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August 6, 2009

Doonsbury Takes on The Fellowship

The comic strip Doonsbury takes this week to mock The Fellowship, a group that ministers to high profile leaders in Washington, D.C. Nevada Sen. John Ensign and South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford have both been involved with The Fellowship and recently admitted having affairs. The group meets for prayer and Bible studies, and some politicians live in a house on C Street in the district.

Cartoonist Garry Trudeau starts off on Monday with captions "A troubled GOP lawmaker furtively makes his way to the one place he'll be understood, supported, and above all, forgiven...the house of fallen sons."

On Tuesday
, the politician asks a character from The Fellowship, "May I meet the family in prayer so I can be absolved of an adulterous affair? Also, can I get a room for my girlfriend?" The man responds, "First things first. How's Friday?"

Wednesday's strip caricatures members of the group wanting details on his affair. Today, Trudeau depicted the politician saying "I had no inkling that God would then test me by placing her husband in my path. First he demanded $50,000 for his silence, then, after I paid, he raised it to $100,000!" Someone in the group says, "So her husband betrayed you." He asks, "Yes, but I'm a Christian. Do I forgive him?"

Any predictions for Friday?


(h/t Bill Shuster)


I am familiar with The Fellowship and its Prayer Breakfast movement around the world. They do good ministry for Christ. Its a shame they are just the latest Christian goat to be flogged by the media!

These comic strips are biting but hilarious.
Some people may be offended because they are closer to the truth than some might like or be comfortable with.
As the saying goes, "If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen."

it would be refreshing for Christianity Today to cover this story, considering how the mainstream media has covered it with such bias:



considering all the scandals and secrecy around this group, it's not one I would be willing to support. is there good to report here?

Not long ago, fear of Catholic power in the politics of the US permeated discussions during the campaign of John F Kennedy. The fear was based on history of corruption and perceptions of Catholic dogma that appeared to allowed sinners to sin again and again. People were concerned about integrity then and they still are.

In the last 4 decades, A stream of conservatives "christian" politicians and highly visible "ministers" clearly have not avoided this same pitfall in the last 4 decades. Unfortunately, the organizations they used as props for their show of integrity have also suffered.

It's silly to say that Doonesbury is close to the truth based on so little evidence when placed against the number of people involved in the Fellowship over time. I would be genuinely shocked if the group attempted in any way to undermine democracy - strengthen it is more likely. I attended three retreats organized by the Fellowship; none involved anything but orthodox Christianity, and, at one, Tony Campolo was the featured speaker - no eight-wing conservative (not thet there's snything wrong with that) he!

Why is the fellowship supposedly so secret? Could it be that they want a Christian theocracy of the United States similar to the Muslim theocracy of Iraq? I believe that Christianity should NOT be "in the shadows", but professed everywhere to spread the good news of Jesus Christ to all, and to respectful of other religions as it is easier to convert Non Christians with a carrot than with a stick!

Fellowship is secret in part to protect people of both parties the ability to participate.