invited.



If Pastor Rick is reading these comments, thank you! You've made the fringes of both sides frothing mad & that usually evidence of having done good. In the Name of Allah (from the Hebrew El, Eloah) Abba, His Eternal Son Isa (from Yshua), Who is Allah from Allah, and the Compassionate & Merciful (from the Hebrew Racham) Holy Spirit- Amen.

There I am sure some heads just exploded now.

The US is still a Christian country with Christian values of freedom and dignity. It is this perspective that shaped the greatness of this nation for all to share in. If we lose our Christian perspective, we will lose the integrity of the United States.

Some of the people some of the time! some of the people all of the time! none of the people all of the time!
Perhaps you could blog about how many angels can stand on top of a needle.
This was a Christian prayer, broadcast to worldwide billions.
Thank God for the opportunity for Obama's inauguration's prayers to be broadcast to so many.
Cease nitpicking, get down on our own knees and pray for this sorry world especially our proud selves.
I too was red eyed.
Arthur in Wales

This comment is for Jerry who posted on 1/20/09. Rick Warren prayed in the name of Isa. The Muslim name for Jesus, but isn't it possible that there are Arab or other ex-Muslims who pray in the name of Isa now having a full understanding of who He is.

All in all I though the pray was good but in the part where he is asking God to forgive us our failings a little bit about repentance would have been in order.
Praise the Lord.

Pastor Warren should have asked for forgiveness for Buch and Cheney for all the needless death and suffering inflicted on Iraq. I'm not sure why he chose the quote "Hear O Israel...". It sounds like he's equating or at least comparing America to Israel, which although true in many respects, isn't going to sit well with the Arab world. T.

Wow! If this is how you critique a prayer which isn't even addressed to you, what would you do with a sermon that is addressed to you.

I am sure that Dr.Warren was given a severe time constraint and word limit (488 in the printed text) that made it impossible to "be all things to all men."

He had the unenviable task of praying in one of the most difficult arenas in the world and he did it without embarassing himself, his fellow Christians, the President-elect, or the God to whom he was praying.

He could not please everyone, but he knew that going in. Those of you who love to critique should write your congressman. Perhaps you can get on the list for the 2013 ceremony.

This is about the mmost "Christian" I have heard Warren sound. Thank God he did not use the phrase "purpose driven" president!! However, tolerant Pastor Rick, "why can we not all just get along?" fails to recognize that he is playing the chaplain and cheer leader role to the nation state, a move which is typical of American civil religion. The price of admission to play this game has historically, in good Enlightenment fashion, meant checking the Church's particular Christian convictions regarding the nature and activity of the Triune God at the door. In other words, Warren's place at the table set by the Obama administration serves to police much, if not most, of what Christian confess about the God of Jesus Christ our of public life. This is where "relevance" always will lead, to what Bonhoeffer called "paganism."

This is about the mmost "Christian" I have heard Warren sound. Thank God he did not use the phrase "purpose driven" president!! However, tolerant Pastor Rick, "why can we not all just get along?" fails to recognize that he is playing the chaplain and cheer leader role to the nation state, a move which is typical of American civil religion. The price of admission to play this game has historically, in good Enlightenment fashion, meant checking the Church's particular Christian convictions regarding the nature and activity of the Triune God at the door. In other words, Warren's place at the table set by the Obama administration serves to police much, if not most, of what Christian confess about the God of Jesus Christ our of public life. This is where "relevance" always will lead, to what Bonhoeffer called "paganism."

Only Rick Warren can say who Isa is in his prey.
Hope it was Jesus Christ the risen one who paid for our sins.
God bless in these last days


When praising the almighty Father, why do so many people think it necessary to include "Jesus?" Jesus did his job, he pointed out the fact that he and we are of the father, he pointed out to Hebrews that they needed no priest to sacrifice for them. Praise to the God of the founding fathers is proper. Jesus is not the God of the founding fathers! The founding fathers found the vast majority of old and new testament to be anathema. Check out the Jefferson Bible. This past founding father had intelligence enough to cut the majority of the lies out of the new testament and leave what is useful, but overall, the fathers are Deists, not Christians, not a one would be anything near an evangelical, they would shun such a person.

An excellent point, Carolyn Harrison. Thank you so much. I'm glad that former Pres. Bush and former VP Cheney are gone from office...I never voted for them, and I don't all that much respect anyone who did, beyond their civil right to do so, but they are people who played a very large role in a great many lives for a very long time, or at least it seemed that way.

I remember watching, and watching, and watching, and watching, as nearly decimated New Orleans lay neglected by much of my government, as administered by them...because they wanted to prove that the "private sector" and religious organizations could be great first responders, I guess. Of course, private sector response depends upon the private and religious sectors themselves not being decimated by the disaster, as they clearly were.

It's hard for a church to help disaster victims when the people have fled across the country, or are victims themselves, and the buildings have been destroyed. Something obvious to anyone with a TV, not obvious to the party goers in Texas, I guess. Well, they were distracted.

That's difficult to forgive...not to mention my feelings of total inadequacy in meeting such a crisis as my own government turned away from desperate Americans. A government that should have been far better led, far more prepared, organized, researched and ready.

I may pity them, and the world in general for putting up with them, but I want them to have, as I would want me to have, the opportunity to reflect deeply upon what they did, and didn't do while in office.

There is one thing I disagree with him.

I think to mention that Martin Luther King is in heaven, and that he is shouting, is unnecessary since no human can say for sure. Only God knows.

What do so many "christians" molest innocent children? Where is the outage from the bible crowd?

Way to go, brother Rick! 100% behind you!
Regardless of the way some are dissecting your prayer,
God knows your heart. You did what none of us had the chance to do, and you did it well! We can chat more in heaven...

Regarding the Post by Frederick W. Harrison, January 20, 2009

Thank you and Bless you Frederick.

I got on the web to download Rick Warren's inaugural prayer for our Small Group to study next week.

I got caught up in the many blogs - praising, critical, and luke-warm. As I read the various comments I was greatly disappointed in the critical and personal attacks on Rick, his ministry, his prayer, and Christianity itself.

Thank you and Bless you Frederick. For reminding us who the prayer was addressed to (whether Rick's intent or not); for reaffirming for us God's heart and concerns; for reminding us that we are man (as is Rick), and as such we are very much imperfect and incapable of perfect prayer; for reminding us that The Lord's Prayer, as taught us by Christ Himself, is a huge prayer that all can take comfort in; for entreating us to take to prayer any burdens on our hearts that came to light as a result of Rick's prayer; for reminding us that God is always listening and indeed wants to hear from his children; and for your very pointed reminder - "...but let Love be in all and over all and through all because that is the mark by which the world will know the truth and sincerity of our faith".

Thank you for a truly Christian commentary. One which I plan to use to supplement our Small Group study next week.


Isa is also what Arab-speaking Christians refer to Jesus when they believe in the risen Lord! Thus Rick Warren's reference to Isa was appropriate.

**This is untrue. It is true that this is Islam for Jesus. The difference is that Isa (meaning Jesus) was not crucified, nor was he the Son of God - merely a prophet. Rick Warren was praying a prayer that would appease everyone.

Wonder what God thought of that?

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Isa (Arabic script ????) is an Arabic name corresponding to Jesus in English. It is a common male given name for the Arabs and other Islamic peoples.

Arabic-speaking Muslims refer to Jesus as Isa, while Arabic-speaking Christians refer to Jesus as Yasu (Arabic script ????). Jesus is considered a prophet in Islam (see Islamic view of Jesus), and his name is used in these two forms in the Qur'an and Arabic versions of the Bible, respectively.

If you know who you are in Jesus Christ, why is analyzing this man's prayer so important! He is a Christian and he PRAYS! That's it. Just be glad he PRAYS period!! I just find it hard to believe this is a CHRISTIAN magazine!! it's becoming more and more secular filled with strife! The things that have come across these blogs makes me no longer wonder why churches are not filled to capacity as the inauguration was!! That inauguration should have been a representation of what the church should like like! Jesus Christ loved and accepted everyone! It was the SIN that he rebuked!! NOT THE PERSON!!

To Mike,

I regret to inform you that the US is not now, nor has it ever been, and nor will it ever be, a Christian nation.

Grace and peace.

Rick Warren's prayer sounded very Solomonic to me. It was like taking II Chronicles 6 and re-wording it into 21 century America - it was magnificent and Right on the mark!

All who call themselves Christians should pray this pray regularly for our new President and government as we are commanded in Scripture to do.

Actually, it's likely that he was referring to 'Íosa', from 'Íosa Críost', the Irish for Jesus Christ. This would honour the Irish (Catholic) contribution to the making of America and the present total of 35 million Irish Americans. This makes more sense than 'Isa'.

I was disapointed with the choice of Rick Warren for his hatemongery against Gays and Lesbians. I was even more disapointed at his invocational prayer. As an observant Jewish American I was disgusted with the pushing of Christianity on the American people. This was a civil event not a religious function. Rick Warren keep your church stuff in your church and out of my face... Did we really need this pushed on us on a day of great civil signicance for America

Arab Christians do not call Jesus "Isa". They know Him as "Yesua." There is an important difference.

Thank you for posting this PRAYER - God bless the President and the United States of America -

What do you think of Rick Warren's invocation at President Obama's inauguration?


a very meaningful and moving prayer! bless God above all else! thank you for sharing this one. shalom!

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Rick Warren's invocation was trite and performed. His intonation and way of speaking made it sound like he conceived of the task self-righteously.

Moreover, he didn't say anything meaningful at all. In contrast with Lowrey's poignant and true benediction, Warren used a bunch of ten-penny megachurch totems that were embarrasing to listen to. Additionally, the xenoexoticized pronunciation of the children's names revealed is performance-driven effort.

A forgettable prayer.

Well, it appears that Satan is doing exactly what the Bible predicts - being the author of confusion. What everyone is missing here is that as a purported "Christian" Rick Warren was given a task to pray at the Inauguration that represents a culmination of various religious and cultural beliefs. Is is a Christian "man of god/God" first, or is he a "grand-stander" first? It appears from the text that he is taking the easier road on this "all-inclusive" "one world" stuff, and forgetting that you must be willing to lay down your life for the Lord - and to stand firm. To deviate from the Holy Bible as a purported man of God, is blasphemy and he will be held accountable for it. Likewise, many Preachers, Teachers, Pastors, Clergy, will be held accountable for leading people astray. If you say your are a follower of Christ - then don't mitigate that by being "all inclusive". Stand for what you believe.

This has all the look and smell of the Apostasy as prophesied. I have been in the Church all my life as a Southern Baptist and am shocked at how many people rely on what they're told rather than doing as commanded by writing the words on your heart. Read it for yourselves! KNOW God! Know Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior!

When does Christianity (being followers of Christ) EVER dictate, allude to or say anything about all-inclusiveness. In fact, 2 John verses 10-11 say, "If anyone comes to you and does not bring this teaching, to not take him into your house or welcome him. Anyone who welcomes him shares in is wicked work". Is Rick Warren sharing in wicked work by being such a stand up guy and being all-inclusive??? Where is his backbone and loyalty to God, Jesus and the Holy Bible as he claims????

Christians in this post are being criticized by having anything negative to say about the prayer, Obama or Rick Warren. Of the ones in opposition (and I include myself) I feel it is done in order to educate and show the ones in support of Warren that you must discern fo yourself after having read the Scriptures, trying the spirit and asking for the Lord's guidance. Quit making gods out of Warren, Obama or anyone else and get into the Bible. HE is the only TRUE authority.

It`s verry nice, that a christian man like Rick Warren prays in this history moment. Verry good! Verry good! The people on tv all over the world heard what a greatfull god our jesus is.

Frank D., Germany



Although I don't agree with all that President Obama believes, I still have hope for him. We are supposed to honor those that have been placed in authority over us.
Instead of complaining about what he believes in, I choose to pray for him and his family.
I was deeply moved spiritually by Pastor Warren's invocation. It WAS a great day to be able to hear the names of Jesus proclaimed to the whole world!
It rocked!

The prayer would seem to be efficient if perhaps you were living the Christian lifestyle. It contains good elements that honor God for who He is, and it is prayed in the name of Jesus which is the only way any Christian can pray.

My concern with the prayer, is that is supposed to be a corporate prayer for all Americans. His prayer for forgiveness is, well, fairly lame. Perhaps he should have begged God to keep His wrath from falling upon us for the 40 million children we have slaughtered on the altar of our own convenience since 1973, or the 500 billion dollars that we spend on alcohol every year, or for the smut that we entertain ourselves with over the internet, or the filth that we produce in Hollywood each year and export to the world, or the hedonistic lifestyles that we live, or the marriages and families that we destroy through divorcing partners that we refuse to get along with. Perhaps he could have begged God to forgive the influence peddling, the corruption, the gross sexual immorality, the continuous power struggles, the deficit spending, and a host of other sins committed in Washington DC by our elected officials. I could go on, but suffice it to say "When we focus on ourselves, when we fight each other, when we forget you, forgive us ..." hardly seems to sum up our need for forgiveness.

The prayer reflected a respect for God, but it hardly reflected the sheer terror we should all have given the heinous acts that we commit as a nation (from top to bottom). If he had prayed like that, he probably would have run the risk of not being invited back to the White House. If you think that I am being extreme, read the prayer that Daniel offered for his nation in Daniel 9:4-19.

I will never, ever understand how on earth Rick Warren as a Christian pastor can rationalize anything close to an endorsement of a man that is so pro-abortion, so pro-gay-rights.

For Rick Warren to stand there in front of the world as a Christian pastor and declare that that anyone in heaven is happy about the presidency of any man who's policies are so unscriptural is offensive.

Shame on you Rick Warren. Sellout.

Blessed are those who stand up for what they believe. Dr. Billy Graham's 1969 Nixon Ignaugural prayer:
Our Father and our God, Thou hast said, "Blessed is that nation whose God is the Lord." We recognize on this historic occasion that we are "a nation under God." We thank Thee for this torch of faith handed to us by our forefathers. May we never let it be extinguished. Thou alone hast given us our prosperity, our freedom and our power. This faith in God is our heritage and our foundation!

Thou hast warned us in the Scriptures, "If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?" As George Washington reminded us in his farewell address, morality and faith are the pillars of our society. We confess these pillars are being eroded in an increasingly materialistic and permissive society. The whole world is watching to see if the faith of our fathers will stand the trials and tests of the hour. Too long we have neglected Thy word and ignored Thy laws. Too long we have tried to solve our problems without reference to Thee. Too long we have tried to live by bread alone. We have sown to the wind and are now reaping a whirlwind of crime, division, and rebellion.

And now with the wages of our sins staring us in the face, we remember Thy words, "If my people who are called by my Name shall humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land."

Help us this day to turn from our sins and to turn by simple faith to the One who said, "Ye must be born again."

One of the reason that I would like to write a reaction paper about his opening prayer during the inauguration of President Barack Obama is because I am a Christian and I believe in Christianity. But, of course, it is not the main reason why I am writing this essay, but because I could see insights in his invocation. I think his prayer says a lot about himself and his beliefs. I admire him more when he had the courage to mention the name of his savior, Jesus; especially in America when the word is not too “normal” to be speak of. His courage also show upon mentioning the name since he knew that there are also Muslims or other religious groups of people who are witnessing the historical presidential inauguration. During the prayer, he also tried to emphasized that there is no racial discrimination in his mind, or actually I think he is referring to his county, when he tried to mentioned the name Jesus in other languages “Yeshua, Isa, Jesus [Spanish pronunciation]”. Even, in prayer, he tried to unite different groups of people whom he knows have different sets of believe. It's a good thing that he tried to abolish racial discrimination through prayers. Discrimanation and prejudice which is common to America, through this event would hopefully disappear. Also, Ptr. Rick Warren, a white-American give his blessing as a pastor to a black African-American, another eveidence that discrimanation and prejudice is slowly vanishing. “Help us, O God, to remember that we are Americans, united not by race, or religion, or blood, but to our commitment to freedom and justice for all... And may we never forget that one day all nations and all people will stand accountable before you.”, as Ptr. Rick Warren quoted this line, I know that the bondage of racial discrimanation is once broken. And perphaps, it is really true, that one day, we will all stand before the judgement seat of God and will stand accountable before Him. And in his prayers, I know that in his mind that not only the Americans but all the people of the earth may learn to set aside their differences but to fight for freedom and justice for all. On the otherhand, his prayer is also persuasive. Through his prayer he tried to persuade his fellow Americans also those who have different citizenships who are listening to focus on God and not to assume the greatness to ourselves but to God. He also tried to persuade us to treat our every fellow with respect. He also tried to used persuasion in inviting his listeners upon facing the difficult days ahead to face it with a sense of responsibility, civility, humility and clarity of goals. It is so good to know that even through his prayers, he had shared his motivations and aspirations to everyone who are listening. I just hope that his prayers were also studied and given ample time to understand. This prayer says a lot, and I am thankful because I was given an opportunity to write on this, most of all I thankful to the Almighty that he used Pastor Rick Warren to pray on the Inauguration Ceremony of President Barack Obama.

I think it's kind of dangerous to refer to Obama as a Christian when he supports giving federal money to Planned Parenthood and other groups that perform abortions. A vote for Obama is like signing the paycheck of an abortionist!

Rob (Jan. 20) said:

"ISA is the muslim Jesus. Read this:

"Warren was equating Jesus with the false prophet of The Revelation . . . ."

Rob, I don't think you get the point. Believe me, I am *no friend* of Islam (the religion, as opposed to the people), but the name "Isa" is simply the Arabic version of "Jesus." It's the same name. So using the name "Isa" is NOT the issue here.

The real issue is how anyone DEFINES "Jesus/Isa." Look, cultists like Mormons and JW's use the name "Jesus" like we do, so does that mean you're going to stop using the name "Jesus"? Of course not. The crucial difference is that cultists have an UNBIBLICAL CONCEPTION of who Jesus really is.

It's the same with Muslims. The problem isn't the name "Isa"; the problem is that Muslims MISUNDERSTAND who Isa really is.

Craig (Jan. 21) posted: "Do not judge lest you be judged."

So then why are you judging the judges?

Please see Pastor Joe Schimmel's blog post regarding Pastor Rick Warren's inauguration prayer. Please go to cupofjoe.goodfight.org

Unbelieveable drivel in a country that's supposed to separate church and state.

Thank Jebus for continued American pigheadedness? Praise the Lord for an election victory financed by hundreds of millions of dollars? You've gotta be kidding.

Jebus saves! And so should you, just in case the banks go bust.

-prayed in the name of "Isa" the false Jesus of Islam. Isa, according to the Koran, was NOT crucified and was NOT resurrected from the dead and wis NOT God. Rick Warren prayed to a FALSE JESUS. ||||| I'm with Citizen Tom on this one. What was the point of including the name of Isa in the prayer? Why can't Christians pray in the name of Jesus alone?


Posted by: Rob at January 20, 2009

ISA is the muslim Jesus. Read this:


Warren was equating Jesus with the false prophet of The Revelation, who, in Muslim eschatology, is subordinate to the muslim messiah, Al Mahdi (the Antichrist).

When he (Isa) comes, he will help the antichrist establish islam, either by the conversion, or killing, of Christians.

The great falling away (2 Thessalonians 2:3) is "full steam ahead."

Don't be deceived, people. Put down the "Purpose Driven" stuff and read your Bible, only.


And more people...

I'm a guy from India, I'm not a Christian, they call me christian, but I'm follower of Christ('Jesus Christ'). I'm 21 years. But I'm questioning you !!!!!
I'm talking to you, the HIPPOCRITS who wrote against Jesus and His Godly servent. What are you guys talking about ? ! Does it make any sence atall ??
Is Calling Jesus as Isa wrong when talking about the same Son of God ?
Is testimony of The faith with words wrong "This in the name of the one who changed my life".
Is telling that "gay and les & abortion is wrong" against the Word of God
Do any of you have the GUTS to talk about Jesus Christ in the middle of the world Like He did ??
Remember the JUDGEMENT DAY. You have to be individually accountable for what you've even written.
First clear youself and then question others !!
He was conveying the name Jesus to people of the world in the way they understand. is that wrong ?? AS LONG AS he is true with the Lord Jesus Christ(the Son), The Holy spirit(God in Spirit) and Father, he DOESN'T HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT WHAT YOU SAY. Because he is right before God and he can stand.
How can you make statements like that without knowing how is he personally and spiritually with God ? You will have to answer before God for that..
How do you say something is wrong when you don't know everything or anything about the earth or the universe..
If you JUDGE, You will be JUDGED !!!
If Warren is wrong GOD will take care of it, Not you. YOU ARE NOT GOD. AND DON"T TRY TO ACT LIKE ONE.. JESUS CHRIST LIVES .. You can call HIM CHRIST, ISA, YESHUA, Jesus in the way you understand Him. JESUS CHRIST STILL LOVES YOU... Just forget about whatever written here... Repent.. Clean yourself.. Ask for forgiveness... Live a faithful life to GOD ALL MIGHTY through the Word of God and the HOLY SPIRIT that will rest in you... Amen.. GOD BLESS,CORRECT, LOVE and SAVE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.......
In the name of FATHER(Head of my life and the GOD OF ALL), SON(Jesus Christ who was sent to died for my sins) AND HOLY SPIRIT(who lives within me and drives me) AMEN...............................

Why must he pray in the name of a so called Arab Jesus? Does he speak fluent Arabic? Answer NO! This all inclusive prayer offered up is a challenge to all blood washed believers to sound the alarm! Have we become the Tolerant Church described in the book of Revelations? This idea of trying to include the god of islam in the faith of true believers is false and quite alarming! Point #1 allah is not Jehovah! Point #2 Isa is not Jesus Christ the Son of the living God!!!

Rick Warren is the False Prophet in the book of Revelation - and when the church joins in with the State (Gov't.) the church become a Harlot and the State becomes a beast - hense we are seeing Revelation of the harlot and the beast come into shape and form.

Yes, True believers you are not deceived only keep your lights burning with oil and don't give your oil up to any foolish virgins lest you run out and there be none left.

Find "Dean Gotcher" and listen to him, he's got much to say about what all this ~Change~ is all about - it is "Transformational Marxism" it is not of God but of the serpent of the Garden and the same serpent in the book of The Revelation of Jesus Christ - the Real True and Living Saviour.


When Jesus came the first time there was a Great Apostasy among the Jews. The very priests, who were entrusted to keep it, had changed the covenant God had made with the children of Israel. Our research found that they replaced much of the old covenant with the old Babylonian and Hellenistic religion. The question we must ask and answer is has the Christian religion today been changed in the same way? As I stated in A Call to Arms, "Many Christians love singing the song "On-ward Christian Soldiers", but are we actually willing to be a Christian Soldier? Do we believe that false shepherds have infiltrated the Christian religion? Is it possible that the same evil spirit that hates God and His saints has been working for almost two thousand years to infiltrate the Christian religion, or has Satan given up and quit the fight?" (You might want to read this chapter before you come to a conclusion.)


Timothy Youngblood

It is important to remember that in Islam, Isa, also known as Isa ibn Mary (Jesus son of Mary), is not regarded as the Son of God, and Islam denies that Jesus is God come in the flesh. Moreover, Muslims do not believe that Jesus died on the cross, but that Allah had someone else put on the cross, so that many Jews and Christians have been misled. Instead, Muslims believe that Isa was taken into heaven without dying and that He is now in heaven. He is then supposed to descend from heaven at the Last Days and correct all the mistakes in Christianity (i.e., that Jesus taught about Islam, not the Christianity we see today), thereby causing many Christians to abandon Christianity and become Muslims. Even though Isa retains the title of Messiah in Islam, it is essentially devoid of the Messianic meanings in the Bible.

It is compromised prayer to make everybody happy there but not a faithful prayer
1. First, Isa is not our Lord Jesus. Why mention this name ?
2. Prayers should be end in our Lord’s holy name-Jesus if we want Lord ‘s answer

Why Rick Warren compromises as a Christian leader? the same to all of us who claim Christians, Remember, God, our Lord Jesus, holy spirit is being with us, why we scare man and compromise to man ? why we please man not please God ? why we love man’s fame more than God’s glory why

sigh !!!

Praise God and may God bless Rick Warren. Hatred from the godless is evident, even in the comments on this site. You who claim the moral high ground of tolerance do not go one day without displaying your ugly, hateful, disgusting intolerance for all of the world to see. As it is said in the Book of Romans --

For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men who suppress the truth in unrighteousness, 19 because that which is known about God is evident within them; for God made it evident to them. 20 For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes, His eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly seen, being understood through what has been made, so that they are without excuse. 21 For even though they knew God, they did not honor Him as God or give thanks, but they became futile in their speculations, and their foolish heart was darkened. 22 Professing to be wise, they became fools, 23 and exchanged the glory of the incorruptible God for an image in the form of corruptible man

Isa is not what "Christian Arabs" call Jesus: He is Yasu. Isa is only a Muslim name (a description really) and it is the false-Christ that is to come. Anyone with reason can see that Warren is putting "human unity" above Christ.There is no confusion here and to pretend there is makes one apart of the deception.

Asking God to bless someone who supports the murder of the unborn, thinks it is ok for men to have sex acts with each other and so on. I don't think so!

I thought Rick Warren prayer was excellent. It's a model for me when I pray in a diverse community. Thank you CT for the actual vedio. It is really something to now have an African American President and family. That's wonderful.


How did I not know that Warren used the name "Isa"?

How absolutely horrifying. What a foolish man. Does he not understand that the Jesus of the Bible and Isa used in Islam are NOT the same person? The Muslim version will return to destroy Christianity! How is this the same person spoken of in the Bible?

What an ignorant fool this man is!!

Isa huh ??
as a Christian I don't pray to "Isa" -- I pray to my Savior --- Jesus Christ and only Him .... Mr Warren you are wrong, wrong, wrong

Very disappointing prayer, especially when he prays to "Isa", the muslim god that is a destroyer of Christianity. We need to wake up and make these individuals accountable for their actions. I question who he respresents?!?!?!