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April 9, 2009

Obama, Islam, and Respect

Daniel Henninger says the Muslim world must be prepared to give it as well as receive it.

Daniel Henninger of the Wall Street Journal writes, "In short, the "respect" Mr. Obama promised to give Islam is going only in one direction. And he knows that." Henninger says the Muslim world can show its good will by treating Christians better. Here's a telling quote of the kinds of issues that he's talking about:

In Iraq, the situation for small religious minorities has become dire. Reports emerge regularly of mortal danger there for groups that date to antiquity -- Chaldean-Assyrians, the Yazidis and Sabean Mandaeans, who revere John the Baptist. Last fall the Chaldean-Assyrian archbishop of Mosul was kidnapped and murdered. Some Iraqi Christians believe the new government won't protect them, and talk of moving into a "homeland" enclave in Nineveh. Penn State Prof. Philip Jenkins, author of "The Lost History of Christianity," calls the Iraq situation "a classic example of a church that is killed over time."

Here's a link to my interview with Jenkins on this very subject.


Pres. Obama said a number of things during his recent tour that as an American Christian causes me some concern. I wonder what statistics he used to claim that "We [Americans] do not consider ourselves a Christian nation...."? I know of many Americans that do claim to be Christian. I also know what was taught in public school when I was a child. This is a country that was founded on Christian ethics. This a country who's founding fathers overwhelmingly affirmed the need to seek the Creator's will in all that they did.

Of course I have read Orwell's 1984. Maybe George just got the year wrong? Are we headed in this direction or did our President misspeak?

I had the news taped that night as I went out so I got to watch the "bow" over and over. That was a straight bow from the hips with the head going down even with the hip line and his legs held straight. When his head became even with his hips his arms went out to shake hands with the King who seemed more surprised at the hand shake offer. Oh well. Since the President and the Mrs. didn't even bow to the Queen of England, I think the President knew what he was doing especially since he lived in a really rabid Muslim country. Anyway, the President went to Turkey and proclaimed "I am a Muslim" or "I am Muslim". Well, that would explain his choice of listening for years to a "Christian" minister screaming anti-American remarks from the pulpit. I'll give it to maybe he's a little young and doesn't get other country courtesy or foibles yet. Who knows why that was his only bow on his trip just like who knows why he sat there for years listening to a rabid anti-American in of all places a Church other than maybe the Church was conveniently close to home.

There would have been a larger bridge to gap if the President had not shown respect to the king than if he had not bowed to the Queen. The U.S. has an on going relationship with Britain. How is that relationship with the Middle East?