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March 16, 2009

Understanding Obama's Pastors

Our coverage of T.D. Jakes, Kirbyjon Caldwell, Jim Wallis, and Joel Hunter.

Saturday's New York Times reported that President Obama, in lieu of finding a D.C. church home, "has quietly cultivated a handful of evangelical pastors for private prayer sessions on the telephone and for discussions on the role of religion in politics."

Christianity Today has extensively covered four of the five pastors. (Well, we may have articles on Otis Moss deeper in the non-digitized CT archives. We'll keep looking.)

Links to our coverage after the jump.

T. D. Jakes:

T.D. Jakes Feels Your Pain
Though critics question his theology, this fiery preacher packs arenas with a message of emotional healing.
By Lauren F. Winner | posted Feb. 7, 2000

Apologetics Journal Criticizes Jakes

Christian Research Institute publication questions preacher's view of Trinity.
By Douglas LeBlanc | posted Feb. 7, 2000

My Views on the Godhead
"Hearsay, not heresy": Jakes responds to Christianity Today's article
By Bishop T. D. Jakes

Interview: Jakes on the Loose
Bishop T. D. Jakes, whose best-selling book, Woman, Thou Art Loosed! is now a full-length motion picture opening this week, talked to us about the movie and its potential impact.
From Christianity Today Movies | posted Sept. 28, 2004

Kirbyjon Caldwell:

The Minister of 'Good Success'
Meet Kirbyjon Caldwell - megachurch pastor, real-estate whiz, community developer, and the President's spiritual confidant
By Jenny Staff Johnson | posted Oct. 1, 2001

Jim Wallis:

Where Jim Wallis Stands
The longtime activist on abortion, gay marriage, Iraq - and biblical orthodoxy.
Interview by Ted Olsen | posted April 16, 2008

Mr. Wallis Goes to Washington
The transformation of an evangelical activist.
By John Wilson | posted June 14, 1999

Book review: The Elusive Middle
Jim Wallis's attempt to transcend party politics in The Great Awakening never takes off.
Review by Collin Hansen | posted Apr. 16, 2008

Joel Hunter:

Joel Hunter Leads Blessing for Obama
Evangelical megachurch pastor reflects on the inauguration and gives a few predictions.
Interview by Sarah Pulliam in Washington, D.C. | posted Jan. 23, 2009

Joel Hunter Prays with Obama
Evangelical pastor believes the new president-elect will have a listening ear.
Interview by Sarah Pulliam in Washington, D.C. | posted Nov. 6, 2008

Joel Hunter's Super Tuesday Take
Florida pastor believes early results show a shift in evangelical trends.
By Sarah Pulliam | posted Feb. 5, 2008



As the economy continues to swirl all around us with people losing jobs, families their homes and many having to do without. There are trials being fought in courts of law and public opinion, from Mr. Madoff in New York to Mr.Fuomo in Philadelphia. They tell the stories of corruption and all the things that can go wrong, when you are motivated by greed and power. These and many others have been held in high esteem based on your human understanding, here are two articles that spell out clearly why we can not judge correctly by our own understanding. I pray that President Obama reads this post before choosing his next pastor.(www.harpers.org/archive/2003/03/00749525)&(www.too.beautiful.org/lat.020927.html) For it is written: Romans(3:10-13)