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August 18, 2009

Obama's Call to Faith Leaders

President Obama will address health care concerns during a public call-in with religious leaders tomorrow at 5 p.m. Eastern, as reported last week.

The press release states that a "high-level administration official" will answer questions, but a Faith in Public Life spokeswoman declined to give more details pending confirmation.

The call will be open to the public, streamed live, and include various religious leaders, including Florida megachurch pastor Joel Hunter, Kansas megachurch pastor Adam Hamilton, and Sojourners President Jim Wallis.

To listen to “40 Minutes for Health Reform,” log on to www.faithforhealth.org at 5 p.m. Eastern or call 347-996-5501.


I lost my job in July 2007 due to IRS introducing new regs that changed the status of 403(b) to make it look like a 401(k)...my entire marketing team was cut because our market share was in jeopardy, then before I could reposition my MF's to more of a fixed makeup as I was now forcefully retired at 57...as I diligently searched for a job for 7mos...then at the close of 2008 I lost $200,000 in the stock market before all could be taken care of because I had zero time to make any calls in my new job.

I now work this job part-time... that when I began was full-time, but due to the recession, was cut to 4 days' week.

I am making only 20% of my previuos income and health insurance is costly per month, but I would rather pay for that than have the government take over healthcare...being taxed on health benefits to pay for others without coverage. It is dangerous to think that all that do not have health coverage cannot afford it. Some choose to forego because of the cost, but could afford it. There are too many factors to address rather than making a blanket observation or decision.

It is also dangerous for the U.S. Government to act like God and take over businesses and now act like a health insurance company in competition with them, when clearly congress and the white house do not have any idea how to do this other than throwing more and more money at the issue...trillions...when will we stop and do the math and understand that the hard work of looking at the waste and fraud alone in the healthcare and medicare systems would be a windfall toward helping lower cost. I detest these "hurry up, we've got to pass it now" proposals of law when NO ONE really understands the outcome. When will we turn to God for help to do the hard work instead of treating the Government like it is God. This country is heading for disaster without praying to the Lord for guidance. God help us!!!

It seems that all you have to do to get the moral idiots on the Christian left to back anything - including Obamacare and its abortions and end-of-life "counseling" - is to label it "social justice" and these dolts run after it like foolish.


You are waiting on God to do what exactly?


Have you read the proposed bill?
Forget that I've asked. I can see from your characterizations that you have not. Can I suggest that you do before making these sort of statements. It is really painful to be deliberately ignorant


Isn't it appalling that with us being the wealthiest country and supposedly the most civilized, that you cannot afford health care? And have to go to foreign countries for it- some that are virtually 3rd world countries as a matter of fact!

I guess it's okay for the exectutive branch of the federal government to establish a religion while the judicial branch takes away the right of state and local governments to favor one religion over another. Who needs the first amendment anyway?

We need Universal Healthcare now now later. This is all a joke. Free healthcare for all for the most militarized Christian leaning nation on the planet. If we had Universal Healthcare we would not have the money to make so much war on the poor of the planet whenever this nation wants to do so on a whim of whatever trumped up need.

Of all choices on the table, savings via efficiency is the best, and Removing Wastes alone is Enough to Meet the Goal.

As one instance, please visit http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=111967435, you will be stunned !

No one knows just how much medical fraud there is, and estimates range from $600 to $6000 billion over the next decade lost to it.
And, in May 2009, the Obama administration announced a new task force made up of officials from the Department of Justice and the Department of Health
and Human Services to work on health care fraud.

Enough Room For Savings !

Many reformers recognized roughly 30 percent of all health-care spending in the U.S. -some $700 billion a year- might be wasted on medical abuse, unnecessary procedures, unnecessary visits to the doctor, overpriced pharmaceuticals, bloated insurance companies, and the most inefficient paper billing systems imaginable, and payment reform could solve this problem.

Provided the American people pay around twice the amount of the efficient systems, the result is still well below them, the ratio of waste might be estimated to far more than 50% in the U.S.

Let's be conservative regarding the ratio. Even If as little as 10% of savings apply to the combined Medicare and Medicaid cost of $923.5bn per year, as of July, the savings of $923.5bn over the next decade are possible.

And when these savings add to the already allocated $583 billion, the savings of wastes involving so called "doughnut hole" , the unnecessary subsidies for insurers, medical abuse, exorbitant costs by the tragic ER visits etc, the concern over revenue might be a thing of the past.