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May 17, 2009

GQ: Bible Verses Covered Pentagon Reports

Bible verses were used on cover sheets for intelligence reports written for Secretary of Defense Donald H. Rumsfeld and other Pentagon officials, according to GQ magazine.

One of the cover sheets features a photo of a tank in the sunset inlaid with Ephesians 6:13: "Therefore put on the full armor of God, so that when the day of evil comes, you may be able to stand your ground, and after you have done everything, to stand."

A "World Intelligence Update" included Proverbs 16:3: "Commit to the LORD whatever you do, and your plans will succeed" above a picture of a machine-gunner.

Lawrence Di Rita, former Pentagon spokesman, told David Sanger of The New York Times that he had no recollection of the briefs, and that the secretary would not have tolerated them for long.

"The suggestion that Rumsfeld would have used these reports to somehow curry favor over at the White House is pretty laughable," Di Rita told Sanger. "He bristled anytime people put quotes or something extraneous on the reports he wanted to read."


Wow, this is really, really big. The Bible has just been linked to a deeply unpopular war.

Does this actually surprise anyone? The Americans always smugly act as if their god is on their side. There has been a lot of brainwashing going on in the US military over the last decade or so. This is very troubling. They're as deluded, wrongly led, and dangerous as some of the Islamist militants.

This is highly disturbing. The christian "commitments" of the previous administration seem to have been nothing but the shameless coercion and manipulation of patriotic and well-intentioned conservatives.

The Bible verses were clearly simply to dupe the gullible, to get the military to put their lives on the line for a dirty agenda on the basis of terrible lies about WMD. The Bush family are oil dealers; Cheney is ex-CEO/Chairman of Halliburton, an oil-industry services corporation - Iraq has the second-largest oil reserves in the world. The other Israeli-American Neocons like Wolfowitz are about as far from being Christians as it is possible to be.
The fruits of this catastrophic war are there for the whole world to see: hundreds of thousands of Iraqis killed, millions made refugees, 4000 US soldiers killed, a trillion dollars in costs to the US taxpayer. Our God does not like lies and killing!

The Iraq war has been politically possible in no small measure because of the affiliations of many American churchpeople with Zionism, a non-Christian Jewish movement based on the absurd belief that an anti-Christian Jewish state (see 1John 2:22-23 and 2John 1:7 and John 8:39-44) is biblically prophesied to reestablish the New Jerusalem. The Jews do not represent Israel, the people of the ten-tribed northern kingdom. They only claim to represent the southern two tribes of Judah and Benjamin, but in fact they are the descendents of Edom, the descendents of Esau whom God hates ((Josephus Antiquities of the Jews, XIII ix 1; XV vii 9 and Malachi 1:2-3) and the non-semitic Turkish Khazars. True Israel are still hidden within the church.

So these comments (above) are inane.


Get a grip this! The invasion of Iran had nothing to do with Israel. I suppose you blame Israel if the wind blows too hard on you as well, huh?

And once again I ask the question. Why are so many white Americans who call themselves Christian, tied to the Republican Party.

Why can the Republican party do no wrong in their eyes?

GWB was such a patsy. So easy to lead 'the decider' around by his nose.

Give him a report that looks like it was made by a teenager as a MySpace page, and he understands his purpose and duty.

A lot of the people in the Bush administration seemed to treat him as a child.

Justin, I presume you mean Iraq - if this is the case, there's a very simple way to totally refute your position. Just use Google to look up "Iraq war Neocon Jews Israel" or you can go to "AIPAC PNAC JINSA" - the Jewish organisations which coordinated the project and you will get many articles with piles of information on how a violent, fundamentally racist war-making country in the Middle East has control over American foreign policy, to America's extreme detriment. US Christians are now associated around the world with supporting these lies and gratuitous warmaking. Jesus did NOT say "Blessed be the warmakers.."

The book 'The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy' by Mearsheimer and Walt, two professors at two of the most prestigious universites in the US, massively documents the role of Jews in getting the Bush Iraq war under way. Six years later, where are Saddam's WMD which were the alibi for the war? The US hanged Germans at Nuremberg for what has been done to Iraq. God has commanded us to use just (fair) weights and balances - if we hang others for crimes and we commit them, the same should happen to us. Our God is a just, righteous God.

If you meant indeed "Iran", we all can agree that Israeli politicians and their minions and agents in the US media and Congress have taken the lead in pushing for yet another war, in addition to those in Iraq and Afghanistan and Pakistan, with no more proof than was offered for starting the Iraq catastrophe. We have a very sick situation.


I meant Iraq. Thanks for the correction.

Of course I agree with you that Mr. Bush lied thru his teeth when he claimed there were WMDs in Iraq (and he's supposed to be a Christian and the darling of evangelicals, mind you..). We all know that he lied! Nut to tie this God forsaken invasion to Israel is a stretch. Sorry but I don't see a logical case being made for this

Justin - none of the official or implied reasons given by the Bush administration for the Iraq war have held up.

Probably there were various factions which each had their own reasons.

One large faction was the neo-conservatives and their think tank PNAC (Project for the New American Century.) A large number of the neo-conservatives were Jewish and PNAC was always supportive of Israel and the far-right elements of Israeli politics. In fact, years before 9/11 PNAC was developing reasons and plans for invading Iraq. When the Bush administration came into power many of is top members were neo-conservatives and affiliated with PNAC.

So the question is why did the far-right in Israel want Saddam toppled? Recall in the first Gulf war, Saddam fired 39 Scud missiles into Israel though they did little damage, and Israel took no action but relied on the US to stop the attack on Israel.

So a faction in Israel wanted Saddam removed because he might fire missiles again and they might cause damage before the US could stop him. However Israel could not take direct action to remove Saddam because that would cause a war in the Mid-East with Israel against everybody else. So the far-right in Israel wanted the super power US to preemptively decapitate Saddam.

Note that 'Doing Israel a favor' is just one of the hidden reasons for the Iraq War.


I'm sorry but you clearly did not manage to read what I said about the Jewish Neocons and their sleazy production called the Iraq War, using the US military's trusting men and women to do their dirty work for the secret agenda. If you did read it, your brain didn't register - you clearly need a cup of strong coffee to kickstart things upstairs.

But thanks, MonkeyBoy, for helping Justin with some facts to counter his mindset which has been massaged for too long by the war-supporting Zionist-controlled MSM (Main-stream media) in the US.

The terrible smell behind the reasons for Gulf War One.

Quotation from Negotiating for Dummies by M and M Donaldson (1996), pages 195-6:

“The Gulf War (‘Operation Desert Storm’) may well have been avoided if the diplomats had been clearer in the days just before the invasion of Kuwait by Iraq. President Saddam Hussein wanted to destroy Kuwait for a number of reasons – all of which were good and valid to him. He was not prepared to take on the US, let alone the entire world. Therefore, he met for several hours with the US Ambassador, April Glaspie.

The Ambassador said to Hussein, ‘We have no opinion on Arab-Arab conflicts, like your border with Kuwait.’


The Ambassador insists that there was more to the discussion than was printed in the transcript, but she does not deny these comments..

Even Hussein’s telling of the tale indicates some lack of clarity regarding his intentions toward Kuwait. He never said his intention was to eliminate Kuwait from the face of the earth. On the other hand, the US never even hinted at the kind of response that was ultimately invoked.. Documents show that within the month before the invasion, the US communicated directly to Saddam Hussein in a way that caused him to think Iraq could cross the border into Kuwait without repercussions. Please think for a moment of the men and women who died in the Gulf War and their families who still miss them..”

Wake up America!

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"The decision to put the biblical quotations on the cover pages was taken by Maj Gen Glen Shaffer, a director for intelligence serving both Mr Rumsfeld and the Joint Chiefs of Staff, according to GQ." -BBC article online.
“The suggestion that Rumsfeld would have used these reports to somehow curry favor over at the White House is pretty laughable,” Di Rita told Sanger [NY Times]. “He bristled anytime people put quotes or something extraneous on the reports he wanted to read.”

But the media reaction is... blame Rumsfeld.
And the reaction of many posters here is... blame the US-Israeli war lobby.
Neither of which makes any sense.

This is an issue of an overzealous general in a military with more than a few like him; nothing more, nothing less.


If Rumsfeld didn't want the quotes and generally 'bristled anytime people put quotes or something extraneous on the reports', then as Gen. Shaffer's boss he could have told him not to do it.

Since they remained Rumsfeld implicitly endorsed them.

"Monkeyboy" has it right. The Commander in Chief and the Secretary of Defense were the men who were ultimately responsible when the Bible verses appeared on more than one briefing.

When Pres. Bush and/or Secretary Rumsfeld saw a briefing with them, there shouldn't have been another.