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February 3, 2009

California's Proposition 8: $83M Price Tag

The opponents of California's Proposition 8, which place a ban on gay marriage, raised more money than the measure's sponsors, according to a new report.

The Associated Press reports that campaign filings released Monday show that more than $83 million was donated to support or oppose the ballot initiative.

Opponents: $43.3 million
Proponents: $39.9 million

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, which took the heaviest beating from protesters after it passed, gave nearly $190,000 to promote the measure. Focus on the Family gave more than three times the amount as the LDS Church, reportedly giving $657,000 in cash and services to promote Proposition 8.

The new round of reports also list about 530 small and late donors whose contributions in support of the same-sex marriage ban had not been publicly available until Monday. Proposition 8's sponsors had sought permission to keep the identities of those contributors secret, arguing that the identifying information in previous campaign reports had led to donors being harassed.

The measure passed on Election Day with 52 percent of the vote.


Which just goes to show you that despite what the democrats may believe, more money doesn't always equal victory!

That is a lot of money. Anyone who wants this issue to go away, or at least be toned down, will not find anything encouraging about those numbers. The amount of effort, and finances, that goes into this debate, from both sides, shows that this will be a heated part of our culture for a long time.

I fear that you're right, Mr. Schultz..and I have no intention of toning myself down on supporting marriage equality. My Gay friends, colleagues and relatives can live without it, they have, after all, but it would make it so much easier to be responsible for, and supportive of, their loved ones. Why does the religious right work so hard to encourage people to be irresponsible and self-loathing and self-destructive?

Alas, I suspect that I have an idea about that. Just as in Jim Crow days, it's about keeping a certain population as weak and self-destructive as possible, all the better to exploit them, to to keep them from competing with you, and feel that delicious and probably addictive sense of "natural" and God anointed superiority.

I am kind of new to this publication. Did Christianity Today take a position on this legislation?

Thanks for your comment. Christianity Today did not take an official stance on Proposition 8, but the magazine has editorialized on same-sex marriage in the past. More can be found here: http://www.christianitytoday.com/ct/special/samesexmarriage.html

Sarah Pulliam, online editor

I had a questions about the defense of marriage act and how hypocritical we (Christians) can be sometimes. First of all, I DO NOT support same sex marriage at ALL. But I am concerned as a Christian that we have chosen to make this the only battle that we are waging in favor of the DOMA. As I understand it, we want laws that state the definition of marriage should be between a man and a woman, but I suggest that the act should read that marriage should be between ONE man and ONE woman. (That wouldn't work because Christians marry and divorce at the same rate as the world). I also suggest a real marriage be officiated by a minister, pastor, priest, rabbi, or Justice of the peace? But in America, a man and a woman can just live together (shack up), have kids, buy a house, and open up a checking account together and the government calls it a Common Law MARRIAGE. Shacking up is a sin, but if you do it long enough, the law says you are married, huh?. How can that be? And why aren't Christians fighting for that or screaming for that to change? Probably because Christians are shacking up as much as the world is. But we tend to categorized sin. Homosexuality is considered BIG sin, but heteorsexual sin is little sin. And you see why the world calls Christians hypocrites.

Probably because Christians are shacking up as much as the world is. But we tend to categorized sin. Homosexuality is considered BIG sin, but heteorsexual sin is little sin. And you see why the world calls Christians hypocrites.

Posted by: James J at September 3, 2009

I would say that supplying answers to your own questions with factoidal conjecture that supports your claims and then condemning Christians based upon your own opinions is no more than a personally subjective ad hominem tu quoque...

It proves nothing and is merely a smoke screen that you are hiding behind, on order to give homosexuals your approval...


I don't see anything "factoid-al" about that observation, at all, Mr. James J.

By definition, it is hypocritical for a group to condemn and then oppress in others what members of the group, clearly practice themselves - conjugal disrespect and desecration - at all levels - even at the highest levels of the christian religion and the political "right."

Do I expect that people should be perfect - no.

But personally, I will not tolerate legalized intolerance.

The United States of America is, in theory, a democracy. And no amount of legal precedent can justify this contradiction, nor cover up this embarrassing insecurity within our culture.

Furthermore, writing here as someone who is not homosexual, I am gravely concerned about our country's future when 39.9 million dollars was spent to support (in the state of California, alone) an initiative that is, at its very core, intolerant.

As we know from history, intolerance is the seed of totalitarian regime, and more recently, fascism.

And fascism is not democratic. Nor has it worked to the benefits of those cultures which have allowed it.

Regardless, I will remain optimistic and hope for a brighter, more supportive, and more tolerant future for all people in this country and elsewhere.

BTW: the verification word to reduce spam on this website was "klansman" - irony, or coincidence, or both?

Well, this certainly brings to light the apparently LARGE amount of people you upset with all of the Christian hate and bigotry. You know depriving others of their rights might sound okay to your warped senses, but it is an illegal act of discrimination as set forth in our wonderful Country. Please stop trying to manipulate our laws and our secular country with your ancient, unhealthy, petty, genocidal mythology!