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January 28, 2009

Stimulus Bill includes Funding for Faith-Based Organization Grants

The economic stimulus bill includes a provision for funding $100 million for grants to faith-based organizations, Howard M. Friedman notes on Religion Clause.

According to page 141 of bill, half of the amount would become available October 1, 2009. Friedman also notes that a proposed amendment by Rep. Susan Davis of California would increase the total appropriation to $500 million.


Our church is in desperate need of a completely
new roof. Congregation is small and mostly of
retirement age. Offering has been slim. We
need $85,000.00. How can we go about appling for

We are trying to save the youth of America, one teenager at a time, but we need assistance in establishing a facility that will accomondate such a cause. We are trying to purchase a facility and computers. There has got to be an alternative to losing our children to gangs and the other half to the violence perpertrated by gangs. Where and How can I get grant dollars to accomplish this task?


Pastor Snead

My husband and I pastor a small congregation primarily of low income single mothers with children, singles, and few men, in the inner city of Harrisburg, PA, where the crime rate has skyrocketed, employment has dropped, ex-offenders are returning home to no jobs and recidivism is high, and people are socially, emotionally, finanically, and spiritually hurting. As a church we want to help our city become safe, striving and prosperous again, by any means available to us. Therefore, we are looking for grant funds of no less than $500 thousand dollars, to purchase and convert a building to create a Community Center to provide education and support for at-risk children, youth, and families, minister to broken and hurting people, provide services to children and families of incarcerated fathers, job preparedness and advocacy for ex-offenders returning into our community, provide services to assist the unemployed, etc. Any assistance from you is helpful.

Additionally, we need assistance to purchase a commercial building to convert and use for our church building and community ministries. We are currently leasing a property of about 2500 sq.ft., which does not support the space needed to adequately execute our weekly services and outreach ministries.

Thanks you for all your help. Pastor Nancy.

GOD Bless you. I am a minister of the gospel here in your Uganda.I and the Overseer of the church began an outreach street programe of reaching to the disabled in the streets of Kampala whom total upto 200 men,women and children.
We are experiencing a very big challenge because many of them lack limbs and so their movement comes by pulling themselves on the ground.This has led to constant permanent wounds since none of them can afford a wheelchair.
Our ministry is 3 years old and we so far hire a hotel hall for our services.We incur expenses for the church rent and we have very little finances to cater for a place of residence for them,medication cost since many get sick for staying so long on the hot sunshine,some have chest problem because of the cold weather at night and while some are leapers.
We have of late identified a piece of land in a place called Ggaba near the town,which goes at the tune of $400000 us dollar with constuction expences that tune to $300000 us dollar. We aim to put up houses of residence for them, purchase wheelchairs which they have already proposed the design,put up a school where we shall conduct separate classes for the children and the adults training classes, also a health unit for psychological support because many of them were victims of war.A part from that,the health unit wil offer treatment to many of them especially the children whom their health status are in alarming condition because of the poor streetlife.
Your assistance will help settle this needfull people into a better place and we anticipate for great improved living stardards,acuisition of knowledge and skills that will help them generate income for investiment.
Thank you so much,God bless your efforts of reaching the needful children of God allover the world.I look forward to hear from you.
Yours faithfully SIS NAMAROME.

Dear Beloved,

This letter comes with pleasure from HERE 4 YOU FUNDS Inc, which is a US incorporated Grant writing and Fund Development Service provider for Christian Missions and Institutions worldwide, for more information of HERE 4 YOU FUNDS Inc. Please visit www.npfunds.com,

It is my pleasure to inform you about the Brotherhood Charity Group Grant to religious institutions (2009) involving the distribution of $ 200,000,000 (Two hundred Million US Dollars) amongst community churches in need worldwide, as a stimulus to assist community church groups like yours cope with the global recession.

While your church/group may be qualified for the grant of $ 50,000 (Fifty thousand Dollars) - $ 250,000 (Two hundred and fifty thousand Dollars), the Brotherhood Charity Group grant is optional, and the grant must be preceded by an indication of your interest in the grant by way a of formal application to be made under your church headed paper and under your church seal and addressed to:

Prof. Jaq. L. Turner (Mrs.).
The Coordinator:
Brotherhood Charity Group Grant to religious institutions (2009)

Applications for this grant program must be sent by email between the 27th day of August 2009 up until the 27th day of December 2009. Applications received after this date may not be processed.

We wish you success.


Jeffrey J. Rodman, CFRE, CGS, M.Ed.
Preseident and CEO,

I am the grant admministrator for a church in the South Los Angeles. we presently have a Youth Center, a Senior Center and classroom space -- but no funds to do a program for this low-income community. We already have a proposal to do an afterschool program and programs with our senior citizens. Please give direction and advise.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

Dear beloved,
I a youth minister in a chucrh whose youth come from one of the biggest slum in Nairobi Kenya. One of the challenge encountered is rehabilitation of youths addicted to drugs, rejection from home/family and other social group. As our intiative to empower these young people who give their life to christ we have intiated short term programmes while exploring long term programmes that would economically empower the youth to have means of livelivelihood and loose them from social ills in this environment. Kindly advice or give contact for a reliable/potential sponsor for such faith based intiative.
God bless you

The church I atttend, the homestead,florida haitian church of the Nazarene we are in need of a church building. We currently worship in a private school cafeteria.I become a member of this ministry not to long ago after coming out of a crisis unit. The love that this ministry have shown me is beyond reproach.The pastor and the majority of the members made it their business to visit me and pray everyday while each member including the pastor working full-time jobs.This is a wonderful ministry that has the potenital to touch ,heal and save people as the did for me and countless others that has shared their testamonies with me in the community of homestead and florida city. Many people in the community of homestead, florida city , would like to be members of this loving ministry. However because this ministry under there pervious pastor loss the building they had they had to find somewhere to worship they could afford unfortunately that was not in the homstead or florida city area.Again the homestead haitian church of the nazarene is a wonderful ministry that would greatly benefit from this grant.
Carline Paul

I am a pastor of a small but growing congregation in El Paso, TX. The congregation is diverse, and small up of retirees who are on fixed incomes, the working poor and young and military families with small children. My vision in to increase the size of our building by adding office space, classrooms, kitchen, and expand our small children's area. Additionally, we plan to establish an educational service withih the bulding to accommodate a school for 6 -12 grade students, with tutoring, GED and a drop-out recovery program and other educational service for the divese need of the Northesat El Paso community.

In His Service

Mc Keithan Smith, Jr.
Pastor, Sweethome Bible Church
El Paso, TX

Pastor, Kakooza Mulumba, senior Pastor of Wattuba christian followship church which is under Wattuba christian followship ministry , which is a registered non-pofit organisation , seeking funding to for the construction of our church building in Uganda ( East Africa ) May God bless you all

I am one of the Co-Founder's of Randlin Homes, a 501C3 in Wausau WI that was founded to help homeless veterans and others who suffer with chronic mental and substance abuse illnesses. There was a time when after we housed, fed and clothed them we could get them jobs. Not anymore.
So we started education and training enterprise businesses to pay our own bills while helping our community. We volunteer to do yard care, snow removal and odd jobs for donations. We also operate a concession stand and a thrift store where the student/residents learn transferable skills while generating income for the organization. We just got started in March of '09 and have already made $70,000 but we still need $30,000 to make the 2nd half of the downpayment on our new 20 bed home we bought in May. I've been writing grants for years and we are at a dead end. We operate 37 transition beds with only 1 half time paid staff @9.00 an hour. Everyone else volunteers. Please help!
Linda Larson Schlitz,MS, LISW, LPC
Randlin Homes President

Hi my name is Michael. I reside in a faith base program called New Person Center that's funded by Yoke Fellowship Ministries. We at New Person's Center are men that has completed their time in prison for various crimes and has been release from prison. The program helps with transsional housing for new released imates. I personally myself was released from prison 12/11/09. l have an ongoing case in which I'm having to prove my innocents. Because I have a ongoing case, I'm unable to find employment. Three places of business's offer me employment, after they conducted a back ground investigation I was later dismissed for employment. At New Person's center, we have a contract to pay $100 aweek for room and board. The cost also cover for food we share together. We also have bible study twice aweek, celebrate recovery once aweek and life skills classes once aweek as well. I really like it at New Person's Center. I'm growing in God and able to do the work that the Lord had called me to do. The Lord has been using me to direct the men in New Person's Center. Unfortually I'm not able to satisfy the contract the I made with payments of staying at New Person's Center. So I'm seeking a sponcer to help me meet the cost of my stay at New Person's Center. I pray that the Lord finds you in this letter to help me in this matter before I'm displaced from this place of refuged. New Person's center is located at 317 North 6th street Reading, Pa. 19601. My name is Michael J Pickett. Please contact Mr.John Rush. Thank you! and God Bless you!

Small chuurch in Altanta with a growing senior congrgation with multiple disabilities seeking grant for an elevator in our current Church building. Our disabled need access to other parts of the church.
Thanks for your consideration.

I am pastoring an outreach church that has been meeting on the deck of a local restaurant. We started here in Ft Pierce, FL with 7 persons in attrendance and now minister regularly each Sunday to well over 200. In order to grow as a church body we are seeking and have found a building for a Ministry/Outreach center and are in need of funds to purchase and improve the property to use as offices/counselling center/Food Pantry and meeting center.

Am wondering how to go about getting financial assistance to meet the needs of our community.
Pastor Dave Sheil
REACH Community Church

WE HAVE HAD OUR 501C 3 status for some time and even though we check sources indicating support for *Faith-Based, we're the told, that's NOT the case, even our own state state rep??? What are the specific sources and how can we start BENEFITING THIS 501 we paid to have and use, and also get the $$$ we keep HEARING that is out here...THANK you

I would like to ask for more details on how we can get funding support. I will be happy to hear from you on how we can be assisted

Just stop looking to the goverment for hands out.Call upon the Lord and He will show you mercy.I was in the same problem too.The only difference I call upon the LOrd.Preach the gospel of Jesus Christ people stop beggin

Government funding to faith based organizations can only work if everyone is personally responsible for how the funding is spent.Otherwise, it just enmeshes the government and religion. Ultimately, the parents must be the ones to provide education to their children; end of story.

I come to realize that faith is the keyword for those who base their faith on the Chief of His church,Jesus-Christ,the One who built his church with no help; declares that faith is a potential substance that allow to all authentic christians to see upcoming thing even if they don't yet know where it's coming from.I would rather say that" my God knows all His churhes needs and He is alive, let's lift up our eyes towards the mountains to see if our helps won't come from the Lord! Ps.121 verses 2and 1

The church that I am pastering does not yet has its own place yet to stop hanging everywhere to worship. But our faith is He who has built his church. we fasting and pray for Him to give us a place. But if He wants to use this government to bless His church,then this is an other pair of shoes. I would be more than glad to receive the blessings. But still my eyes are on God.

May God bless all those who are faithfull servants and all those who have in mind to give a push to the work our Lord Jesus-Christ. Amen

Pastor Hebert Tropnas for UCCG Union Christian Church of God in Randolph, MA

Reach out ministries is a local non-profit faith based organization which was formed and registered with the Malawi government to save and change lives of people that is moving from poverty to prosperity. The ministry is affiliated to Scripture union of Malawi, and Malawi council for churches, partnership of charistimatic and conservative churches working together as touching base of human suffering in promoting the voices, rights and needs of children and young people. Transforming lives of people in communities that is witnessing for Jesus Christ and through the provision of social amenities that would improve the quality of their lives.

With your donation will be able to reach the greatest unreached group and help the helpless buying medicine, feed and cloths the homeless, help those devastated by drug, hunger and disease, rehabilitate prisoners, prostitutes and reintegrated them into society.

Malawi has more than 70% youth and children who are struggling with reality of life.

We need to seize every opportunity and make deliberate efforts to rescue and assist the children to make informed choices and decisions in order to affect their destiny as well as the future and the destiny of Malawi.

Luke 6; 38 “Give and it shall be given” Anything that is shared multiplies, expands and attracts others of its kind. May God bless you as you give your donation to the needy.

Dear sir/madam,
Am Pastor Francis Kaguah Jezreel Covenant Church Center Meru Kenya it is a local church.A Preaching here at the most dangerous people whom they do not want anyone who stand with Jesus Christ,there are witch doctors all kind of devil worshipers who does not matter about neither Government or GOD.
So servant of GOD,My humble request from you is to keep me in special prayers,then if it is possible i invite your any kind of help to get through to the commission before me.Preaching instruments,clothes,food books and bibles God willing,because am using natural way(mouth).We also carter for the orphans which it is also another hard work which need a lot of GOD Grace.Feel comfortable if you would like to ask me any questions.Hoping to talk soon i remain very faithful Pastor Francis
May Our Lord GOD and then Savior Jesus Christ Guide you to be our light this period of famine in the country.
P.O.BOX 2742 Meru Kenya
+254 726 713 300
+254 736 490 001

Why can't you people stick your hands in YOUR OWN pockets to fund your private religious practices, instead of being welfare queens and sucking up OUR TAX DOLLARS? If you need a new building, or a new roof for your existing building, get off your backsides and raise the money from within your own members.