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April 14, 2009

What would Jesus do about illegal immigrants and their children?

At noon today, rather than join friends at a baby shower with cake and cookies, I listened in during the press briefing concerning new research estimates on unauthorized immigrants (aka illegal immigrants) and their families.


The report (click here) from the Pew Hispanic Center follows up on earlier research estimates and indicates there are 11.9 million illegal immigrants in the USA. (It is important to note that this is a projected estimate based on Census Data and other resources.)

Particularly fascinating to me is how the profile of the typical illegal immigrant has changed over time. It seems like, based on this research, a young dad with a young family, living in poverty without health insurance, and working in the AG sector of the US economy pretty much sums up the life and lifestyle of an illegal immigrant in 2009.

Here's the lede graphs from the Washington Post story:

The number of U.S.-citizen children born to illegal immigrants has dramatically increased over the past five years from 2.7 million in 2003 to 4 million in 2008, according to a study released today. The report by the nonpartisan, Washington-based Pew Hispanic Center also found that more than a third of such children were in poverty in 2007, compared with about 18 percent of those born to either legal immigrants or U.S.-born parents. Similarly, one in four U.S.-born children of unauthorized immigrants went without health insurance in 2008, compared with 14 percent of those born to legal immigrants and 8 percent born to U.S.-born parents. The findings suggest that the impact of the unprecedented spike in illegal immigration over the past three decades will continue to be felt for years to come, even as the size of the illegal immigrant population itself appears to have leveled off since 2006 at about 10.4 million adults and 1.5 million children.

(Photo: 2006, pro-immigrant protest)

During the press conference, reporters kept asking causal questions: Why has immigration leveled off? The bad economy or what? What is causing illegal immigrants to return home? What about the effects of new punitive legislation for those who hire illegal immigrants?

But the question rolling around in my head today is this:

What would Jesus do about illegal immigrants and their children?

No, I'm not looking for a bumper sticker answer or a public policy strategy or a Sunday school lesson about caring for the poor.

This issue of illegal immigrant families is not getting any easier for the church. These are families who need a lot of attention. They are poorer, less educated, and less cared for than the typical American family. They often don't have ready access to resources in an emergency.

Here's the big multiple choice question,

Would Jesus:

A. Look to Washington for a solution.
B. Call INS.
C. Invite them to a worship service.
D. Visit them.
E. Meet their needs.
F. All of the above.
G. None of the above.

President Obama said last week that he is seeking an "orderly way" for illegal immigrants to become American citizens. That's his solution. I wonder if that's even possible any more.


Isn't it time we place all our social services for our own legal population? It seems like every time we read the newspapers, our politicians are catering to illegal immigrants? We have amassed poverty in our own nation, yet we allow millions to come to America annually, which taxpayers underwrite for employers in medical services, education and other advantages. Our immigration laws have been tainted for the sake of monetary gain, which includes dropping E-verify, so illegal aliens can still appropriate jobs in this dire economy.

This editorial says it all, that children of illegal immigrants live in abject poverty, because Americans have allowed the special interest lobby to dictate to our legislators. Within immigration laws their is a clause, that anybody sponsored must be financially secure, or the sponsor must be able to financially support them. In the majority of cases this never happens, which causes a liability on US taxpayers. Then we have the distorted law of a child borne here, becomes an instant citizen? Nowhere else in the world will this happen, owing to fact the mother is--by law--an illegal alien. The original law was written for the benefit of the emancipation of slaves after the Civil War. More than any "Rule of Law" immigration laws have been corrupted, dumped or just plain ignored. So goes, E-Verify, Real ID, Federal program 247(g). All have been lobotomized for corporate welfare, US. Chamber of Commerce, ACLU and the radical ethnocentric organizations. Taxpayers have yet to realize hundreds of billions of their dollars are diverted to anti-sovereignty, open border cliques. Find facts at NUMBERSUSA, JUDICIALWATCH, CAPSWEB.

Is there a difference between welcoming the legal, law abiding Stranger and welcoming the law-breaking Illegal Immigrant? Does not Christianity expect an equal dose of responsibility and accountability for every exhortation of love thy neighbor? Is there any place in the Bible where God says go forth and commit crimes - identity theft, fraud, and illegal entry? Where is the Bible passage that says the ends justify the means? Is not breaking the law because you covet something your neighbor has, whether it be his job or possessions, a sin? Is not identity fraud bearing false witness? Is not using your children as a shield to avoid the consequences of your acts an avoidance of the need to humble yourself, ask forgiveness, and accept the consequences of your actions? Is not forgiving unrepentant sin the same as condoning that sin, and thus participating in that sin?

These are the questions that plague our times. Times when far too many people think that if it feels good it must be moral and right. But sometimes moral and right is not the feel good thing. The money changers in the Temple so many years ago found out that just because you do it in church does not necessarily make it the right thing to do. So what indeed would Jesus do today?

Interesting comments so far. This is something I struggle with too esp as a woman who can't imagine planning (I hope some is involved rather than exploitation) to have children in another country where I knew I would have to lie every day to get by & raise them. The only hope is if the legal & illegal working class get wise to this oppression & stand up for their brothers & sisters. So yes I will try to reserve judgment but it is hard to reconcile people wanting to become US citizens who seemingly have little respect for the people who came before & made this nation great with their blood, sweat, tears & sometimes their lives. God help us all.

Send them all back!

Jebus, I can't believe you people! You're kidding, right? I'm no bible scholar, but it seem to me the answer to this question is pretty obvious. He'd say "I don't care what Caesar says about this [person's, family's] legal status, they need help and I'm going to help them. Here, take my shirt."

Tim, the editorial DOESN"T say it all. It's one article, from one perspective. Did you bother to check into any of the claims in the article? Check out any dissenting or contrasting article, to get an even perspective? It sounded to me like a horribly strained effort to put an "ethical" facade on a patently inhumane (and unChristian-like, to boot) attitude toward the suffering of others.

Britancus just shifts the focus to the "sins" of the illegal. What happened to removing the log from your own eye before tending to the splinter in your neighbor's? A man lives under a corrupt government in an impoverished country with no reasonable hope for improving his family's standard of living. The man lives right next to the wealthiest nation on Earth - a nation that uses FAR more than it's fair share of the planet's resources (17% of the world's population consuming 80% of the world's oil). So the man and his family make the dangerous journey across border in the desperate hope that they might have a shot at changing their fortunes. Brittancus would turn this into "breaking the law because you covet something your neighbor has."

Half of your arguments are strawmen. Brit asked "Is not forgiving unrepentant sin the same as condoning that sin, and thus participating in that sin?" Unrepentant sin? So you read minds too, Brit? And Norski the "people who came before & made this nation great with their blood, sweat, tears & sometimes their lives" were both legal AND illegal aliens.

I think it's real simple. If Jesus came back and saw how rich this country is and how poor our less fortunate neighbors to the south are, he'd say "Shame on you"!

Supporting Illegal Immigration supports the exploitation of most of the Western Hemisphere. But I guess it is better to feel good about protecting a few Illegal Immigrants than it is to end a massive system of exploitation.

How does it work? Data from the Pew Center and noted Economists shows Illegal Immigrants compete directly with American Workers (Citizen and Legal Immigrant) for jobs and the massive influx of Illegal Immigrants has been used to drive wages down 8% for the hardest working Blue Collar Americans. Meanwhile all other wages have gone up. So who reaps the profits? Have you EVER seen a price difference between goods brought to market using Illegal Immigrants and goods produced by Citizens? No! The law breaking business owner gets the difference. Two thirds of the funds lobbying Congress in support of Illegal Immigrants comes from Big Business. Big Business wants to destroy our immigration quotas so they can continually create a big pool of unemployed people who will drive wages into the cellar. They call that Legal Exploitation.

And like true misers, all new business development is kept in the US and none is shared with countries south of our border. That way we are always supposedly short of workers and we always hear cries for more low priced Illegal Immigrant Labor. And people in places like Mexico can stay poor forever and be exploited forever. That way the gravy train from undercut wages never has to stop.

Before Illegal Immigration became big business, US Business used to expand overseas when they ran out of US Workers. That made countries like the Four Tigers of the Pacific nice places to live. What a shame the Illegal Immigration mill kills off the foreign development that would end poverty south of our border and thus end Illegal Immigration.

Tough question, one which I have been considering a lot lately. Bible scenarios address "the (a single) stranger". What about when 50 million of your neighbors want to come here, as surveys of Mexicans suggest? Those who are in favor of amnesty: do you favor opening the border? Is there a maximum capacity for immigrants? Isn't an open Mexican border unfair to Africans and others who want to come? My European relatives can't even get a tourist visa to come here - what about them? Is America like a lifeboat - too many people and the boat just sinks, killing all aboard?
Mexico is a mess, and its people carry its culture in them. Ergo, massive Mexican immigration will just recreate Mexico here, not "enrich" America. Is that "helping the stranger"? I have no answers now.

I may have to change my religion. Maybe Islam is a more compassionate, less hypocritical religion. Here in Southern California, I have MANY immigrant friends from Mexico, most who are now citizens but whose parents or grandparents were illegal aliens. Mexico may be a mess, but the vast majority of those illegal immigrants did NOT bring the negative parts of their culture with them; they come here to escape them! My point remains the same. It is immoral for us to sit on this side of the fence in the RICHEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD (well, it was until Wall Street screwed us over) and erect barriers on our borders with one of the poorest countries in the world, while we do almost nothing to help them. We've turned into a greedy, sanctimonious, hypocritical nation and if we don't fess up to that soon, we'll all suffer the consequences.

I think the answer is simpler than you propose:

Jesus would do none of the above, because if Jesus were here in the US today, he would probably be an illegal immigrant. Or, he would be found in their company.

This isn't a question of what "we" should do about illegal immigration. The church includes both US citizens and illegal immigrants.

The Apostle Paul wrote in Philemon about sending a slave back his master.

Paul's letter to the Romans states:
13:1 Everyone must submit himself to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God. 2 Consequently, he who rebels against the authority is rebelling against what God has instituted, and those who do so will bring judgment on themselves.
Do you want to be free from fear of the one in authority? Then do what is right and he will commend you.

Jesus said give to Caesar what is Ceasar's.

The illegal immigration isn't being done to increase the harmony with God. It is to have more material things like toys and secular education for children. What kind of example is it for the children -- "The law only counts when it works in your favor." And if you favor money and possessions, you can convince yourself of a great many laws not to follow, including God's. Now, are the children better off spiritually? Are the immigrants who live in fear of the authority better off?
Therefore, it is necessary to submit to the authorities, not only because of possible punishment but also because of conscience.

So I would think Jesus would encrourage people to do what is right and feed their spirituality rather than their worldly riches.

Dan - Mexico is not "one of the poorest countries in the world". If fact, Mexico has a higher GDP than does Canada. The average wage in Mexico is $5.00 per hour and the economy is controlled so that level of wage provides a reasonable standard of living. So why do Illegal Immigrants come from Mexico to the USA? If you earn $13.00 per hour in the USA you can live well AND make your family back home seem almost rich in their controlled economy. And yet the American who used to do the job for $19.00 per hour barely scraped by (read Meatpacking industry here) trying to afford food, housing, health insurance, transpiration and taxes. I presume your repetition of Mexico being "one of the poorest countries of the world" is made through ignorance because it is not a good thing to knowingly make false statements on a religious website. Granted, there are some poor and starving that come to the USA from Mexico for a better life, but according to real statistics, most are just good capitalists looking for a bigger, better deal.

I read most of the comments and I'm a bit surprised by the tone of many of them. I can't find anywhere that records that Jesus asked about the nationality or legality of the people He ministered to. The Bible says that when "He saw the multitudes and He had compassion for them. The word "Christian" mean "follower of Christ". Are you a follower of Christ when you start talking about the background and pedigree of those who are in need? I am an American. I was born here and I praise God that I do not, yet, have to suffer under government persecution for practicing my faith. A major part of my faith (read Christianity here) is: "As you go, spread this message: 'The kingdom of heaven is near.' Cure the sick, bring the dead back to life, cleanse those with skin diseases, and force demons out of people. Give these things without charging, since you received them without paying. Matthew 10:7-8)


Jesus did say "Seek first the kingdom, and all other things will be added."

That is, follow God's teachings, do what is right, and not be worried about riches on this earth. Illegal immigrants are here for economic gain, not for spriritual enlightenment. If they were, they would follow the laws. Again, Jesus and his apostles encouraged his followers to be law abiding.

Illegal immigrants are using churches, courts, or politcal figures to get what they want. The churches would encourage them to do the right thing if they were following scripture.

Luke 20:45 - Then, in the hearing of all the people, He said to His disciples, 46 “Beware of the scribes, who desire to go around in long robes, love greetings in the marketplaces, the best seats in the synagogues, and the best places at feasts, 47 who devour widows’ houses, and for a pretense make long prayers. These will receive greater condemnation.”

Dad77, I am not equating the two, but by your argument, what do you think Christ's response to slavery would be? Your seek first his kingdom seems to suggest that earthly laws will always be right. We have an obligation to fight against unjust laws. I am not saying any of these are necessarily unjust, but your argument is suggesting that all early laws are what we would get if we "seek first the kingdom". That is not true even in scripture. There are several examples of people violating earthly laws because it was better for people.

Wanting a better lifestyle doesn't justify being in a country illegally, a crime in any nation. What if a person wants to better himself by robbing banks? So Americans are 17% of world population & using 80% of the oil. Maybe the most populated countries, i.e. China, don't have an economy where people have cars or anything else. So those figures are meaningless. Tbis country was built by LEGAL immigrants who learned English. The illegals are stealing our tax money and robbing our society of things that arn't theirs. Just because they want it doesn;t mean they can have it or are entitled to it. No one forced them to come here and live shadow lives as trespassers and fugitives. Maybe Jesus would escort them back to Mexico, all the while admonishing them to go back and sin no more.

It is so hard to believe that those commenting so harshly and venomously against undocumented immigrants are actual blood-bought, Spirit-filled disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ. The Bible clearly outlines how we are to treat the "stanger/alien" in our midst. The great commission to preach the gospel to all creatures (including Hispanics, with or without immigration documents) applies with the borders of the USA not just abroad in other lands and nations whre we send missionaries. How sad that so-called Christians forget that this continent was invaded by supposedly God-fearing Christians and that most of continental America (the actual "America") was stolen by European Christians through military conquest, biological warfare and greedy deception. No treaty ever made by white Christians has ever been honored. It is a wonder that any native American (which includes so-called Hispanics) ever believed the gospel when compared to the greed, lust for gold and outright hostility and avarice of their European Christian conquerors. Christianity in the Americas has much to repent for and this anti-immigrant racist xenophobia is the work of Satan and his children, not that of the children of God.

Jesus traveled during his 3 years of ministry taking his word to others. He didn't stay home and have non Jews or Jews to come to him to hear the word and he also told his apostles to go forth to spread the word not stay home and have outsiders come to them. Stranger in their language meant a traveler, traveling through the area, not settling like the Romans did and taking over. The Romans and other foreigners who settled in time kicked the Jews out of their own homeland in many dispersals. Perhaps a warning to us. In answer to the person who hates Christians so much that they believe when the white man came here Christians did all the slaughtering. Hello, Indians were wiping themselves out fighting with other tribes for their territory, their women and their children. They attempted the same thing with the white man until the white man became so numerous the Indians couldn't stop or wipe out the white man. The priests had to teach the Indians to clean themselves because veneral disease was wiping them out with born dead babies and the Indians already had v.d. before the white man got here. How do you think the priests recognized what the dead babies were being born with. Christianity taught them to become civilized and to cooperate with each other instead of scalping,kipnapping and taking ground. The Indians of today are nowheres like the Indians of yesterday just like the Japanese of today are nowheres like the Japanese we fought against in WWII. Indians are at their highest population in this country than they have ever been. Had Christianity never showed up on this continent, it's doubtful there would be any decent numbers of Indians. In S. A. the hispanic (Spanish) culture was more responsible for how they treated and still are treating the Indians. The Spanish weren't nice people when it came to colonization. They did stop the Incas from offering live people to their gods but that's the only good the Spanish did.

Let's be clear, first Jesus would do choices C,D and E, visit them, meet their needs,and invite them to a worship service. After that, rather than choice B, calling the INS, he would encourage them to go back home and to trust the Lord while seeking to come to this country the legal way instead of breaking the law by deceptively sneaking across our borders without permission. He would remind them about His words through Paul in Romans 13:1-3 -

"Everyone must submit himself to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God. Consequently, he who rebels against the authority is rebelling against what God has instituted, and those who do so will bring judgment on themselves. For rulers hold no terror for those who do right, but for those who do wrong. Do you want to be free from fear of the one in authority? Then do what is right and he will commend you."

This is the same thing he did with the prostitute whom the pharisees wanted to stone. After he dealt with the pharisees he turned to her and said "...go and sin no more"
This was the only way this woman ever knew to earn a living, but she was simply told to stop sinning (stop being a prostitute). This would mean trusting God for a new way to make a living.
Likewise Christ would tell illegal immigrants to trust God and stop sinning and breaking laws in order to try to make a living.

While it has drifted off the radar screen at the moment Tim Morgan at Christianity Today’s political blog recently raised a question that is sure to come back into the forefront as a hot divisive issue, what to do with the estimated 11 million illegal immigrants and their children. That it is coming back as an issue is clear from President Obama’s plans to grant them citizenship, an effort that news reports say will begin next month and last through the summer.

Morgan’s question was not so much the policy issue directly, but asks the question in terms of “What would Jesus do?” My thinking on this question has always been somewhat mixed...


Nicely stated Chuck.

The main problem is that you cannot begin to justify breaking the law just because someone is in bad shape financially and/or doesn't want to get a job legally. At that point one could begin to justify a whole myriad of things ranging from drug dealing and prostitution to theft and murder, all because one is in bad shape financially and/or doesn't want to get a job legally.
Let's focus on Mexico specifically for a moment. What about those Mexicans who do obey the law and as a result stay in Mexico with a lower standard of living? Is it right that they must stay and suffer in a third world country? Is it right that they are basically punished because they did the right thing and obeyed our laws? At the same time our country gives lavish rewards to those who disobey our laws, those who deceptively sneaking into our country without permisssion? Is that God's will? The people who would like to come over but abide by the law anyway are punished by being forced to stay in Mexico, while we reward the lawbreakers with citizenship and/or all the benefits that go with it? How fair is that? It's not fair and it's not right. God said he hates and unjust, unfair standards.

Since there will ALWAYS be "illegals" no matter how open our immigration process is, we are left with only two choices that are truly fair. 1) Change our laws to get rid of the immigration process altogether and let anybody and everybody in the country legally whenever they feel like it, or 2) We get tough on immigration, enforcing the borders and sending back illegal immigrants whenever the opportunities present themselves. Yes, it's horrible and heart wrenching when someone who's family has been here for 10 years has to go back to Mexico. It's also horrible and heart wrenching though when someone whose been dealing drugs for 10 years goes to prison. In both cases families are crushed and lose one or more members of their family, but in both cases it is a result of a person's choice of whether or not to blatantly disregard the law, and to make a living illegally.
If we let anybody into our country who feels like coming, without some process and without any penalties, as long as they don't have a criminal record, you can say goodbye to our economy. As a result you can say goodbye to our nation and say goodbye to all of the foreign aid we give to third world countries right now, because we will be a third world nation ourselves. To say that this is God's will for our nation is absurd.
To be realistic and avoid total collapse, you have to have a process in which not everyone gets to hear "yes", and there will be folks who are denied citizenship. Those folks are expected to obey the law or face consequences, it's that simple. Likewise, greedy business owners who exploit these people need to be punished as well. This is what keeps us from lawlessness and anarchy.
To effectively address the source of the problem our government not only needs to stop perpetuating a dysfunctional immigration system by getting much tougher but it needs to start dealing more effectively with the Mexican government. This means both helping the Mexican government more and putting pressure on them to reform their government and care for their people.

Well said Mr. Smith! Today Gov. Arnold S. made a speach where he was pleading for help because California has run out of water. And statistics show that the Southern Plains are not far behind as the Oglalla Aquifer is running out of water. And in Las Vegas they are trying to kick some Ranchers off their land so they can get their water as they too have reached their limit. This is happening all over the Southwest. And yet Illegal Immigrant supporters are totally oblivious to this disaster in the making. And with their attempts to sabotage immigration law enforcement they are actually in opposition to being good stewards of the land. Rather than protecting it from over-population they are doing everything they can to subject it to over-population. At this rate sooner or later we will stop asking what Jesus would do and start asking what is in Soylent Green.

This is a real dillema.

To close the borders and send all illegals home would require draconian measures that few Americans could stomach - as well as creating economic chaos both here and in Mexico. (What would having 12 million return home do the Mexican ecomony?)

On the other hand, to ignore the situation and reward those who are here illegally with the full rights of citizenship is equally disasterous, as it would (as it has in the past) only encourage more to come regardlss of our laws.

Can there be a middle way? Would it possible for us to somehow "documnt" those who are here but refuse to allow them to ever become citizens unless they can show legal entry? This would, at least, keep the illegals from ever gaining the vote and would have the advantage of NOT demandin the mass deportation of millions while tearing families apart.

Don't kid yourself the government is quite happy that illegal immigrants do the manual labour that no one else will do. In many cases the government simply closes a blind eye to them. It's time we starting giving them an opportunity to apply to become legal.

If a man has been working here 15 years never been in any trouble and been paying taxes on everything he buys then we would look at making him a legal immigrant instead of taking advantage of his situation.

Jesus would visit these people including those held in detention centers.

What surveys indicate is the most favored solution is to e-Verify every job to insure only Citizens and Legal Residents are working. And deny benefits such as welfare to Illegal Immigrants. And for Law Enforcement to deport Illegal Immigrants when they stumble across them. Then each Illegal Immigrant must decide for themselves whether to return home or to try to stay in the USA with no job, no welfare benefits/drivers license, and the possibility of being deported if they violate any laws. This solution scares those who support illegal immigration just because it is reasonable. And to those who claim that having a job is a right, then how come only 22 states have right to work laws, while 28 do not (including those with the largest populations like California and New York)?

Illegal aliens from Mexico are Racist towards christian people and care only for their own beleifs like catholism. They hate white people and call all Americans- White Racists. What would Jesus do is not any of our place to ask. Go back and read the bible and see how Jesus deals with law breakers. God comes down hard on those who spit in the face of the giving people. For a minute lets pretend the Illegal Aliens are like the Egyptians in Genesis, they are using the American people for a free ride, a life of luxury, causing alot of hectic chaos and problems for the good people who followed god, the jewish people. Those people cried out for freedom, they did not want to be oppressed any longer by the racism and greed that the egyptians put on them. Illegal Aliens come here and they take our resources, good people of the USA are homeless on the street and have no money, no home, no job and it isnt because they are stupider or lesser then an Illegal Alien it is because Illegal Aliens are theives who steal from the American people. No other country on the face of the earth allows for immigration like America does, and this is exactly why other countries are far less full of problems then America is. Politics need to stay away from Religion, Illegal Immigration is not to be thrown around in the hands of fanatic christians who belive love and harmony is the answer. Open up your bible and you will see there have been many wars, Moses started a war agaisnt the egyptians and christianity has destroyed their culture as we know it and yet you think thats acceptable and that its okay but have a problem with Americans who are good hearted and christian, sticking up for themselves and wanting to protect their families agaisnt violent Illegal Aliens. Wake up, and get out of your dream land. God states in the bible that being lazy is agaisnt his morale, and yet you think its okay for Illegal Aliens to be lazy and come here and live off our hard earned money that should go to OUR children, not theirs.

You think deporation and closing borders will be problematic but what about over population of Illegal Aliens and crime ridden streets, have any of you people even been to south central L.A lately, or bothered to get out of your car and walk the streets of the inner city where you live to see how these people really think of Americans? You are all fooled by their mask of charm just like you all think Obama is going to bring a good change to this country. Being hispanic myself, I can tell you that these Illegal Aliens make a bad name for us and they are no good. They are very racist and hateful and I think you all better check out this link before you start hating on people who want Illegal Aliens gone.


Jesus would try to help Meixco help its own people and stop the crimes against humanity happening in MEXICO


The real problem is law that are not Christ centered. I find it hard to accept that most of Christianity is against social injustices, but usually when it comes to immigration we are way off, way unloving, and completely without compassion.

Most horrible of all, most Christians are concerned about the cost.

Truly, I believe that the millennial reign will be borderless, and Christ if present today would call American Christians out on their shameful selfishness.

Jesus would go to Mexico and help them find ways to live in their own land. It is destructive to a family and community to have members move away. They don't wan tto leave but feel that they must to improve their family's lives. Every Christian who hires illegal aliens to clean their house, mow their lawn, watch their children or clean their pool should begin doing the work themselves and using the money they save to help Mexicans stay with their families and in their villages.

Further, it shouldn't be up to the government to tax us to pay for food and charities for illegal aliens. That is our job as the Church. The government shouldn't be in the charity business at all. It is a shame on all of us that it is even necessary. Our government should enforce its laws and we should be the counterpoint of compassion. We don't need to patrol the borders and Congress doesn't need to give money to lawbreakers. We have no such constraints and should care for them as if they were Jesus himself.

I believe jesus will be appaled to see how we are treating each other on this planet.He will say do unto your neighbour as you want to be done unto you.Many of this people have travelled far and near to drink from the river and i dont think we as a people should turn them away because of the way they came in.We can make them pay some penalty and make them one of us.America is the hope of the world and the shinning city on a hill.Every country is looking up to us to set good and compassionate examples.If we start acting like a Godless and heartless country then we have lost that moral argument that makes us stand out in this world.I reject the view that a few 12million people added to this counry will bankrupt us.We are who we are because of the blessings of GOD.Our blessings is from above.Let no man kid himself. Nobody should tell me the foundations that washington,Adams,jefferson or Hamilton laid can be destroyed by a few 12 million people.No way. Eddie

How can you tell the difference between an illigale person and a lagel one? I personaly can't tell. I am a christain and I am white. I am also married to a mexican. if any of you can look at my husband and tell my if he is illigale or not that would be amazing. How dare any of you tell me that my children are suffering because of the fact that their father is mexican. my husband is also christain. My brother in law is a paster in a christain church. As christains we think that whatever we do is right, but in fact the only one that is without blame is Jesus. Everyone is human and we all make mistakes. Jesus tells us to forgive and to love one enother.

These people are not "undocumented immigrants." That implies that -- oh, yes! -- they immigrated legitimately and legally, but Gosh, the office just hasn't gotten around to the paperwork! That's NOT the case. Neither are they "just immigrants," for the very same reason. Immigration is a legitimate, legal process, which illegal aliens are NOT following. What they are doing is dishonest from top to bottom, from start to finish, and employing euphemisms like "undocumented" or just plain "immigrants" to describe them is nothing but more of the same. If people have to lie to make something sound good, it simply isn't good, end of story.

Lets get rid of all illegals in the name of christ!!!! Jesus would like us to uphold Romans 13 therefore this is the christian thing to do. This is true mercy that we kickout, arrest, detained these god forsken criminals. Even when we isolate their families God is the one behind it so they will learn their lesson and repent! Christians who think im not merciful are just shying away and would like to appear pious when also like the same thing happen. Hypocrites! C'mon its mercy that we teach these people the law. Its loving when we discourage them not to break these same laws. This is true mercy. Abuse will happen, immigration personnel might be harsh towards them but its natural and inevitable. Who cares if children cried, families separated and all of them got raided. God will comfort their heart but at the same time show their guilt. This is the work of God! So fellow christians stop being liberal and start upholding Romans 13. Show your light in front of unbelievers by following Gods commandments as jesus did. God will be proud. Report any illegals in your are and do the will of god.

Thank you for opening this question to debate. I am dismayed by the attitude of the average American toward illegals and feel the recent move by Arizona will only escalate the division between Caucasians and Hispanics. I can only imagine the frustration a legal Hispanic will have in being stopped several times a week by police to show their papers. The precedent this sets in America is frightening to me and rings of Germany 1939. I feel Jesus would open his arms to all of those who sought to have a better life for themselves and their families. I think it is time we returned to Statue of Liberty to France for we no longer wish to protect "the poor and hungry".

Illegal immigrants come with a hefty price tag that is paid by the citizens of the U.S. If pro-illegals want to give them the shirts off their backs, that's noble and charitable. But if they want to take the shirts off my children's backs and give them away, that's another story. Nobody can support illegal immigration without also being willing to steal from others. Our laws against illegal immigration are based on sound financial and social reasons.

i know what jesus would do, what the real question should be is what would you do if you were born poor in a poor country, starve, or break a law to feed your family, i know what i would do and if you want to brand me an "illegal" than fine, oh by the way the USA was not founded by legal immigrants, ask any native american about that.

Jesus would be against those who seek exploit others, including activist groups, lawyers, and politicians who do so.
Jesus would be for living honestly within a loving family and community focused on God and holy living.
Jesus would be for taking what God provides and maximizing His provisions for good, while teaching young people through good example.
Jesus would be for sacrifice above deceit, materialism and stepping over others.
Jesus would be for religious leaders who spread the Word of the Gospel while against religious leaders who lead people astray through focusing on distractions as the Pharisees did.
Jesus would focus on taking God's Word to every corner of the Earth.
Perhaps Jesus would even support taking education, economic development, and opportunity to every corner of the Earth as well; as missionaries have been striving to do for centuries.
To help families reunite, help them "go home" to education, economic development, and opportunity they can share with their extended families, their cousins, and their cousin's cousins. Stop depleting resources on politicians, union leaders, lawyers, exploiters, holding cells, and poor stewardship.

I wonder what Jesus would say about American Christians lying to other nations' authorities about the purpose of their visit to them, saying they are English teachers and go into their countries to practice Christian-ism illegally. There are so many illegal things that we Americans do, but since we're Americans, we think we're so right about everything we do. We're so perfect!

Areli, the missionaries often have a craft or teach while on a mission, and Paul himself was a tentmaker. For one thing, they often have to make a living. What are you doing to witness?
Acts 18:1-4
"After these things he left Athens and went to Corinth. 2 And he found a Jew named Aquila, a native of Pontus, having recently come from Italy with his wife Priscilla, because Claudius had commanded all the Jews to leave Rome. He came to them, 3 and because he was of the same trade, he stayed with them and they were working, for by trade they were tent-makers. 4 And he was reasoning in the synagogue every Sabbath and trying to persuade Jews and Greeks."