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April 16, 2009

Should Christians Participate in the Day of Silence?


That's the question Warren Throckmorton and Laurie Higgins are grappling with on their websites. Tomorrow is the Day of Silence, when students in middle schools and high schools are urged to take a vow of silence in support of gay students who experience discrimination.

Throckmorton, who is a psychology professor at Grove City College, says yay:


Without altering convictions about sexuality, I propose that evangelicals should have something more to contribute than a protest toward the elimination of hostility and aggression against gay people and other people who are viewed as different. Indeed, we should be leading the way to make schools safe and build bridges to those who often equate "Christian" with condemnation.

Higgins of the Illinois Family Institute says nay:


If parents leave their children in school on the Day of Silence as Dr. Throckmorton recommends, they become complicit in the exploitation of the classroom for partisan political purposes. Dr. Throckmorton's misguided effort does nothing to restore political neutrality to public education. In fact, his effort will help to further institutionalize GLSEN efforts to use public education to undermine orthodox Christian beliefs on the complex and emotionally charged issue of homosexuality.

Throckmorton wants Christians students to carry cards referencing the Golden Rule: "I pledge to treat others the way I want to be treated. 'Do to others as you would have them do to you.'" Higgins wants a walkout.

Another group, the Alliance Defense Fund, advocates for the Day of Truth. On April 20 students are asked to wear T-shirts and pass out cards that tell gay students they can alter their sexual orientation. The cards will say:


I'm speaking the Truth to break the silence.
True tolerance means that people with differing -- even opposing -- viewpoints can freely exchange ideas and respectfully listen to each other.
It's time for an honest conversation about homosexuality.
There's freedom to change if you want to.
Let's talk.


That you people have the NERVE to advertise yourselves as Christians is the most astounding part of all of this.

Clearly you know NOTHING of the man you worship, Jesus Christ.

He would surely be ashamed of nearly every 'Christian' in this country.

That you don't seem to have the conscience to be embarassed of yourselves and your messages of lies and hatred is MOST astounding.

And you most definitely will answer to HIM on judgment day for the way you have treated HIS Gay & Lesbain creations.

What will you tell him? That you did it to honor HIM?

You fools.

Chris, who exactly are you referring to as "you people"?

Watch a new video produced by the Capitol Resource Institute exposing the hypocrisy of GLSEN with their "Day of Silence": http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VhppKUl3Z7I

People can "alter" their sexual orientation, sure, but how far, to what, and for what purpose?

Repressing one's Gay soul and hiding it in a closet just so that religious right extremists can pretend that everyone is just like what they're likely pretending to be, IS altering one's sexual orientation, but is it wise?

Making major changes to one's personality is not something that's likely to be easy, don't you think? Nor is it likely to be done without possible negative effects, I would think. Do the ex-Gay people advise people of possible side effects to their alleged therapy? Or are they doing a hard sell for a dubious product? Which is ex-Gay therapy.

If one is upset about being Gay...the Bible does not say what religious right extremists say it does. In my childhood, they were saying all sorts of things about segregation that the Bible doesn't support, either. There were no homosexuals in Bible times, "homosexuality" is an obsolete Victorian scientific sexology theory, and you're not a homosexual today.

You're not a scientific specimen and you don't have to accept a scientific label, and certainly not an obsolete one, from people of obvious ill will towards you, no matter how smiling faced they are.

You're a man who just happens to be Gay, a man who should hold his head high and expect respect for your human dignity. Try to think about that Golden Rule thing, and you'll likely be a much better person than if you are "ex-gay" and all repressed, self hating and unhappy over a passing thought that guy in the underwear ad looks hot.

And see a real councilor if you can't be adequately content with being Gay...someone who is properly credentialed and has read real research from real psychological and sociological associations. Avoid religious right activists touting the most dubious "latest findings" from extremist funded and run religious right fronts pretending to respectability. They're just witch doctors and quacks in Christian vestments.

I won't speak for God, unlike most every person I ever see on religious TV, but I suspect that if you're trying to practice that Golden Rule thing with your personal relationships and sex life, that's likely adequate sexual morality. Learn safer sex techniques to respect your partner's health, along with your own...and they're fun, too.

Some people are Gay, so what? Why alter that? No moral person cares anymore if someone is Gay, or would dream of urging a Gay person to become not-Gay. Gay makes life a little more interesting. Variety is the spice of life, as the old saying goes...and I live in the Southwest, where we know spicy.

Smile and make nice to your Gay neighbor. You might need his good will someday, if nothing else. Pestering an everyday person like your Gay neighbor to become just like you, or at least, just like you imagine yourself to be, is just pathetic.

As far as that odious 'Pray the Gay away' campaign, witlessly claiming that God can make the gayness go away...that's not really about getting loving someone and urging him to improve his situation in life by alter his sexual orientation. That's that's being tacitly threatening (do as I say or God will smite you, or maybe I'll do it for Him), condescending smarmy, pathetically jerky and uncool, and just plain hateful.

The whole worldview assumptions of the homosexual movement should be challenged. Why in the world should we acknowledge that unnatural, unhealthy, immoral and perverted behavior is okay? Just because they are committed to over running the comments section on a putatively Christian website doesn't mean that Christians should start thinking like them! Let's do all this within a framework of compassion and the Golden Rule. "Let him who thinks he stands take heed lest he fall."

To the homosexuals posting on this site:

Your worldview is vastly different from a scripturally based Christian worldview and cannot be reconciled. Your sexual desires have become your god. The apostle Paul wrote that no one practicing homosexuality will enter heaven (1 Cor. 6-9).

You'll find many Christians to support protests against violence to homosexuals, but not many who condone the sin of homosexuality itself. We're all sinners and we all need to recognize and turn away from our sins, whatever they may be. Both homosexuality and violence against our fellow man are sins.

As Christians, we need to give an account before God. Do we love God enough to not remain silent and to speak the truth?

1 Cor. 6:9 - Or sexually immoral, or adulterers, or thieves, or the greedy, or drunkards, or slanders, or swindlers.

I suggest CT close comments on the blog. Just blog. Let the disruptors find other sites on which to rant against the faith.

God destroyed perverse Sodom and Gommorah cause of these sexual sins(homosexuality & adultry)...the only(righteous) survivors were Lott, his wife, and his daughters. Even Lott's wife was not spared since she disobeyed God by looking back again at the sinful cities while being annilated...God destroyed her in disobedience to His commands!!! (take the hint!!!)

God is a holy GOD and HE is NOT mocked...WHATEVER people do as sin practice.. will be met with severe judgement and eternal consequences....Without true repentance of sins(STOP SINNING) and accepting Jesus as your own personal Saviour and Lord, it will result in the eternal Hell & damnation for any who dont believe God's Word...TRUE CHRISTIANS DO NOT PRACTICE SIN. (1Cor 6-9) Paul lists all the sins people will be practicing and THEY will not be accepted into the kingdom of God; PRACTICING SIN RESULTS IN DEATH AND DESTRUCTION TO THE BODY AND SOUL........

REPENT or ALL will meet the same fate...EVEN Lott prayed and asked GOD to spare the sinful cities if only 10 rightous men could be found..there were none found besides Lott...even when 2 ANGELS visited Lott,they were threatened by the cities inhabitants to have sex with(ANGELS)them!!! Homosexuality is not of GOD and it is the sin hated by GOD...when people do not respect God and His laws..they will definately meet His wrath AND judgement....


So, for those of you who think God destroyed things on earth because of homosexuality...have you spoken to God? If not, why are you speaking for him...or her?

For those who tell people to "repent" and
turn away from your sins"...Can I meet you? I would love to know what it is like to know someone perfect!

NO they should not. They should continue with their daily lives and do whatever their duty for the day as scheduled is. In this case continue in their classrooms, studies and asignments at hand.

This is an issue of inmorality and perversion of a very particular group of people. They won't listen to us, hate us, and mock Christ in the most despicable ways.

So why should we show any support or condescendence. One of their own. Roman Emperor Nero was also a murderer and persecuted Christians.

Let all men know that we're not in any way part or partakers of this Sub-standard Greco-Roman culture.

'Applying the "unnatural" label to your neighbor is stripping him of his humanity, of distancing himself from you, which diminishes you more than it does him, these days...finally.'

So by this logic child abuse is OK? Pedophilia? Necrophilia? Bestiality?

All just people following their 'natural' desires? If it feels good to you just do it?

Just say yes, and we'll ALL know where we stand...

People who need as much love and compassion as any of us our gay friends may be, but let's not pretend their desires are 'natural' any more than my desires to besexually immoral or an idolater or an adulterer, as Alison so wisely pointed out. [1 Cor. 6:9]

'Applying the "unnatural" label to your neighbor is stripping him of his humanity, of distancing himself from you, which diminishes you more than it does him, these days...finally.'

So by this logic child abuse is OK? Pedophilia? Necrophilia? Bestiality?

All just people following their 'natural' desires? If it feels good to you just do it?

Just say yes, and we'll ALL know where we stand...

People who need as much love and compassion as any of us our gay friends may be, but let's not pretend their desires are 'natural' any more than my desires to besexually immoral or an idolater or an adulterer, as Alison so wisely pointed out. [1 Cor. 6:9]

Sorry about the double post, and I STILL didn't get it right, 3rd time lucky?

"There is also no such thing as "unnatural." If something is unnatural, it's impossible. Sticking your elbow in your ear would be "unnatural."
Posted by: Gregiry Peterson at April 17, 2009

So by this logic child abuse is OK? Pedophilia? Necrophilia? Bestiality?

All just people following their 'natural' desires?

If it feels good to you just do it?

Just say yes, and we'll ALL know where we stand...

People who need as much love and compassion as any of us our 'gay' friends may be, but let's not pretend their desires are 'natural' any more than my desires to besexually immoral or an idolater or an adulterer, as Alison so wisely pointed out. [1 Cor. 6:9]

Gees, where is all this hate for Christians, Christianity and CT coming from. Damn,I'm not a psychiatrist, but I would say you Christian haters and anything-goes-sex lovers need to get your "love your neighbor" meaning straight (not a deliberate pun). You obviously don't know how to treat any neighbor because you demand that your neighbors be "nice" but you are not being "nice" at all. You know just enough of the Bible to twist what is in the Bible against your perceived enemies (Christians) to force your viewpoint while showing true racism. The school has no business putting children in a position where as everybody is looking at them, they are intimidated into signing anything, especially pledging anything. Since when are schools teaching anything else except the 3 Rs. What the schools are doing is terroism and indoctrination of children into the adults perceived viewpoint. Teachers don't have that power according to the Constitution. They certainly haven't earned it. Only parents have, they bore the children, not the homosexual lovers.

Sean McHugh writes: "So by this logic child abuse is OK? Pedophilia? Necrophilia? Bestiality?"

I'm continually amazed by how eagerly some right-wing Christians rush to introduce the rather bizarre and unsavory subjects of having sex with children, animals and dead people. I work with mostly moderate republicans and democrats and I could probably count on one hand the number of times the conversation has turned to these topics over the pas 5 years -- maybe once or twice in association wih the Catholic pedophile issue.
Yet, the anti-gay right-wing crowd seems to constantly be fixated on raping children and committing bestiality and necrophilia -- they bring these crimes up so frequently that these topics must positively sit at the top of their mind all day long. Could one of the bestiality-obsessed crowd, like Mr. Sean McHugh, explain this fixation to me? Because it's pretty embarassing to this Christian and I'd like to try to understand it.

Yes,I would like to observe a day of silence for the silent victims of Gay-Lesbian political activism. There are hundreds who could have been helped and denied the opportunity to accept help; instead they went into early graves because the movement manipulated professional organizations like the American Psychiatric Association and the American Psychological Association to assert one's homosexual orientation is immutable. And this even after their Gay/Lesbian friend Dr. Robert Spitzer, editor of the DSM for APA, studied two hundred or so former homosexuals and found most of them maintaining their change and enjoying heterosexual relationships! On April 20 observe silence in memory of hundreds of young AIDS victims who were led to certain death by the stubborness of the fanatics in the movement.

I was not for the cause of any of the things I will be stating below, but I feel that I must say this:

I am sorry.

I am sorry for all of the pain and abuse that some of you may have faced by my brothers and sisters. I am sorry that you distrust all Christians now because of their actions.

I am sorry for all of the persecuted and abused homosexuals in the world at the hands by Christians.

I am sorry that there may have been people who wear that label and yet still say mean things while they should have been reaching out a loving hand to help you find Christ.

None of that is what the message of Christ is about. And I feel so ashamed at what my brothers and sisters have done. I hate this argument between the two groups. We as Christians can only preach the Gospel, and only God can convict the sinner of their sin and lead them to see what that sin is. All of mankind is sinful, isn't that enough to try and save everyone from damnation? Must we pick and choose the different sins that are out there?

So I apoligize for what may have happened to anyone of you, your friends, neighbors, loved ones, and everyone else.

God bless.

As far as I know, the Bible does not teach us to discriminate or hate or harrass, yet we certainly use it to support these actions and more towards people we don't like. Somehow we seem to shoot first and don't bother to ask questions later. It should be perfectly possible for Christians to say they believe marriage is between a man and a woman for example, and to not hate their fellow human being simply because he has a different orientation. Why are we so keen on condemning people to hell? Is that the intent of the Great Commission?

Hoo boy... I should remind myself not to read the rants - on both sides - when a CT blog remotely touches homosexuality. There is a way to discuss it well, but oh how rare is the agate on the beach.

Thanks to Sarah for another outstanding article.

Matt 19:12 "For there are eunuchs who were born that way from their mother's womb; and there are eunuchs who were made eunuchs by men; and there are also eunuchs who made themselves eunuchs for the sake of the kingdom of heaven. He who is able to accept this, let him accept it."

Is it possible Jesus was not talking about eunuchs? I don't know about you, but I've never heard of any case of any man being born a eunuch. Hmmmmmmmmm could he have been speaking about homosexuals perhaps??

Why aren't we Christians demonstrating against adultry and broken marriages and gun violence as well?