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April 28, 2009

Specter To Switch Parties, Republicans May Lose Filibuster Power

Senator Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania caused a surprising turn of events for Washington today when he said he would switch to the Democratic party, possibly taking away enough Republican's Senate filibuster votes.

If Democrat Al Franken is eventually sworn in as the next senator from Minnesota, and Specter successfully switches parties when he runs again in 2010, the Democrats will be able to advance President Obama's agenda more smoothly.


Specter's defection only formalizes the filibuster-proof Senate. If the Republicans had tried to filibuster on an issue Specter thought important (like healthcare) he would have voted to bust the filibuster, even as a Republican. It's a moot point to think Franken is the 60th vote. Olympia Snow could just as easily be the 60th.

I always thought Specter was too intellligent to be a Republican! Amen. -Wendell Franklin Wentz

As a Christian, I have serious problems with religious leaders being political. I have no problems with religious leaders taking a moral position on issues, but I do have a problem when they endorse politicians from the pulpit. Churches with these type of leaders should loose their tax exempt status. Tax exemption is a legal privilage given by law, it is not a right as some religious leaders think.

In addition, I have problems with christians who are against abortion and at the same time are against welfair(taking care of these children). It is an inconsistant and hypocritical position. I find that they do not think the issue through. On the one hand they want to protect the unborn and heck with them after they are born. They are lead more by emotional political thinking then by christian love.


If there Church were doing the social aspect of its mission on earth, namely the caring for widows and orphans, there would be no need for welfare. The Church has been disobedient. Also, the Church should preach Gospel and the whole council of the Word of God. When the Word has something to say about a political issue, it should be said. The law does not remove the Church from the State, only the State's ability to establish religion. As far as love... we are very lax, we don't love the hungry or thirsty, nor do we love the sinner enough to tell them that they are in sin and rebellion against God.

As far a politics, there is a time for Christians to be in the world but not of the world. Everywhere we have removed ourselves we are somehow shocked that that sin reigns. Why are we shocked?


Oh, Romero! Can you truly mean that unless one is willing to take care of a child, then one should have no objection to killing it! You can't be serious. As far as taking care of the needy children in this country (and the world), you will find no other group more than Christians who take care of the widow and orphan. That said, the Church falls far short of what it should be doing and lives daily in need of God's grace and mercy. Christians, in general, are not "against welfare" for short-term and/or truly needy people. Governments and politicians are hungry and never satisfied beasts who will not rest until all power is theirs. Christian obligation goes beyond standing against abortion, you are right, but it also goes beyond the voting booth.

As far as endorsing from the pulpit, taxation is control. Right now, government controls religious free speech (from the pulpit) by not allowing endorsements. (Of course, this seems to be selectively and loosely applied.) My thinking is there should be no restrictions on pulpit speech other than self-restrictions. For an historical analogy, take Hitler's Germany. If something similar were to take root, would not a church want to endorse AGAINST such a regime (before it was too late)? I acknowledge that it is a complex issue, but I lean toward freer speech. I see a not too distant future where it could be illegal speech to say other (Biblical) things from the pulpit. God bless you, Romero. Take care.