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July 6, 2009

Palin Resigns. What's Next?

If you haven't heard yet, Sarah Palin resigned. Some people were on vacation and enjoying fireworks when that went down.

Politico's Jonathan Martin examines why Palin could have made the move.

The performance, by these lights, adds credence to the claims of some associates that Palin - burned by the intense scrutiny on her and the crossfire that swirls around her - is so fed up that she's ready to get out of elective politics. Even if it's only the small stage of Alaska politics she hopes to escape, skeptics say Friday's events also diminished and perhaps even demolished what was left of her viability as a 2012 presidential candidate.

But her defenders believed an unorthodox move, even if risky, has a clear logic and may only further increase her standing with conservatives who don't care what establishment figures in or out of the GOP think. Leaving the governor's office at the end of this month leaves her free to travel the country, command large speaking fees, and begin the process of rallying her devotees without pesky home-state opponents criticizing every move.

As pundits weigh Palin's chances of running for President in 2012, a recent poll suggested that evangelicals have been some of her strongest fans. But as Steve Waldman wonders, what happens if Palin faces Mike Huckabee?


I am behind Sarah Palin all the way. I only pray that as soon as she is out of the public leadership there will be a way she can sue the slanderous media for trying to destroy this woman's career, her family, her future aspirations. President Obama has the media in his pocket and could have stopped this. He laughs instead. God places kings and removes them. Obama will have a short leadership because he has already proven he is no leader and we do not live in the middle ages. Sarah is smart. I know there is a method to all of this and God is on this young warrior's side.

Well it is telling that you think Mrs. Palin is smart and practically noone else does...

hmmmmm so you are into prophesying, huh Valerie Wilson???. You do realize of course that false prophets are to be stoned if their prophesy doesn't come true. So when you prophesy about Obama is this a word you have received from God?

Oh wow!!! didn't know God takes you into his counsel... well imagine that???? Why don't you let us in on what else he's being telling you

You hope she sues the media for all the "slanderous attacks" they made on her? What about all the slanderous attacks she made on Obama during the campaign and never recanted? If you can't stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen.

Sarah Palin...

Conservatives4Palin.com has a pro-Sarah emphasis that is definitely a refreshing alternative to the drivel that passes for reporting about Sarah.

They are, my term, a 'quick response' blog about the pro-Sarah and anti-Sarah commentary on the new online blog media, including YouTube.com and PopModal.com, and the dinosaur MSM media that seems to have become a compliant lap-dog pro-Obama 'state run' media.

That previous is preface simply to commend Christianity Today for staying fair and balanced... as Billy Graham would expect you to be.

Ps. I do NOT represent Conservatives4Palin.com, but I do check in with them every day to stay current about everything Sarah, who is an inspiring LADY with a 'Servant's Heart'... and maybe the first Madam POTUS.