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May 26, 2009


Faint praise from before today's Supreme Court announcement.

Worth noting: Before today's news, LifeNews called Sotomayor "The only potential Supreme Court justice who may provide hope for pro-life advocates."

Update: Be sure to read LifeSite's Steven Ertelt explaining the characterization in the comments section, below.


As the person who wrote that, let me clarify and expand on the line.

I wrote that because, compared to other potential Obama nominees, Sotomayor didn't have an extensive pro-abortion record and her potential pro-abortion views are not "out there" in the same way as Sullivan's or Wood's or other potential nominees. The Mexico City Policy ruling is comforting, but it is more than likely her merely conforming to the precedent of the Supreme Court rather than her agreeing with the policy itself.

Her quote about making policy from the bench is concerning and nothing in her background, opinions or commentary makes it so the pro-life movement should support Sotomayor.

Obama promised a pro-Roe jurist and there is nothing to contradict the idea that Sotomayor could support upholding Roe if given the chance. Ultimately, there is a small chance (unlike other potential nominees) that she could be a "reverse Souter" in the sense that she could surprise observers and uphold pro-life laws or oppose Roe, but that small glimmer of hope is not worth supporting her nomination.

I hope that helps explain the line and I welcome questions or comments via http://www.LifeNews.com