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May 15, 2009

Gallup: More Americans 'Pro-Life' Than 'Pro-Choice'

A new Gallup poll suggests that for the first time in more than 10 years, more Americans are calling themselves pro-life than pro-choice when asked about abortion.

More Republicans increasingly calling themselves pro-life, a shift from 60 percent to 70 percent, while there was no significant change among Democrats. The poll conducted May 7-10 suggests that Catholics and Protestants are also becoming increasingly pro-life.

A recent survey by the Pew Research Center also suggested that fewer Americans support legalized abortion, but the survey did not use language like "pro-choice" or "pro-life." In that survey, 46 percent of Americans supported legalized abortion while 44 percent said it should be illegal. Both surveys suggests a shift in abortion views, but it's unclear whether the words pro-life or pro-choice effected the Gallup poll outcome.

A separate poll conducted by CNN April 23-26 suggested that 49 percent of Americans consider themselves pro-choice while 45 percent of them consider themselves pro-life.


And then there are people like me who don't support widespread use of abortion, believe it is a bad choice, but even so would not vote to have the government dictate exactly what must be done in every case. I'm sort of pro-life and also pro-choice. And yes, you can be both. Survey questions that simply ask you if you are for or against something like this can be a bit misleading and the results can then be twisted and be used or abused by groups to justify whatever position they are advocating. Like so many, I have been thinking and praying about this issue for decades, as we should.

If someone goes to far in one direction the public reacts by pulling back in the other direction. Those surveyed are reacting to having a hyper-pro-abortion president.

Peter is exactly where most people in the US are. They are not for the banning of abortion, but for reduction, while keeping it legal. That is what the polling that goes a bit deeper shows.

Thank you Peter and Adam for your honesty. The use of the term "pro-abortion" is inflamatory and inaccurate. Very few of us who consider ourselves "pro-choice" are in favor of abortion. We are not "pro-drunk", "pro-divorce" or "pro-sex-without-marriage" either. Being of an age where I experienced living in a time when abortion was illegal, and seeing what a sadistic "backroom" abortionist did to a friend, I would never want to return to those times.

more are choosing pro life because of today's technologies...they can see for themselves that what is in the womb is a live human baby that is being murdered through abortion.
Reality is setting in to the fact that America has killed 40 million babies since Roe