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April 30, 2009

Miss California Becomes Spokeswoman for Ad Campaign

Liberty University offers a scholarship to the woman who said during a beauty pageant that she opposes same-sex marriage.

The National Organization for Marriage is promoting Miss California as a spokeswoman to oppose same-sex marriage.

Carrie Prejean told NBC's "Today show today that marriage is "something that is very dear to my heart" and she's in Washington to help save it.

Liberty University Chancellor Jerry Falwell Jr. offered a scholarship to Prejean, who was visiting the conservative Christian school yesterday. Prejean told judge Perez Hilton that she opposed same-sex marriage during the April 19 pageant.

Yesterday, the New Hampshire Senate passed a bill allowing gay marriage. If the governor signs the bill, New Hampshire could become the fifth state to allow same-sex marriages.


If Ms. Prejean is so committed to saving the institution of marriage as she defines it, I expect to see her crusading just as vehemently against divorce as she does against gay marriage. After all, considering that the divorce rate in the U.S. hoovers near 50%, I would think it poses a much more critical threat. Then again, I guess trying to reduce the prevalence of divorce doesn't offer as much opportunity to stigmatize and discriminate against others. Where's the fun in that?

An interesting note is those states that prize heterosexual marriage so highly with protections against gay marriage have higher divorce rates than those that support gay marriage. Sounds a lot like hypocrisy which sadly has lead so many down the wrong paths in the church for way too long.

Of course divorce, except in cases of adultry (which one could argue causes all divorce anyway), is sinful. But regardless of what OTHER people say or do, the Bible, as our guide, also identifies homosexual thought and behavior as sin. With God's help, whatever is sinful should be pulled up like a weed and discarded, rather than being cultivated. Don't try to convince those with the ultimate field guide that your sin is a beautiful flower.

Whoever is spreading the word that Christians don't sin should be corrected. The true Christian response to their sins is to seek forgiveness, and with God's help, pull them up and discard them like weeds.

But of course, those buried in their own personal sinful lifestyle lie to themselves, don't seek God and can't understand any of this.

As a race who have fallen from the grace of God, we are born into these sinful bodies who want to commit all types of sin, whether it's homosexuality, lying, stealing, cheating, raping, or muder, all of these are sin according to God's word.

But when Jesus came, he showed us that we can resist these sins by being a living example, not to fall into those sinful temptations as much as we possibly can.

People who engage in homosexuality would rather the rest change for them instead of them changing for the word of God.

God still loves them just like he loves all people, but he clearly states that homosexuality, just like lying, stealing, etc are all sin that we all have committed at one point in our lives.

So, they can disguise their sexual viewpoints as "civil liberties" all they want and call it marriage if they like, but God's viewpoint is the only viewpoint that matters and he calls it a SIN.

All of the blather about homosexuality being a sin still doesn't answer the question: Why should one sin differ from others under SECULAR law? Jesus *specifically* said remarriage, (except in cases of infidelity) is adultery. Yet it's legal in all 50 States with nary a peep from "christians," including Ms. Prejean.

Devoting endless effort to banning gay marriage while ignoring the legal status of adulterers is hypocrisy. I do believe Jesus had a thing or two to say about hypocrites. None of it was good.

If your going to quote the bible publicly, please take the time to actually read it.

Ask anyone who has overcome their "born with" "uncontrollable" burdens like alcoholics, gay people, sex addicts, hardened criminals etc and you will find that advocating their behavior robs them of the opportunity for true happines, true love and quality life.

These stuggling people need our love and Gods grace. These are the only answers and the only solution.

Wow. One minute she's an airhead in a bikini and breast implants who would have been condemned by the Falwell types for her half-naked immodesty and exhibitionism. But once she adds 'anti-gay' to her very thin resume, and suddenly the Falwell types declare her a great hero and role model. Ugh.

Would any intelligent person hold this sort of "Christianity" in high regard? I doubt it.

"But regardless of what OTHER people say or do, the Bible, as our guide, also identifies homosexual thought and behavior as sin."

Um, are you aware that American law (and the civil rights of Americans) is not determined by the Bible? If America was under Biblical law, citizens would be arrested for eating pork, having braided hair and being non-Christians ... and children would be stoned to death for misbehaving. Those are just a small smattering of the absurd and brutal laws we'd be subject to.

Please keep your Bible out of our government.

Carrie Prejean was asked for her PERSONAL opinion. She made a decision to walk the faith that she talked. She chose God knowing it would cost her the worldly trinkets offered by the pageant.
The scriptures make it clear for believers that God made mankind, male and female. The Bible is also clear that same-sex relationships are first of all a lie, and they are unnatural. The scriptures are also specific that marriage is between a male and a female.
Now, whether people follow God’s rules or not, every atheist, gay person, etc. is born into this world via a relationship between a, “gasp,” a “male and a female.” Even the gay community acknowledges this truth.
One such case recently made the headlines. A gay female—who takes hormones trying to be what she is NOT—stopped taking the chemicals so she could return to being WHAT GOD CREATED HER TO BE, i.e. female. Why? So she could get PREGNANT!
The irony of this bizarre debate about Prejean is that those who do not believe in God’s word continue to ostracize "her" PERSONAL OPINION and her faith in God, as though “their” PERSONAL OPINIONS are more important than Prejeans.
And, all the attacks against her mean what? Do people really suppose their attacks are supposed to make her change her faith in God?
God’s word is just that—His word and His truth. And, His truths, set forth in the scriptures, are the guidelines by which believers must try and live their daily lives. And, God's word is specific on marriage is between a male and a female, period.
Whether a believer meets God’s criteria on a daily basis in their personal lives, or not, God alone will be the judge — NOT people.

Oh boy, I thought the homosexual community was so inclusive. I guess i was wrong. Don't give your personal opinion to anyone. God loves the sinner, not the sin.

It is so refreshing to see a Miss America contestant stand up for a cause that is NOT shallow. Not that other causes don't matter, but Carrie has struck a stake into the heart of the beast with this morally courageous unplanned comment that still makes my heart glow. She has won a crown worth five Miss Americas in my book, and I suspect God's, too.

God bless Carrie Prejean and the fight to protect marriage as God gave it to us!

A very dfficult subject this is and I hope that I can explain here what others have not.
Man (woman) were made in the likeness of GOD. They were made for eachother to learn what GOD's great love is. GOD lives in their soul. Marriage is an emotional and physical union- a gift of LOVE from GOD to his most beloved children. Therefore, the human body is HOLY as GOD is. To damage that body either emotionally or physically is a direct assault to our Holy Father(GOD). Why wuld we want to hurt the one who has given us all good things? To have loveless sex is an assault to GOD. To have emotionally damaging and physically damaging sex is also an assault because the LORD knows that you will be unhappy. Your happiness matters the most to him. None of us are perfect and none of us are free from sin. The more we try to avoid sin, the happier we will be until we experience true joy with him in heaven.

Read the story of David and Jonathan. They seem to be at least bisexual to me

Does the Bible say that women are made in the image of God.

And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth.

So God created man in his [own] image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.

While "man" could be interpreted as "mankind," I think it could also be interpreted as God made men in His image, and females he just created as such.

I would prefer to think 'Mankind,' which would include, of course, Gay people.

Being Gay is no sin, in my book or the Bible. True love is true love, and always a wonderful miracle, regardless of sexual orientation.

And, what does "image" mean. I'm not in the least bit omnipresent, omniscient, and omnipotent...and I can't imagine such an entity looking like a human.

GLBT people can and do have quite loving relationships. It may be a bit more difficult, as the Gay community is under constant anomic assault by people such as those who run CT, and by the fact that they can be both men in the relationship, after all. But, I know plenty of Gay men in very stable, quite loving, long time relationships...obviously difficult for everyone in these fast moving, ever distracting times.

If my happiness is very important to God, why was I born with a nasty little genetic time bomb in me? What did I do in the womb to deserve that punishment forty years later? Well, go ask Job, I guess.

While I'm adequately content with my life, finding happiness while chronically feeling kind of crummy and enervated, that is a bit harder to identify...and a slow, very, very painful, very ugly and nasty death is just a couple of years away if I should have to stop my treatments for some reason.

Theodicy, anyone?

If she goes to Liberty will she have to remove her implants?

I think she really should get out of the public eye, spend a lot of time in Bible study and be transformed through it by the Holy Spirit. She might start with admonistions about MODESTY. She defends having breast implants--she defends the profession of modeling where one WILL be asked again and again to dress in ways (or undress in them) that are not accpetable for Christians (and she has) she defends pageants that require wearing bikins--the purpose of which as swimwear is to show as much skin as possible to others (which shd did) and walk suggestivley accross the stage (which she did). This woman needs to be transformed in her thinking!, She really has a very worldly and compromising view and defends what is outright sin for a Christian. And she is among many other Chrstinas that do the same. if you are going to be salt in this world, you cannot be half strength. You need to remove the impurities or you will have no effect on others that is helpful, you will in fact encourage sin. I am bothered beyond belief that this woman is embraced as a role model. And I think there is a prolblem with lust among Christian men who are falling all over themselves to embrace this womans excuses as well. There needs to be a lot of repentance re: the desire to cool and sexy among Chrstinas, and having a lust filled and lust provoking image--men and womoan alike.