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March 25, 2009

Obama Notre Dame Speech Draws Fire


President Obama's planned commencement speech at the University of Notre Dame continues to spark controversy, as the local Catholic bishop said he will boycott the event because some Obama policies contradict church teaching.

Bishop John D'Arcy of the Diocese of Fort Wayne-South Bend (Ind.) said Tuesday that "as a Catholic university, Notre Dame must ask itself, if by this decision it has chosen prestige over truth."

"President Obama has recently reaffirmed, and has now placed in public policy, his long-stated unwillingness to hold human life as sacred," D'Arcy said, "and has brought the American government, for the first time in history, into supporting direct destruction of innocent human life."

The young Obama administration has upset Catholic leaders by opening federal funding to international family planning groups and embryonic stem cell research, as well as proposing to rescind conscience protection rules for health care workers that were instituted by the Bush administration.

The Cardinal Newman Society, a watchdog for Catholic orthodoxy on college campuses, has launched an online petition to stop Obama from speaking at Notre Dame that has reportedly gathered more than 100,000 signatures.

There are 67 million Catholics in the U.S.

"We fully expected some criticism and have received it, though nothing more than we anticipated," Dennis K. Brown, a spokesman for Notre Dame told Catholic News Service. "I can't foresee us rescinding the invitation."


The Bishop should be ashamed of his slander and his idolatry of "innocent life" at the expense of actually living people.

One would hope that any and all Catholic clergy as well as graduates, faculty and parents who are Catholic in more than name will boycott the graduation. It would be truly wonderful if many Catholics (who actually believe in the teachings of the Church) will finally stand up against the evil that our country seems to moving towards. It is indeed encouraging to me to see that there are some clergy who actually support the teachings of their own Church and I hope that others will follow suit.

What the pro-abortion people and those who support them do not seem realize is that those of us on the other side of this issue believe that a fetus is a human life and consequently deserves protection. Once one thinks of the fetus in this way, there can be no question that the fetus MUST be protected -- it is not a matter of choice.

Is it still considered a slanderous statement when it is true?

When a State Senator, Obama's support for abortion bordered on infanticide, given his opposition to legislation to protect infants that survived late-term abortions.

I am astonished that with the Pope making it very clear what his (and therefore the Church's) position was on the subject, that officials of a Catholic university would have made the invitation in the first place.

It would seem convenience has obliterated conscience.

My Catholic church continually overlooks some 'grave sins', while condemning others. Many Catholic politicians supported the 'unjust and illegal' (Pope John Paul II) in Iraq; a war that has cost billions of dollars, hundreds of thousands of lives (including many innocents), and has left a political situation where Christians are now being eliminated from Iraq (including many Roman Catholics). Yet no Catholic politician has ever been denied communion or publically punished for supporting this 'grave sin'. Further, Pro-Birth [life] politicians continually fail to save lives by working with opposing politicians to 'make abortion rare'. If 'conscience' rules, politicians supporting any 'grave sin' should be condemned.

It's about time we stand up boldly for what we believe. Blessings to you Bishop D'Arcy.

Black is white and white black! "Human rights" trump moral responsibility. A criminal kills 4 cops in Oakland, CA and the people take to the streets in support of the criminal! By some weird twist of logic, abortionists claim that supporting war and opposing abortion is inconsistent. But war is a collective action forced upon us when failing to act would allow even greater evil and destruction of life to persist. Abortion is not undertaken by or on behalf of many but is solely an act of personal convenience. It resists or prevents no greater evil but only destroys an innocent life. To do so for personal convenience rather than unavoidable moral necessity can only have grave effects on the one so acting. To obscure this obvious fact, some contort logic and language with silly sound-bite phrases like "idolatry of 'innocent life', revealing only that they have no moral argument.

I agree with the catholic church to make a stand on this issue. I am not catholic, but protestant but hold the same views on abortion the catholic church does. The president is elected by the people and if he does not represent the majority view on this abortion issue then the people who put him in office have a right to say "no, you cannot be part of this event because you do not represent us". It is saying in effect, the people who put you into office do not think you are a true representative of the people you work for. It needs to be said, and a strong statement to that effect needs to be made. Thank you to the catholic segment of our society for making this statement.

Let's see the writer states there are 100,000 signing a petition against President Obama speaking at the Notre Dame graduation (How many of these are actual students of Notre Dame?) 100,000 out of a U.S. Catholic population of 67,000,000 seems like a rather small percentage.

Why didn't the writer note what all the federal funding was going to beside abortion?
It seems its okay for unused embryos to be thrown away but use them for research is bad.

Too many people of various faiths are pro-birth but not pro-life when it comes to the needs of the born. The terrible sins of maltreatment and neglect committed against children in this nation stands as an indictment against all of us.

Notre Dame is a strong institution which seems capable of making its own decisions. I don't really think the President needs another degree, he seems to have enough.

What I care about is, what is Obama going to speak on? Commencement should be about having a good speaker that edifies the graduating students and the community, not just someone with star power or civil authority. Bush spoiled enough perfectly good commencements with nothing but political rhetoric; Barack should not do the same.

Dr. Verarde says, "By some weird twist of logic, abortionists claim that supporting war and opposing abortion is inconsistent. "

What was said was that President Bush ignored the Pope when it came to Iraq. That war was not a necessity, it was a war of choice and worse than that it was unadulterated aggression. No matter the millions of dollars; it's the thousands of our young people's lives that have been taken or maimed forever and Christians have been driven out of Iraq.

(And to think there was a time when people were afraid to elect Kennedy because he was a Catholic and they said that the Pope would run the country. Ironic, isn't it!)

I was amazed and rather surprised by most of the comment here. A legal degree is rather fitting for a man who uses law to say murder is not murder.

By the same logic, Notre Dame should not confer any degrees (honorary or otherwise) upon those who disagree with the Church's policies.