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March 19, 2009

One Cheer for Jim Wallis

Sojourners spokesman worries about linking health care reform with abortion.

At First Things, Keith Pavlischek writes:

Jim Wallis has announced in a public interview:

Making abortion provisions part of healthcare reform will kill healthcare reform. . . There are a number of people who believe this is an issue of deep moral conviction and conscience and there are firewalls that if they are breached will really destroy common ground.

"You have to know a little bit about Wallis to understand why this might be important. This past weekend, the New York Times has reported that President Obama has carefully cultivated relationships with at least five influential ministers - all described as evangelical "centrists" - for private sessions of prayer and occasional political advice. One of these is Jim Wallis. As Joe Loconte says in his Weekly Standard article, "Obama's Prayer Warriors", the label "centrist" is not entirely accurate."


I'm not sure what the point of the article is. Can someone please explain why this is relevant.

For Wallis to say anything critical of President Obama or any of his plans is pretty big news. It will be interesting to see if this has any impact on President Obama's healthcare agenda.

Yes, those five ministers will have great influence on all the policies coming out of 1600 Pennsyvlvania avenue

AKA, Obama's taking heat to keep FOCA (Freedom of Choice Act) and other pro-choice measures out of his healthcare reform package. Instead, Obama should push for reduced abortion by reducing unplanned pregnancies, as he promised. Wallis's decision to essential warn Obama here is a big step for him, the first time in my memory he's criticized Obama in any serious way. This is great news!

While the term "centrist" is indeed a popular buzzword these days, it loses its value when applied haphazardly, as seems to have happened here. A rudimentary understanding of Mr. Wallis reveals him to be anything but centrist. This leftist didn't even come out and say abortion was wrong here, he merely implied that President Obama's health care reform will lose steam if it is tied to abortion. In order for Wallis to move to the center, he must be able to engage issues in a biblical fashion, not merely the partisan manner with which he is prone to utilize.

To World Vision:
Now that World Vision is teaming up
with Jim Wallis, The Sojourners and other
extreme left- wing political activists,
we will be canceling our accounts and donations
with World Vision. We will also recommend the same
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at our request. What a waste of the hundreds of 35.00
a month per child donations.
How could you sink so low?
We will donate to charities who do not have such
high overhead, are pro-life and do not promote
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Jim Wallis and his website sojo.net
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on their website, from their registration
process to a website called "disqus.com"
They post people full names without
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sojo.net is a hate website that mocks
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