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July 27, 2009

Pro-life Leaders Urge Action Against Abortion Health Care

If you tried to log on to the Stop the Abortion Mandate webcast Thursday night, your connection may have timed out like mine did. According to moderator David Bereit 36,187 people were all trying to stream the live event at the same time.


Recent media coverage of the debate about abortion and health care reform may have heighted interest in the webcast. (Christianity Today has blogged about it here and here).

Pro-life leaders participating in the webcast included Kristen Day of Democrats for Life, James Dobson of Focus on the Family (with a pre-recorded message), Father Frank Pavone of Priests for Life, and Douglas Johnson of the National Right to Life Committee (NRLC), but not former presidential candidate Mike Huckabee. His absence after originally being included in the list of participants was not explained, although he blogged against universal health care on the same day.

Webcast speakers focused on abortion. "What you probably haven't heard is that the health care bill being advanced by Democrats is the abortion industry's dream come true," said Dobson, who opened the presentation with his pre-recorded statement. He continued:

The health care bill will force taxpayers to fund a huge abortion industry bail-out, even though the majority of Americans oppose abortion. In addition, it will mandate that virtually every American will be coerced into a health plan that covers abortion, and it would require that health care providers that are opposed to abortion violate their own consciences by performing abortions at the risk of losing their own jobs. It will be a disaster for the sanctity of human life and an assault on the moral values of every American who is forced to support the killing of babies.

Pavone said the bill would be "the largest expansion of abortion since Roe vs. Wade" and said that the health care reform bill would "prop up" the "collapsing" abortion industry. Subsequently, Wendy Wright of Concerned Women for America and Tom Minnery, the senior vice president of Government and Public Policy at Focus on the Family, both spoke out against the use of "deceptive language" in the bill. Minnery said:

You'll recall that as a candidate, President Obama said he wanted to make abortion very rare. This proposal gives the lie, I'm sorry to say that, but it gives the lie to that statement. Obviously, we all know that what is … subsidized … will expand.

Day, speaking for Democrats for Life, struck a hopeful note by reminding listeners of the letter sent last month by 20 pro-life Democrats to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, informing her that they would not support abortion funding in the bill. Day said that she knew of several other members of the Democrat majority-led House who would have signed also, had they not missed the deadline. Day said, "I'm convinced we will pick up enough votes to make sure the health reform bill does not pass if the abortion amendment is not in there."

Although not mentioned in the webcast, Thursday provided another example of Democrats in the House working toward common ground in the abortion debate. Reps. Tim Ryan and Rosa DeLauro, who approach the issue from either side of the pro-choice/pro-life divide, proposed the Preventing Unintended Pregnancies, Reducing the Need for Abortion and Supporting Parents Act. The bill provides for an adoption campaign, along with tax incentives for adoption, and increased availability of ultrasound equipment. While groups such as Planned Parenthood and NARAL have signed on to the bill, some pro-life groups protest its funding for contraception and comprehensive sex education.

A 96 minute recording of the event and an "Action Guide" with suggestions for contacting senators and representatives is available at StoptheAbortionMandate.com.


I feel that we as Christians forget that not all abortions are done to kill unwanted fetus'. Some abortions must be done out of health and safety reasons.

My mother was one of the women who needed an abortion because my sister-to-be was without a brain, and had my mother continued her pregnancy the child would have killed my mother. I know that there are people out there they use abortion wrongly, which we can prevent, but please don't make all abortions illegal; an abortion saved my mother, who gave birth to my bother two years later.

Thank you for sharing that Samantha...stories like these often get lost in the shouting over this subject. I would also add that many, if not most, late-term abortions occur because of this type of devastating condition and not because somebody wakes up one morning 7 months pregnant and says gee I don't think I want to go through with this anymore.


Because christians deliberately choose to ignore the fact of these situations. I recall one rabid poster who can find a plethora of bad information from discredited websites to dump here, literally stating that a woman's life has never been in danger to necessitate such a termination. I could only but shake my head at the willfull ignorance.

The choice should remain avaialble. And I'm saying this as a Christian

How about pro lifers urge action against the invasion of Iraq as well as Afghanistan

Thank you Samantha for contributing your story. I am sorry your mother had to go through that. :*( Please be reassured that the Pro-Life movement is not trying to eliminate abortions in cases in which a mother's life is in jeopardy. Virtually every Pro-Life person supports this caveat.

Heather, I wish your assessment of the situation were true.

Justin, no one is ignoring the situations when a mother's life is in jeopardy.

Enough of the ill-informed, emotionalized rhetoric already. From both sides. Plain logic, the witness of Scripture, and the American Rule of Law all clearly condemn the intentional killing of innocent human persons (take note of every term in that last clause). It's called murder (as distinct from manslaughter, retributive justice, etc.). There are two reasons abortion is still legal. First and foremost, the Supreme Court decided in 1973 that unborn children were not "persons" under the protection of the law. Second, although that assessment of personhood has been widely recognized as false, the tenure of Supreme Court justices has prevented the SC from overturning Roe. To add to that, public debate on the issue has consistently completely missed the point (that is, the debate over personhood).

According to the U. S. Rule of Law, persons do not have unrestricted jurisdiction over their own bodies. We are forbidden from using our bodies to harm another in certain ways (e.g., theft, assault, manslaughter, libel, murder), under threat of penalty. One does not have the right to kill another person simply because that person threatens his or her "well-being." The only justification is defending oneself against the malicious attack of another, and even then the rights are curbed (e.g., you cannot kill someone because they are threatening to punch you in the face).

Often times the argument is raised about the baby being "part of the woman's body," and therefore under her jurisdiction, but this is scientifically untrue. While the child may be within and connected to its mother's body, it is still a separate/unique being in every other sense. A baby does not become an individual person the moment it exits the womb and the umbilical cord is cut.

Going back to Samantha's comment, please note that medical technology today makes it almost unheard of that any abortion is ever medically necessary. Perhaps in your mother's day that wasn't the case. But a decade ago (and we have progressed leaps and bounds since then), the Physicians Ad Hoc Committee for Truth, a group of more than 200 doctors, signed onto a statement amid the partial birth abortion debate saying that procedure is "never medically necessary." These days, abortion at other points as a necessity would require the rarest of possible circumstances. Much more likely the baby doesn't survive a risky operation to save its life in utero. The abortion itself puts the mother at greater risk. It's a straw man argument these days to talk about the health of the mother as a reason for abortion except in the most extreme scenario, and even then there are other options than to induce an abortion.

Jorge...what do you suggest would save a fetus without a brain???

Matt---that's your opinion...most women who want an abortion would not choose to wait until the third trimester to do so. The risks are greatly increased by then and its much easier to have an abortion in the first or second trimester. According to numerous reports many of the women who traveled to recently murdered Dr. George Tiller's clinic in Kansas (only one of three in the US that specialized in late-term abortions) were not women who wanted to have abortions, or who even support the right to choose to have an abortion. Many were women with wanted pregnancies who learned that their baby had no brain, or kidneys growing on the outside of their bodies or things their doctors described to them as 'severe fetal cardiac malformations.'

Can you imagine going through two or three more months of pregnancy knowing that the outcome is delivering a baby that will die?? Some women amazingly can do that and feel it's necessary to continue for closure, others find that their dignity and sanity depends on being able to end the pregnancy. Who are you to judge them?

Thank you for the support -- it was a tough time, and it still is. One of the hardest things today is trying to explain what happened to my family.


I disagree with your statement that, "While medical procedures have become technologically advanced, science today would not have been able to save my sister. She was without a brain; something science cannot cure.
I firmly disagree with your statement that it's, "almost unheard of that any abortion is ever medically necessary" -- the percentage of women having to abort a wanted child is about 5%; taking Planned Parenthood's statistics (for 2007) of 305,310 abortions preformed and apply 5% to that figure, 15,265.5 women that year had an abortion because of medical issues.
As to 200 doctors signing this document.. what is their medical field? If they did not specialize in pregnancy and surgery their understanding of the female body, birthing, and the side effects of birthing, surgery, and abortion, would be limited compared to the doctors that saved my mother's life.


A baby being born without a brain will either die in the uterus or be born dead as my Sister's was after being induced. Unfortunately there have been born dead babies for centuries. There will always be a % of born dead and today's medicine insures the carrier, the Mother will live once the dead baby is removed through surgery or medicine. This is not what the anti abortion is about. Anti Abortion is about the killing of the healthy for the convenience of economy or free sex or future needs or reasons of the carrier, not for medical reasons. One is done by a medical doctor in a hospital, one is done by an abortionist doctor in an abortionist clinic, like planned parenthood. This Health care??? bill props up a private killing business with taxpayer money. I actually think it is constitutionally illegal. It's not something like clean water or roads that gov is supposed to being using taxpayer money for.

I saw on the health channel two weeks ago, three awesome unbelieveable medical stories.

1. A baby was born with 2 heads due to a parasite somehow getting into the embryo! If I hadn't seen it, I would not have believed it myself! She was about 4/5 months old with an attached head that was like 1/4 of a body attached to her. The head attached to her was formed up to its shoulders (meaning the second head had a neck and shoulders only!) nothing else was attached!! when the natural baby slept the attached baby would be woke. When the attached baby cried, the natural baby didn't. Can you visibly imagine seeing a partial (head and shoulders) attached to a complete physical body!! they were looking at options of surgery with no guarantees!! the parents LOVED this baby and of course they were devastated!! they knew the formality of the baby in the womb and they made their choice to have her. this was in South America.

2. the second story (on the same channel) was about a little girl born WITHOUT A FACE!! eyes on one side, lips on another side, huge tongue hanging from her mouth, one eye open, one eye closed (each in unusual places on her face). she could not speak because of the deformity of her mouth and she had to eat via a straw if I am not mistaken. this is an American child who's father is in the military and who does her homework with her via satellite as much as he can. she looked about 8 yrs old, but due to the deformity, I don't know. either way, this child was/is obvivously loved and adorned by her parents. she was the HAPPIEST child I'd ever seen!! kids at school were scared of her when she first started but some came around to love her! the most fasincating thing is she had NO CLUE that there was anything ABNORMAL (according to the world) about her. she thought it was OTHER people that was abnormal! she did sign language to communicate. she wanted her parents to take her places and do things with her that other people and kids did because she saw herself as NORMAL! it was an UNBELIEVABLE story of TRUE LOVE INSIDE THE HEART!!!

3. this young man was born with a defect that made all his human limbs look LITERALLY like a tree (bark from a tree...arms, legs, hands). it was soooooooo SAD!!

I say all this to say I am a PRO-LIFER! But like Peter with Jesus, I don't know what ANY OF US would LITERALLY do unless we were put in the midst of such choices!! It is so easy to say this and say that when the situation belongs to SOMEONE ELSE!! But when the rubber meets the road, would we be a PETER and JESUS all over again!! There are many pro-lifers that belong to no type of childrens ministries or children programs to assist them or the mothers choicing to abort. America has a growing secrt sin of child/teen sex slavery and pornography! caring for that life shouldn't stop just because you made it out of the womb! I find it hard to believe that all of these women are having abortions JUST BECAUSE THEY CAN, to include the many CHRISTIANS that do it to hide their sin of fornication and adultery!! it has to be a very very difficult choice for many regardless of the reason. Again, life doesn't stop because you made it out of the womb. we need to treat those that made it out of the womb (human beings) far better than we do. Minister to people. Emotionally manipulating people and spiritual condemnation is not ministering to the spirit as Jesus would do! Lately those who have been judgemental and condemn are the same people who are now or later fallen into the same sins are worst! we should share the GOOD NEWS about LIFE with love and be there to offer an alternative to abortion without manipulating or condemning!!


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We believe in the right to live and if a woman is to die, because of be pregnant than she has the right to live.If a woman is raped, it is her right to chose and not to be judge, for is it not written that a christain is to pray for those and ask God to touch those that trouble you. But to be out having fun and hut oh Im pregnant, will, We fell that the child has the right to live.November 6, 2009
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A female's right to choose in Kansas might shortly be blown away like dust in the wind. As reported by the Associated Press, Kansas state legislators unanimously approved new abortion regulations that might squash providers in the state out of business. The Kansas Department of Health and Environment can begin implementing the new regulations as early as Friday. I found this here: New Kansas abortion rules will usurp the right to choose