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May 26, 2009

Speaking of Stephen Carter...

'I have been rooting for her all along,' says the Yale Law prof and former CT columnist.

The former Christianity Today columnist, now writing for The Daily Beast, writes, "I have been rooting for [Sonia Sotomayor] all along. Not only because I know her, but because everything I know about her suggests that she will be a fantastic justice. ... I suppose the left will not be entirely happy with the president’s choice, and the right, not entirely unhappy."


Thank you for posting Carter's thoughtful take on Sonia Sotomayor. His opinion on her qualifications holds a lot of weight to me since he both a Christian and a respected legal scholar. What a refreshing counterbalance to some of the other "Christian" special interest groups!

Thank you, Prof. Carter, for your comments. From everything I've read, she will make for an outstanding Supreme Court justice.