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April 9, 2009

Is Rick Warren Backpedaling?

Beliefnet Editor Steve Waldman responds to a CT interview with Rick Warren.

Finally, he's currently getting mocked for claiming to have not endorsed Proposition 8, the California amendment banning gay marriage. To be fair, in the Larry King interview he didn't actually claim that he hadn't endorsed Prop 8. Indeed, he actually acknowledged that he had supported Prop 8. Rather, he claimed he didn't "campaign" for it. A slight but meaningful difference.


When I saw the headline asking if Warren was "Back Peddling," I figured he must have some new program or venture he was selling/promoting. I thought you were comparing him to a peddler.

Perhaps you meant "back-pedalling," as in trying to get your bicycle to go back where you were so you can change course.

Or was that supposed to be a pun and I'm just too serious today?