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February 9, 2009

Take That, Hustler!

The Philadelphia Inquirer profiled U.S. Sen. Charles Grassley's regular crusades, including one that involves Christianity Today.

When Hustler publisher Larry Flynt sent free subscriptions of his magazine to members of Congress, Grassley skipped the moralizing speeches his colleagues gave in response and sent a letter:

"Dear Larry: Since you have sent me a slice of your mind, I'd like to send you a slice of mine. You will shortly receive your first installment of an annual subscription to Christianity Today."


This is good... A Christ-like response.

Congressman Grassley, certainly upheld a Christ-like reaction. This is awesome news to a young Christian man returning to school. This is God's world. We have to interact with the secular views. Without being offensive, Congressman Grassley has given hope to me. My future meetings with classmates during Cultural Social Studies has taken a turn. Thank you.

Man, I definitely like the response. I just hope that the Christianity Today subscription does not get wasted.

While I like Congressman Grassley"s response - actually it was brilliant, I would like someone to get to the bottom of this story.

This Flynt fellow obviously has a lot of gall, but what exactly would prompt him to send free subscriptions to a pornographic magazine to members of the Congress of the U.S.A?

What could make a publisher of pornography this brazen and brash that he can flaunt his wares even in the face of the Congress?

I mean, I understand that he has rights and all that, but is this kind of "free Speech" really a good thing? Is the legislature so impotent that someone could hustle pornography even in the hallowed halls of the Congress and dare to offer elected members this kind of unsolicited material? Are they members of the Congress who actually read (or view) this or similar publications?

God save America!

Now that is a class ... that is Christian ...