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April 2, 2009

Nearly 20 Percent of Evangelicals Thinks Obama is a Muslim

Ten percent of Americans still believe that President Barack Obama is a Muslim, the same percentage of those who believed the rumor during the campaign. As a group, evangelicals (19 percent) are the most likely to believe he's a Muslim, according to a new poll from the Pew Center for People and the Press.

Just 38 percent of white evangelicals and 46 percent of Republicans identify Obama as a Christian. During the campaign, Obama made frequent references to his Christian faith and fought smear campaigns that said he was a Muslim. But since he took office, Obama has made very few references to his faith.

In his decision to overturn former President Bush's policy on stem cell research, he said, "As a person of faith, I believe we are called to care for each other and work to ease human suffering."

He spoke more about his faith at the National Prayer Breakfast, when he announced the launch of his version of the faith-based initiatives.

I didn’t become a Christian until many years later, when I moved to the South Side of Chicago after college. It happened not because of indoctrination or a sudden revelation, but because I spent month after month working with church folks who simply wanted to help neighbors who were down on their luck – no matter what they looked like, or where they came from, or who they prayed to. It was on those streets, in those neighborhoods, that I first heard God’s spirit beckon me. It was there that I felt called to a higher purpose – His purpose.


I don't think bowing to the Saudi king is going to help.

Nearly 20 percent of evangelicals think Obama is a muslim, eh? Well, I suppose that shows how dumb evengelicals are.

This indeed is sad news for it reveals how ignorant mamy evangelicals are. I use that word in it's truest sense but it shows how little many really know and understand the issues of politics and the world. People get upset at the gays, abortion, and the press but then do not really know what are the real and important issues facing us. But this does not really surprise me for we lived under 8 years of a President who did not understand the issues of the world using fear as a vehicle to stay elected and it was the evangelical church who keep him in power.

We'll it's time to grow up and mature church about the real issues or stay in the dark and hide in the Christian ghetto.

I suspect that those who think the President is a Muslim want to believe it so because of their feelings of ill will towards non-evangelicals in general.

The President's absent father was apparently nominally Musliim, I've read, in the same sort of manner that there are people who are nominally Roman Catholic...or Methodist...or Baptist...or Buddhist but who don't really practice what they were preached to as children.

The President wasn't even raised to be nominally anything religious, so his conversion was likely sincere...at least sincere enough for political purposes, which is fine by me. I'd just as soon not know the religion of elected officials. It's none of my business...and my religion is none of their business either. I expect them to be informed by their religious understandings, as I am by mine, but I expect them to serve all their constituents, to be forthright in supporting civil rights and equality under the law, as best they can; and not just pander to their power bases to get reelected so they can pander some more to them.

Would the fact that he was educated in an Islamic madrassa which are serious brainwashing and indoctrination centres for Islamic Fundamentalists be the cause of this fear?

Just as it's obvious that Obama is not a genuine Christian, it's also clear that he's not a Muslim anymore - he's a secular deist who simply uses religion for political gain, like the majority of politicians.

The Christian Anti-Defamation Commission has pusblished an article
Seven Reasons Barack Obama is not a Christian

To "FIsher" :

As one who was an eye-witness to the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center, I was overjoyed to see President Bush take terrorism seriously (as opposed to the prior administration who had the chance to deal it major blows and failed). These have been the real issues for decades - Islamic terrorism is on a jihad to kill Americans and losing their own lives is a victory. They were successful with over 3,000 Americans and are single-minded in their quest to kill more.

I would suggest you re-examine the "real issues"

Considering how much Obama has strayed from the teaching in the Bible, he fits the description provided by the apostle Paul in his second letter to Timothy. Paul says "men will not put up with sound doctrine. Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear." Obama's position on abortion, homosexuality and other issues (including his own mocking of the Bible), fits the description. And Pauls calls these people "evil men and impostors."

Spurgeon wrote "It were a sad dishonour to a child of God to be the world's favourite. It is a very ill omen to hear a wicked world clap its hands and shout 'Well done' to the Christian man."

We do love our little conspiracy theories, don't we Bannister?

There are madrassas and then there are madrassas. "Madrassa" simply means "School" in Arabic.

Not to mention that most of the terrorists who struck America were likely better educated in Western universities than the average American.

One could make a much stronger correlation with terrorism by blaming Western engineering colleges, than with Islamic madrassas, for their terrorist proclivities...but that would be foolish, right?

Perhaps only ten-twelve percent of the terrorists had attended an Islamic madrassa, radical or otherwise.

Obama was in Indonesia long before the radical Islamic movement had swept through the discontented and romantically inclined classes, and Indonesians weren't notably into that sort of thing anyway..if memory serves.

I think the Muslim school Obama attended was as quite moderately minded then, as CNN and ABC have reported that it is today. The President also went to a Catholic School for the other two years he was in Indonesia. Make something out of that.

Not to mention that his mother and grandparents might have influenced young Obama with their thoroughly secular American family values just a wee smidgen more than the two years when he attended a moderate Muslim school.

If you want schools in the US that indoctrinate innocent children in extremist Fundamentalism ...take a look at those Protestant parochial schools that use the Bob Jones University Press and A BEKA curriculum.

Unless they've changed a great deal in the last ten years or so since I studied a random selection of their textbooks...Talk about revisionist and distorted history, pseudo science, dubious "alleged facts and "brainwashing" against America's highest "We the People" pluralistic values... There was plenty of condescending, soto voche racism as well. One feels a need to shower with a degreasing soap after reading them.

Are we surprised? Evangelicals tend to identify with the GOP, and the GOP ran a campaign largely based on the hopes that people would in the end not be able to vote for Obama because was "not like us" and "pallin' around with terrosits", etc. Plus the right wing blogosphere was rife with conspirancy theories about his origins.

No Bama,

3,0000 Americans lost their lives on 911. About 300,000 have lost their lives and 3,000,000 have been displaced from their homes in Iraq. Our nation led by a evangelical president as been much more sucessful in a single-minded quest to kill than the Islamic terrorists. Unfortunately, our new president is not much better as his idea of withdrawing from Iraq is leaving 50,000 soldiers there indefinitely and then sending more soldiers to occupy Afghanistan. These are the real issues.

Well, if Bush is a Christian so then is Obama.

No surprise that same Evangelicals argue that Obama isn't a "real Christian" (a common accusation against non-Evangelicals), but calling him a Muslim? Really? If so, he's not at all observant, which makes him even less a Muslim than he is a Christian - at least he claims he's a Christian!
I would also be loath to say someone's not a Christian if one claims to be - maybe a very confused Christian, but one nonetheless.

Hmm, wow how far we have come as Christians when we point the finger and say other. Let's see Jesus had some fairly strong words for this. Particuliarly when some people do not believe every thing like we do. The church of Jesus Christ is broad and open to different ways to practice one's faith and to demonize another is not the call of any Christian brother or sister.

This finger pointing is more like Rush L. So my question is who's disciple are you?

In my Christian tradition, anyway, one is a "real" Christian if one is baptized as Jesus Christ was baptized, can recite the Apostles' Creed, or a similar Trinitarian creed, with at least a modicum of personal integrity, and takes Communion now and then with some sort of heartfelt sincerity, even if somewhat inchoately done.

As one can't truly know what's in a person's heart, besides blood, nerve impulses, heart valves and muscle anyway, one just has to take one's word about that.

There is little reason to think that the President isn't baptized, has never experienced Communion, and if he's recited the Apostles creed, that he did it in a 'cross his fingers' manner.

Unless he renounces his baptism (with the current and totally disgraceful, conservative evangelical "Massive Resistance" movement against full citizen equality, one could certainly sympathize), he's a Christian on my books.

Judge not lest you be judged. Only God will judge who is a christian. Self righteous people are so quick to judge other christian beliefs. Obama haters need to take the mote out of their own eye before trying to dig it out of Obama eye. God bless the poor soul who finds fault in others and not faults in his/her own life.

My opinion is Obama is muslim During the election time and now Obama is the president all his actions shows that he is a muslim. How can he upset Israel. His agenda is secret. He will only increase the terrorism in the world. He is a dangerous man. Whether ecangelical believs or not he is not a christian. Lord may protect America and the whole world.