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January 19, 2009

Warren asks ‘Can we not all just get along?’

Rick Warren spoke to a packed house for the annual King Day service at Ebenezer Baptist Church today, telling the crowd that the invitation meant more to him than praying at Barack Obama's inauguration tomorrow.

Manya Brachear posted some of the quotes from Warren's sermon.

"I am a white, overweight, southern California mega-church pastor. I love you. And I reach out my hand to you and I say to you and to anyone of good will--to quote that great theologian Rodney King--‘Can we not all just get along?’" he said. "You don’t have to agree on everything. You don’t have to agree to be agreeable. You can disagree without being disagreeable. You can walk hand-in-hand with out seeing eye-to-eye.

"You know what I love about America? It’s diversity. I don’t know if you’ve figured this out, but God likes variety."

"I consider this opportunity as one of the greatest privileges in my ministry," Warren said. "It is even more important to me personally, than praying the invocation for my friend President Obama’s Inauguration the next day."

"For so many of us, Dr. King was a role model, not just for justice, but also a role model for local church pastoring and preaching," Warren said. "I have a personally typed and signed letter by Dr. King framed on my office wall."

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution also has a news story on the sermon and the protests outside.


I've never heard of the theologian Rodney King?

God likes variety... Well, yes, but that depends upon the context. In terms of racial origin and other human physical characteristics, certainly this is true. This also is true in regard to people with culturally different behavioral characteristics. Indeed, we should be able to agree to disagree and continue dialog in a civil manner. That is the only way to effectively share Christ's love with world. (We must always remember the Holy Spirit's role.)

However, we must remember that God hates SIN! This fact should affect and temper our responses to and cooperation with those who have a very different world view, i.e., one that is based upon or affected by and driven to promote unrighteous concepts and causes. Still, we must, in these cases as well, be guided by the Holy Spirit and function in a Christlike manner. We must remember that we are but sinners, saved by grace.


We are charged to live IN the world. Do as Jesus did - eat, drink, talk and be with all people (including sinners). We are to be a light, an example and a disciple to share the truth with anyone. Our sins are no more deadly than their sins no matter how awful you perceive it to be. Lust is just as bad as homosexuality, murder, lying etc. It is all sinful.

So - yes! "You don’t have to agree to be agreeable. You can disagree without being disagreeable. You can walk hand-in-hand with out seeing eye-to-eye."

>I don’t know if you’ve figured this out, but God likes >variety."

Personally, I would really like to know chapter and verse for this one. Sounds more like the gospel of Oprah than the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Hey Bill,

Start at the beginning. The creation story (Genesis, not Oprah) is a great place to see the way God loves variety as he creates so much of it. Then move on to the the way he preserved it in the account of the great flood (Genesis starting with Chapter 6). Unless someone else created all the beauty and majesty of the variety in the terrain, the flora, the fauna and the birds, fishes and animals of this earth, then God's general revelation through his creation SCREAMS variety. And he said it was VERY GOOD!

For Bill: Genesis 1:31 (although reading the whole chapter helps in getting an appreciation of the "variety")

I'm sure Rick Warren's comments could not include the extreme rants of anti-Christian publicity seekers that have tackled him lately. We can't get along with them, can we? How can we agree? Their agenda is to polute, attack, state lies as truth so often that the non-spiritual and non-educated think that it is so since no one objects. Do we object?

Interesting that Warren preaches as a Christian pastor but brags on America. Where is the Church? And what about the particularity of Christian claims? The Gospels, Acts, and Epistles dont seem to say "why cant we just get along"? There is a narrow way defined by Jesus, the way to the kingdom requires repentance and loyalty to him, the crucified Lord who rules heaven and earth. He is the One Warren presumably was ordained to represent as "Pastor" Rick.

He may be "America's pastor" but one wonders what kind of pastor he is for the Church of Jesus Christ.

doesn't it say that all know of Gods exsistance by simply looking at creation, and creation screams divercity

Dr. Martin Luther King said, "We may have all come over on different ships, but we're in the same boat now." "Epluribus Unum" means "one, out of many." We do need to work hard to get along and make "one nation, under God." But that's the problem .. not everyone wants to have a nation that's "under God." "Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord." We are becoming a nation that believes in God but not in Jesus and Jesus said He and God are one. We have to become one with both God and Jesus. The Bible says, "Can two walk together except they be agreed?" We are like a sinking ship going down and we have too many crew people trying to run the rescue operation. Everyone wants to do it their own way. We need a leader of our nation that is "Under God" to get us out of this mess. I'm afraid Obama is not the one. If God is not our Commander-in-Chief, we are destined to lose just like everyother nation who choses other gods.

I was kind of taken aback that Pastor Warren called Martin Luther king a 'role model'. Even as an Asian, I have heard and read of his - more than once - infidelity. I understand we all sinners saved by grace, but It is important for young people like me that Leaders are careful to draw a line. King has indeed inspired most all of black people. Let us admit it, but let us stop there. the position of "Role model" is too lofty for him to be put upon.

I suspect, this kind of vague boundary lines make young American people confused. No wonder more and more of them choose to be more Liberal day by day. Lack of moral absolutes led them astray.

In his statement "Can we not all just get along" Pastor Rick Warren is speaking to the Christian community in large and asking them to take the lead in getting along with all.We should not take this out of context and reffer it to getting along with the evil within people who are generally deceptive in nature.i understand getting along with everyone is a Christ like attitude and Pastor Rick is asking us to heed to.
Its so true that we we will all see our loved one in eternity hence its a short while before long we are gone, Why cant we get along with all ? What stops us except our own hurt and prejudice.?