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February 5, 2009

Twittering the National Prayer Breakfast

Unless my cell phone is not allowed for some reason, I'll be twittering during the National Prayer Breakfast in Washington this morning. A spokesman for the breakfast declined to say who the keynote speaker will be, but Roll Call is reporting that Tony Blair will address the crowd. Barack Obama is expected to attend before he announces details about the faith-based initiatives.

Update: Here were my tweets during the prayer breakfast. My phone's predictive text spelled Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand's name wrong, but it's corrected below.

Joe Biden just arrived at the National Prayer Breakfast in Washington.

The chief of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians offered the Lord's Prayer in Cherokee and English.

Barack and Michelle Obama have arrived and Casting Crowns will sing.

Rep. Jo Ann Emerson from Mo. read from Gen. 33:1-12.

Senators Amy Klobuchar of Minn. and Johnny Isakson talk about Senate prayer breakfast. Amy saved the grits from being taken off the menu.

The new senator from NY Kirsten Gillibrand (corrected) read from Matt. 5:14-16 and spoke briefly about God's light and love for the world.

Reps Ike Skelton and Todd Akin offer prayers for nation and world leaders. Tony Blair will speak now.

Blair said religion is under attack from inside and out. He said "Only God can forgive completely in the knowledge of our sin."

Blair spoke about the common good in every religion. Said when courage fails faith can lift one up.

Obama insists that he and Blair prepared separately but also spoke about common value in religion: love your neighbor as yourself.

Obama referenced his plan to unveil plans for the faith-based initiatives. Said it would not favor no particular faith.

Obama spoke about his becoming a Christian after spending time with church members who helped neighbors. "I heard Gods spirit beckon me."


How in the world can P. Obama speak against the taking of innocent lives when he promotes abortion, even partial birth abortion. Have we lost our minds when we can support such evil?

Just a correction, Sarah, on that double negative you used in the second to last paragraph, You said President Obama said his faith-based initiatives "would not favor no particular faith." If they will NOT favor no particular faith, then that means,they WILL favor a particular faith. Better to say, "It (faith initiative) would not favor a particular faith."

I was impressed with Pres.Obama's talk at the prayer breakfast. How might I get a copy of that talk?
m Bombaugh

Blair is obviously a strange kind of illegal war-making "Christian", of the type that US evangelicals have approved of during the disastrous Bush2 era and the Iraq catastrophe. "Blessed be the warmakers, for they shall obtain the kingdom of oil and Zionist political support".

Its nice to know that members of the U.S.A. government seek guidance from the living God who promises to proper and protect those who honor Him.

Words are just that....only when they are applied to our actions are they coherent....Only when they tell our neighbor I really mean it and then really mean it by some thoughful display of love. We really don't know this man aside from his words...To send money for abotion over seas when we are in an economic crisis says a lot about him.What more can we read between the lines??

Thank you, Thank you for having a Prayer Breakfast, " He who is for ,is not againest us"
Thank you, Vern Ehlers.

Too little our national social conscious forgets our very own US national motto: "In God We Trust" ... this article is refreshing.