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July 20, 2009

Mormon President Meets with Obama

President Obama met with with Mormon president Thomas S. Monson today, a meeting that was prompted by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.), who is Mormon. Monson presented Obama with a breakdown of his family history.


"I enjoyed my meeting with President Monson and Elder Oaks. I'm grateful for the genealogical records that they brought with them and am looking forward to reading through the materials with my daughters," Obama said in a statement. "It's something our family will treasure for years to come."

The Salt Lake Tribune gives some background for the visit. Two church leaders attended Obama's inauguration and attended the a prayer service at the National Cathedral the next day. Former President George W. Bush stopped in Utah twice during his last term to talk with church officials.

Update: Here's the press release from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.



Why is the president meeting with this cult? What is He going to do next, meet with satanists?

Tim's comment was completely out of line, even if the LDS church were a cult. Whether a cult or not, however, the LDS church is completely out of line with Biblical Christianity, which has often needed reformation but never restoration.

The LDS and its aberrant offshoots are indeed a non-Christian heretical sect (some would justifiably say 'cult')that makes outrageous claims for itself that totally contradict the revealted Word and Holy Gospel of the real Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Anyone doing thier research would discover that they elevate the questionable, plate-inspired, angel-of-light "Moroni" writings (Book of Mormon)far above the canonical and only divinely inspired Holy Scriptures (OT and NT) of the true and living God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. The fact is, they regard the true Christian church as false and apostate and consider themselves the only true believers on earth. Imagine that; The Lord Yahweh waited until the 1800's for spiritualist-seeking Joseph Smith to appear to finally reveal His truths to the world; NOT! As far as President Obama, he is President of the Mormoms too, and should not be attacked for extending a courtesy audience to Majority Leader Reid and his LDS leadership. It means nothing but democratic political back-slapping. Do not read more than this into this visit.

I'm listening to all your comments. Mine is that I just feel so sorry for the LDS friends. They are so fooled by their church and need to come to faith in Christ alone.

Why Obama's meeting with the LDS is such a big deal? Obama meets with all sorts of people. Except common folk like me, haha.

As for the LDS, they are not Christian.

Quote: It's baffling how people aren't falling over themselves to become Christ-followers, isn't it?!? (That last line needs to be read with a thick sarcastic tone.) Unquote

Because people don't want to face their sins and repent. Christians point out your sins so that you can repent of them, not to make ourselves look better than anyone else. We are sinners just the same. The difference is that we have faced our sins, repented, and trusted in Christ alone. We hope that others will do the same.

Snave wrote:
"Because people don't want to face their sins and repent. Christians point out your sins so that you can repent of them, not to make ourselves look better than anyone else. We are sinners just the same. The difference is that we have faced our sins, repented, and trusted in Christ alone. We hope that others will do the same."

Are you facing your sin of arrogance, self-righteousness and placing yourself on God's throne? That is why Christians point out the sins of others - because we are sinning ourselves.

Jesus publicly judged those who declared themselves righteous before God and people, the religious leaders of the day. Paul only suggested we judge other Christians (and then in the context of loving, intimate community). We have not been given permission to judge non-Christians. I'm pretty sure the Holy Spirit is active in doing that. We work against Him when we try to point out the sins of non-Christians when we are not in a loving, close relationship with a person and God has not explicitly told us to speak.

If I told you that you were sinning and that my motivation was because I wasn't sinning, would you listen to what I had to say? Because I have within this message. How did that make you feel?

obama current president of America.
all people have right of meeting,talking,sharing,about their
need not only right of mormon leader president CHURCH of SATAN's president
also right to meet him,really he is president of all AMERICAN PEOPLE.

I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, the Mormon Church and proud to be one. We are a Christian Church. Hello, hence our name "The Church of Jesus Christ ..." Jesus Christ is the corner stone of our Church, he is our Lord and Savior. We study the King James Version of the Bible and the Book of Morman which is just another testiment of Jesus Christ. I don't think one could be more Christian than that.

That's so funny! God told me mormonism is NOT Christian! Especially after I left the church and became a born-again believer for the first time in my 50 years! Now, which is wrong? Those billions who fully accepted me as a fellow brother in Christ Jesus, or, those who now say I am apostate from the faith? That faith being... Christian? Couldn't be. I believe fully in the Atoning Blood of Jesus Christ for my sins. Or is it LDS? That couldn't be either. The LDS is NOT anyone's Savior. No matter how many "Jesus Christs" they put in their church name.

People who disrespect the faith of others, do so in ignorance. Please just stop. You believe what you believe. I'll believe what I believe. What is so difficult about that?

As for President Obama having a good chat with President Monson, what's everyone's problem? You're so stuck on putting the Latter-Day Saint church down that I have yet to see any real opinions regarding this article.

I think this was pretty cool. Political leaders and the Latter-Day Saint church has maintained a pretty amiable relationship over the last hundred or so years. I'm impressed.

Many mainstream Christians I meet tell me that all that is needed for salvation is for a person to accept the grace of Jesus Christ and accept Him as their personal Lord and Savior.

If you believe that then, by definition Mormons are Christian.

They not only accept and confess the need for Jesus as their Savior, they work very hard to live a life they believe helps them understand and become like Jesus Christ. Go to any Mormon church and listen to the talks there, they believe in Jesus Christ and understand the absolute necessity for His atoning sacrifice.

I'm a mormon and very very glad to be one. Mormonism isn't a cult and is very christian. if anyone says otherwise then they should be known for lying. i personally do ot like obama but i am very glad that he got to meet with my most favorite people in the world besides my family and my heavenly father.