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April 21, 2009

Miss California: Gay marriage answer cost me Miss USA crown

Support for Proposition 8 draws gay judge's ire.

Carrie Prejean, 21, says her honest answer about whether she supports marriage by homosexuals cost her an opportunity to win Sunday's Miss USA pageant. The question came from gay judge Perez Hilton, who apparently set her up.

In an appearance Monday on MSNBC, Hilton said he was absolutely "shocked and incredibly frustrated and disappointed" with Prejean's stance.

"That's not the kind of woman I want to be Miss USA," he said. "Miss USA should represent all Americans and, with her answer, she instantly alienated millions of gays and lesbians and their friends."

Earlier, Hilton had said on his video blog he would have run onstage and ripped the tiara off Prejean's head had she won the title.

And the blogger would not have been the only member of the Miss USA family to go apoplectic had Prejean advanced in the competition. Keith Lewis, executive director of California's Miss USA operations, said in a statement released to Hilton that "religious beliefs have no place in politics in the Miss CA family."

Prejean Monday said she was raised in a way that you can never compromise your beliefs and your opinions for anything.


Prejean said she has received 2,000 friend requests on Facebook since the weekend controversy began unfolding.


The Miss USA pageant is well named. It is a surprisingly accurate reflection of the state of the country. Thank God for people of character like Carrie Prejean.

Gay people know what it is like to be denied basic civil rights simply for being gay. Now this woman knows what it is like to be denied the Miss America crown for being a bigot.

I was glad to see that the majority of comments on national news blogs were supportive of Miss California for being honest. I guess people are for diversity only if they agree with it.

I'm thrilled that Miss California was honest because it gave Perez Hilton the ability to weed her out of a competition which she did not deserve to win.

The choice to be racist, sexist, or homophobic is not an "opinion" that one has a "right" to - it's choosing ignorance over inclusion, and she needed to be taught that lesson - public humiliation was far less than what she deserved.

Why does gay marriage have to be THE definitive litmus-test that separates angels from demons? In a country as free and diverse as ours, why are we allowed to disagree on everything except this?
As long as the battle lines are drawn this way, we can expect to see significant chunks of the population gloating over incremental victories (i.e. conservatives in California last year or liberals in Iowa and Vermont this year) while the opposing camp plots its backlash. When the backlashers succeed, roles are reversed and the cycle of nastiness continues.
This much is clear to me: gays cannot be expected to reverse their orientation any more easily than conservatives can be expected to sit idly while the historic understanding of marriage is redefined. Calling for a culture war ceasefire would be noble, but also unrealistic without a forum for respectful disagreement and dialogue.
As I see it, the only way out of this briar patch is through the thorns. Our best option might be to actually sit down and have a sober conversation about the touchy stuff: sex, religion, fear and anger. Slogans and sound bites won't work in a thicket this tangled.
If anyone is interested, here are some of my ideas for how to move the debate forward more constructively:

miss hilton's response that she can never compromise her beliefs reminded me of one of my recent favorite quotes; "the surest way to corrupt a youth is to instruct him to hold in higher esteem those who think alike than those who think differently." she obviously has no empathy, care or love for anyone who is not like her. i don't see that mindset as something that is christ-like

If the Miss USA organization doesn't believe "politics" have a place in their pageant, then why on earth did one of the judges ask an extremely debated and divisive POLITICAL question?! Anyone else see the hypocrisy??

The homosexual community wants everything their way, and they will not put up with anyone who does not agree with them, support them, think like them, etc. But yet, they do not think or agree with the majority of Americans who have voted against gay marraige. And while they expect others to agree with them, they throw fits and even threaten people and intimidate them when they have their own opinions.

It's ridiculous and bottom line, it's all about making homosexuality acceptable and until every person agrees that homosexuality is good, acceptable, and moral, they will continue to be angrily vocal, intimidating, etc. as we've seen by Pariz Hilton in his reaction to Miss CA.

In this day in time, People need to realize that that Gays and lesbians are people just like straight people, With one exception they like the same sex as them.

"The surest way to corrupt a youth is to instruct him to hold in higher esteem those who think alike than those who think differently."

This quote should also be one that the homosexual community takes into account when accepting other's opinions. It works both ways. Do they think "differently" from each other? No. You get a group of homosexuals together, and they will all think ALIKE and there will be no tolerance, no acceptance, and no graciousness shown to anyone who thinks differently than them.

There is so much hypocrisy but they cannot see it. They demand what they do not give to others. They demand that we agree with them, but yet they will not agree with us, unless they are agreeing with something that goes along with their agenda.

Ms. CA had every right to state her OPINION. And that's exactly what it was. An opinion. Why do homosexuals not "allow" other's to voice their opinions? They voice theirs loud and clear (and angrily) so much so that we are all having to bend over backwards to accomodate this very small group of people.

And they think it's okay to provoke, mock, slander, rant and rave when someone says anything that isn't what they want to hear. They vadelized churches after Prop 8 passed, they threatened Mormons, now Perez Hilton goes on a blog rampage, cussing and slamming this woman for simply and politely sharing her opinion. It's truly a shame and something I am really feeling fed up with.

Quote: "In this day in time, People need to realize that that Gays and lesbians are people just like straight people, With one exception they like the same sex as them."

No, there is more than that one exception. They have SEX with people of the same sex. I won't go into detail in what they do, but men's bodies were not created to have sex with each other and women's bodies were not created to have sex with each other. There is a HUGE difference between gays and lesbians and "straights" (or shall we say, heterosexual couples). If all the world were gay and lesbian, the world would die out.

I really admired Ms. CA. Here she was with this question, and she smiled, she was polite, she did not appear even the slightest bit flustered or upset. She held her head high. And even now, in the "aftermath," she's not out there blogging negatively about P. Hilton or whining/complaining as he is. She is still being very gracious about it all. And then you have P. Hilton. What a huge contrast between the two. Their reactions have revealed their inner character, and one certainly shines far more than the other and is far more admirable than the other.

So I have read a lot about this comment and I watched a video snippet of it... I keep coming back to the same thing in my mind of what is the big controversy? She was asked a question, she answered it for how she was raised and what morals she was taught. They are the same morals I jave and that I'm teaching my 3 children. I am truly tired of being told that my viewpoint (and millions of others) is wrong. I can care less what people do in their homes. I don't flaunt my sexuality and then get angry if a homosexual doesn't agree with it. Why should I have to continually bend over backwards to be politically correct? They are my feelings. Nobody else can tell me that my feelings are wrong. Had I been raised with 2 moms or 2 dads I might feel differently. But I was raised in a christian home and have moved further and further towards conservative as I get older. There was not an adam and steve in the bible and we all know what happened to sodom and gemorra (sp?)

"For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but, MIGHTY to the pulling down of strongholds."

Let the delusional left, gay, druggie, whatever, hurl any insults they want. We WIN in the end. :)

You all who are so upset with her for standing up for something gets to the heart of the problem in America today; you don't want anyone to believe there are any absolutes anymore so that you can do whatever you want with no consequences or conscience involved. You hate people who still have convictions and stand up and say when wrong is wrong and right is right. Now you'll cal me a bigot.

Poor Miss California -- she loses a beauty contest and she just can't start the finger-pointing soon enough. That this poor loser calls herself a Christian is as amusing as her apparent belief that discriminating against other Americans is OK as long as you blame it on the way your parents raised you. When she's not blaming gay Americans for her own loss, she's blaming her parents for her own bigotry.

Now we know why she wasn't a finalist in a logic or intelligence contest.

I commend Ms. Prejean for answering a loaded question with honesty. She lost the crown because she has a traditional christian view of marriage and forthrightly said so when she was asked. Her views do not make her a bigot as some of these comments state. I find it interesting and telling that our moral relativism appears to extend to every type of belief but those of traditional christians.

The reaction to her beliefs and approval of her not winning from people who advocate strongly for tolerance is entirely inconsistent.

It's amazing that the homosexual activists who demand tolerance from others are virulently intolerant themselves

If Perez Hilton wants to deny Miss California the Miss USA crown because she opposes homosexual marriage, doesn't that make him a bigot??

Nobody can verify other than the judges that she "lost" the Miss USA crown because of her answer. Sure, the homosexual judge did not vote for her but she still finished second.
To say that she lost the crown (that she never had) because of her answer is nonsense. It also is an affront to the young lady who did receive the crown.
No. 2 is to be applauded for her answer, and this vile judge should never be allowed to participate in an event of this type again.
And not because he is a homosexual but because he lacks tolerance and good manners -- the same things he wants from others.

Two things we will never know but wish we could.
1. Would Perez HIlton have asked this same question of any of the finalists or did he single out Miss California?

2. How would Miss North Carolina (the eventual winner) have answered Mr. HIlton's question?

Those who utilize the tactics of Mr. Hilton, and those who praise his conduct make it less and less likely that any intelligent dialogue will ever take place over this issue.

It is sad to me that an issue that needs compassion and understanding has been lowered to a name calling brawl led by the least informed.

Seems to me Mr. Hilton is the narrow, angry, hateful, heterophobic one, especially after his post Miss USA rant! I don't think he does the homosexual cause any favors. He definitely did not win my vote with his vitriolic spew.

Miss Prejean, know that you are loved. Thank you for standing up for your views and a Biblical perspective. Know that there will always be angry people that will attack you but you can always rely on your faith. God gives justly and judges perfectly.

For the Christians-please pray for Perez Hilton.

Well, of course we don't know whether or not she would have won with a different answer, but the answer the winner is giving on tv to the same question says it all. A word for word repeat of the homosexual line. I'm a female, not a lesbian, but when I saw the loser's body as compared to the winner, the two judges who voted for the winner and their comments tell it all. They aren't men. And listening to the two women talk tells me that the loser is also a better more intelligent speaker. Anyway, the judge calling her a bitch is bigot, what he really thinks of women, and oh yes, he would make a good dictator, no freedom of speech for any woman or non-homosexual. And, I'm glad the judge showed the true colors of homosexuals, for if they win, this is what our country is heading for. I'm signing off as another bitch, I mean woman.

why couldn't she have just answered the question?

Chapter XIII.—If Unveiling Be Proper, Why Not Practise It Always, Out of the Church as Well as in It?

Does this conform with your "life verse" ,Miss California-
"I can do all things through Him that strengthens me"-
Philippians 4:13?
Noble comments, but I pray that you can show a little more modesty in dress as well as address. You are leading even me into temptation.


What's this country coming to when you have to apologize for believing marriage is between a man and a woman? Unbelievable.

Marriage re-definitionists would make good Nazis. They don't tolerate different points of view.

In this day in time, it is important to remember that Christians are people just like everyone else. The only exception is that they like their Creator and His ways more than most people.

Ah yes, the good 'ol "don't impose your beliefs on me" line.

But what's the difference between a belief and an opinion? What are laws, regulations and policies if not the expressions of "beliefs" about the ways things should be? Whether the controversy is gun control, greenhouse gas emissions, traffic laws or building codes, just about every political debate is driven by competing values.

The arguments for and against gay marriage are no different as both sides appeal to various principles including tradition, equal protection, religion, sexual freedom, child welfare, biology, legal precedent and public opinion to name a few. Instead of trying to censor an argument without having to engage it, make your case for why it's a poor line of reasoning.

Judging from the previous hateful rant, most of which is based on false premises and perfectly exemplary of what it ostensibly condemns, some folks have way too much time on their hands. With these kind of folks out there it's no wonder the culture is going down the tubes. May God help us all.

Nope. What cost her the crown was the fact that her answer was stumbling and inarticulate. She could have stated her opinion in a far more poised manner.

The homosexual agenda is quickly infecting every aspect of our lives. One of the arguments used to silence those who hold to traditional values and unapologetically, and correctly, believe that homosexual behavior is a sin was to ask: "How does what someone does in the privacy of their own home harm you?'". Answer: When the private behavior of someone or a group is sanctioned by the state as normative that behavior will become the law of the land. Once that happens government agencies will mandate, not just tolerance of such behavior, but ACCEPTANCE of it. That mandate will manifest itself in schools being required to teach our children such behavior is normal and good, companies will draft policies requiring their employees to accept homosexuality as normal and good (employees with a traditional beliefs will be coerced to attend sensitivity training to enlighten them to see the error of their way with the threat of employment termination if one refuses), laws will be passed (hate crime laws) placing homosexuals into a protected class that, if broken, will result in onerous fines and imprisonment, all social institutions, particularly marriage, will capitulate to this immoral onslaught by shaming anyone who would dare stand up and say "This is wrong. This is sin.".

It takes no prophet to know this. I know this because it has happened. The episode with Miss USA is simply another example.

But clearly understand this. This is the tip of the iceberg. America is freefalling into moral oblivion. Sexual sins that we now view with extreme disgust will become as normative as homosexuality has become. The Church should be in the vanguard of bringing America back from this abyss, but it is not. In fact some churches and denominations have forsaken the truth of the Bible concerning this issue and have embraced the lies of the world. This is shameful. These churches and denominations are more dangerous to the spiritual health of our nation and the world then all the atheists combined.

"Wake up, and strengthen what remains and is about to die, for I have not found your works complete in the sight of my God. Remember, then, what you received and heard. Keep it, and repent. If you will not wake up, I will come like a thief, and you will not know at what hour I will come against you" (Revelation 3:2-3 EVS). Indeed, wake up!

I had no idea Miss USA's responsibilities included 'representing' the views of We The People.

Does it occur to Perez Hilton (who he?) that by supporting homosexual marriage Miss California would have been doing exactly the opposite?

Terry is really hitting the nail on the head. This is a movement that has been working diligently and covertly while others were looking the other way. I am hopeful and prayerful that the culture can be turned around by a return to our great moral traditions.

It is surreal how the homosexual lobby (which represents maybe 5% of the population) has had such a tremendous influence on our government and judiciary. We are re-defining and manipulating the DNA of our culture: the family. We don't know what kind of monster may eventually arise from this Frankensteinean experimentation.

Gay activists have successfully, and erroneously, equated race with sexual orientation. Sexual orientation may well be "hard-wired" in select individuals, but it is interesting that the psychiatrist who was instrumental in declassifying homosexuality as a clinical disorder back in the 70's, Dr. Robert Spitzer, published work more recently that suggested some homosexuals could, through intense therapy, have their orientation altered. Of course this previously favored clinical researcher was immediately blackballed by the politically correct crowd. That tells me that fairness and facts don't really matter to them.

"In my country, and in my family, I believe that a marriage should be between a man and a woman."

Those are the words that caused 21 year old Carrie Prejean to be labelled a "bigot" and "a woman not fit to wear the Crown of Miss U.S.A."

I want to ask a few questions?

Why was judge Hilton so outraged at that statement, why did he throw a fit afterwards?

Was it because Carrie spoke her mind? Of course not; people who support same sex speak their mind all the time.

Was it because she answered honestly? Of course not; people who support same sex speak honestly all the time.

Was it because she said what she was taught? Of course not; people who support same sex say what they are taught all the time.

Was it because her family brought her up this way? Of course not; (many) people who support same sex were brought up that way.

Was it because she is female? Of course not; many who support (and practice) same sex are female.

Was it because in the USA people no longer have the right to answer according to conviction? Of course not; people who support same sex speak believe they have the right to answer according to their conviction, and do so all the time.

Was it because people who speak their minds ought to be penalized? Of course not; people who support same sex naturally expect not to be penalized for their beliefs (and/or practice).

So, if people who support safe sex speak their mind, speak honestly, say what they were taught, speak according to how they were raised, speak whether they are male or female, speak according to conviction, and expect that they will not be penalized for their speech, beliefs or behaviour, then was not the treatment meted out to young Carrie Prejean hypocritical at least and tyrannical at worst?

There appears to be a sentiment in society today in which the word "tolerance" applies to everything except all things Christian. Not sure why when someone disagrees with the gay community, they are verbally stoned to death. Don't worry all who hate Christians, we will be gone soon and everyone left on earth will agree with you.

I think that the issue here has been overlooked. It does not matter which side of this issue you take.

If you are homosexual......you want equal rights. You want the right to live your life as you choose and to have the same legal standing to protect you.

If you are heterosexual.......this would not affect you at all.

But the "Christian" issue is this......Would Jesus want you to exclude a group of people because you feel differently than they do. Would he want you to treat them in anyway less than you do others. I think not.

It is soooo easy to hate someone because they are different. But I think we will be judged one day, and will have to see the truth of those we have excluded, persecuted, and abused.

Live and let live. Live in peace. Love your brother/sister.


It upsets me that some people on a "Christian" blog would insult Miss California for speaking out for the Lord and Biblical principles. We need to stand firm as Christians and not give in to political correctness. Her loyalty to God is refreshing and she did not say anything hateful unlike the blogger who called her many nasty names. God created sex for a man and a woman and I believe that God makes no mistakes.

Miss California's got cahones for answering the question honestly. The end result is that she's more popular (or at least well known) now than she would have been if she had won

Let's get something straight. Homosexuals have the same rights as everybody else. Even criminals have more rights than victims in this country. The law isn't hunting down homosexuals unless they are robbing or killing someone, i.e. breaking the law. Of course, homosexuals would love everybody to think they are being hunted down. As for rights of their partner, see a lawyer and make a contract just like everybody else does. And race is the color of the skin you are born with not how you do sex. The homosexual movement has been using this line since they used and destroyed the women's movement to get themselves strong enough and organized enough so they could leave the women's movement behind. Now they are using the civil rights movement, the race and hate issues to get what they want. These are techniques used by those who want to change the very institution they want to conquer or destroy if necessary. The Church is next and watch the homosexual movement use the lawyers, judges and courts to make the government give them the right to change the definition of marriage despite the fact that the majority who is supposed to rule in a republic says no to the definition change. Lets face it, where is the women's movement today after the homosexuals got done with it. That's the future of the Church.

"Now they are using the civil rights movement, the race and hate issues to get what they want."

Um, you seem to be confused. Gay rights ARE civil rights. The term civil rights belongs to all people; it doesn't mean just rights for blacks.

Maybe it was the unexpectedness of the question. But again what can be expected of a Perez Hilton? I did not watch this show, but I heard there were homosexuals and sympatizers in the audience that boed her. That is very uncalled for and proves their worth.

However is no small problem for girls and women, who after parading around in front of an audience of thousands or millions. With an outfit that leaves them 90 percent naked or 10 % dressed, depending on the eye of the beholder. To be able to explain their opinion in stronger and less confusing terms on this subject matter.

To her credit she did the best she could under the cirmcumstances that she had chosen to place herself. However it is not a "great" thing that americans can choose one way or the other; It is a disgrace, a shame.

This is what the Scriptures say: Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a disgrace to any people. Prov. 14:34. Better luck next time around. Homosexuality is a filthy Sin, but sin is Sin and whether is that or Adultery, Fornication, Murder, Theft or Idolatry. A woman dressed only at 10% of her body has a very short rule to measure and point out.

when the gays start producing biological children, we will recognize it as a marriage. Until then we will recognize it as a dying race. And Gods plan will win the race. So don't walk by sight,by faith

Matthew 10 writes: "when the gays start producing biological children, we will recognize it as a marriage."

So, you'll be providing marriage licenses to all gays with children, and you'll be nullifying the marriages of all heterosexuals without children, right?

I wonder if people like Matthew have any idea how ignorant they sound....

thank you Carrie, i pray i would be so bold if the oppurtunity arises. may our LORD JESUS bless you dan

Does Carrie Prejean have any real evidence supporting her claim about her loss? Is she really accusing the pageant of conducting a conspiracy against her? Is she accusing the winner of having won the contest unfairly? Looks like a classic case of a poor loser to me.

Please go away, Carrie. You are clealy as lacking in grace as you are in evidence and in intelligence.

May God continue to bless this very brave and intelligent young woman. She will be far more blessed for standing on her convictions than if she had won a beauty contest. No one will know who the winner was a year from now, but Carrie Prejean will be remembered by thousands of young people who she encouraged to know and live how God created them. The sorry results and the true bigots here are those who call her vile names, and are so intolerant of others. Homosexuals are only 3% of our population except in places like Hollywood. They are to be loved and treated like any other human with a serious spiritual problem. It is indeed a shame that in their agenda they have become so mean spirited.

I am sorry that so many thinks that because a true and righteous Christian believes soley in the Word of God concerning marriage between men and women is biggoted, because we are really not bigots. We still care very much for everyone black, white, gay, old, young; whatever or wherever they are from,... that touches our lives. I can say for myeself that I feel that Ms. Prejean was correct to state her feelings. We can still note that everyone still has a heart and we are not to judge. Did Ms. Prejean judge anyone? I just pray that one day the world sees that Christians truely are not an enemy.

I am sorry that so many thinks that because a true and righteous Christian believes soley in the Word of God concerning marriage between men and women is bigoted...

Well, maybe not bigoted then, but perhaps self righteous? If you believe solely in the Word of God...the Bible doesn't really say that marriage should be between men and women. The Bible says that marriage should be between a man and his newly acquired human property. The property was usually a female teenager, though sometimes a wife was inherited.

Polygamy was definitely condoned in the Bible as well.

In any case, "Word of God" arguments went morally bankrupt with the end of slavery. As the Islamic scholar Khaled Abou El Fadl has said.

"The text will morally enrich the reader, but only if the reader will morally enrich the text..."

As I've asked before, where is the morality in conservative Christianity? I've never seen it. I've only seen proscriptions based upon dubious interpretations of non-contextualized Bible verses...reductionism run amok? Or, whatever I'm trying to say.

So...would your husband sell your daughter to me? I would hope not.


Carrie Prejean expressed her opinion

the judges expressed theirs

what is the problem?

Just what California needs more people to tell you how to live!!! people came here to escape midwestern values only to have these values imposed on them.