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June 10, 2009

U.S. News: Pregnant Women Support Act May Have White House Support

A Congressional aide told Dan Gilgoff that the White House is leaning towards supporting the Pregnant Women Support Act, which aims to reduce abortions by providing support to low-income pregnant women.

"I don't want to get in to reading the tea leaves on the White House's position or strategy for this issue, but I would call their interest in the Pregnant Women Support Act significant," the aide told him.

Richard Land of the Southern Baptist Convention's Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission endorsed the bill sponsored by Rep. Lincoln Davis (D-TN) and Sen. Robert Casey (D-PA), which would, among other things:

* Establish a toll-free number to direct women to places that will provide support during and following their pregnancy;
* Fund collection of accurate data on abortion;
* Provide child care to low-income and student parents;
* Provide parenting education in maternity group homes;
* Make the Adoption Tax Credits permanent;

The White House has met with several groups in recent weeks to attempt to find "common ground" on abortion, emphasizing reducing "the need" for abortion.

Gilgoff asks a great question: "Why reduce the number of women seeking abortions if there's nothing wrong with the procedure?"


As Christians are gradually silenced in the public square, we see liberal politicians grow their power by providing cradle to grave entitlements to an ever increasing voting block.

I wouldn't mind paying taxes on the bullet items listed above with the exception of providing child care to low-income and student parents.

Without even considering the potential for abuse, this type of service is harmful to society as a whole, as its sense of charity, thankfulness and humility are under attack.

I pray for wisdom and strength for myself and our Christian communities to consider what's important and continue to be salt and light where we live.

I think there should be a consolidation of efforts from church groups to provide these things. I don't understand why efforts from Uncle Sam is the best way to reduce abortions. Christians have been helping people in these types of situations for years, so why the legislation? I think legislators like to make everything "law," rather than seek out the most sensible approach because it diverts the credit to them rather than the self-giving individuals who have championed helping the needy.

Lawyer's point about the "religious guilt trip" is completely unfounded. The reason churches provide most of the post-abortion counseling and help to struggling mothers is because those people actually care. There's a reason Planned Parenthood does far more abortions than adoptions. It's because they trick people into thinking their only reasonable option is to kill their baby, and that is just unethical and scandalous. Groups like that are predatory while churches have nothing to gain, because their mission is to give.

I wonder if the government (read as male politicians and judges) ever thinks that encouraging young people to have sex outside of marriage ends in having babies and when the young are too young to support themselves, what the heck, the taxpayer can do it. What is this passion our politicians and judges have for making it easier for boys to have sex with younger and younger girls. The male ends up moving on and leaving the girl behind with the kid , no support financially, no education, otherwise back to being below the men and under male(gov't) control. And now that parents can't be involved and stop the males from getting free sex from their daughters, the taxpayer gets to support the daughter and the kid. How much lower will the age for the girl be mandated by male judges & politiians for the sexual privilege of the male. Perpepuating sex is not the answer. Let the young people be supported by their parents, hey, what an idea. It puts the problem and solution back in the families hands not the gov't where it's always been. Out of 3,000 kids in my graduating class, 3 girls had babies but that was in the 50s now it's every tenth girl. Something's wrong in this society.

This Act is a good first practical step to try and limit the number of abortions. It gives a helping hand to financially strapped women. What may not be adequately covered is educating men and women on how to not get to the position of needing an abortion in the first place.
There need to be financial incentives as well as moral incentives to encourage change in behavior.

Thank goodness something is being done! I am extremely pro-life, but I don't deny that people will continue to have sex before they are ready to take care of a child. As such, we must be ready to teach these families to "fish" so to speak, so they can support their families in the long run (versus depending on welfare). "Provide child care to low-income and student parents" - That is key... child care for both mothers AND fathers that need to work/gain and education.

As a student and a mother trying to make it out of financial difficulty, I resent people who suggest that it helping out with childcare will be harmful to the society and is a bad idea. It is more harmful to our society to limit the people who are able to go back to school or work to nonparents. No one wants to be in the situation where they can't afford childcare, but sometimes childcare is more than you are making at your job, and if you're a student, you're actually paying to take classes, which means you're paying twice when you use childcare.