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August 31, 2009

What to Watch: Carrie Prejean Sues Pageant Officials

-- Just when you thought the Carrie Prejean saga was over, she has filed a lawsuit, claiming pageant officials discriminated against her religious beliefs, caused her emotional distress and engaged in slander. Prejean claimed that she lost her crown after voicing her opposition to same-sex marriage during the Miss USA beauty pageant.

-- Montana's high court will consider a claim that a doctor’s refusal to help a patient die violated his rights under the state’s constitution. Depending on the outcome, The New York Times reports that Montana could become the first state in the country to declare that medical aid in dying is a protected right.

-- In case you were wondering for some reason, George W. Bush isn't planning on converting to Catholicism according to his brother Jeb Bush, former governor of Florida. “That would be a great thing, but you won’t see him here as a Catholic — he’s pretty comfortable with his Methodist faith. I’d like him to come here though. It would be fun.” Jeb Bush spoke about his own conversion to Catholic and how he opposes elected officials who think they should keep their faith “in a safety deposit box.”

-- Virginia gubernatorial candidate Robert F. McDonnell is trying to distance himself from a master's thesis he wrote for Regent University in which he described working women and feminists as "detrimental" to the family, according to The Washington Post.
He said government policy should favor married couples over 'cohabitators, homosexuals or fornicators.' He described as 'illogical' a 1972 Supreme Court decision legalizing the use of contraception by unmarried couples."

-- Controversial Bishop Joseph F. Martino of Scranton, Pa resigned. Michael Paulson and others are taking note because the bishop would criticize its own Vice President Joe Biden, as well as various local Catholic institutions, mostly because of abortion.

-- Dan Gilgoff considers the differences of the faith-based offices between the Obama and Bush Administration. "President Obama's faith-based office has given religious figures a bigger role in influencing White House decisions," he writes. "We would have gotten killed for doing that," Jim Towey, who directed Bush's faith-based office told Gilgoff. "It looks like a political office now."


Ms. Prejean would be out of the news - if you did not mention her.

Yes, when I think "Christian" the first person I think of is Carrie Prejean. And then I remember why I'm not one.

I think Mssssssssssssssss. Prejeannnnnnnn is darn lucky she even had the chance to compete in the Mssss. CA pageant! I consider blonde people pretty doggone intelligent and then someone like Predumb comes along and spoils the stats!
She broke the rules of her contracts with the employer, it's as simple as that. Plus, making a fool out of herself, which wasn't exactly a difficult thing to do.
Ugh! Give me a break! She'll lose her lawsuit!

I think Mssss. Prejeannnnn ought to be thankful she was even allowed to apply for the Ms. CA event! By and large, blonde people are extremely intelligent! And then, almost instinctively, Predumb comes along and spoils the stats and the image! This boo-hoo-hoo simply did not abide by the rules set up by her employer, and she was fired! Plain and simple! Ugh! People like this make my skin crawl. Go find a McD's job, Carrie girl. Just don't bless the Whoppers!!!

Blast those repeated posts - once is enough.

Ms. Prejean is going to loose the case. Know when to hold 'em, when to fold 'em. This time, fold 'em, Ms. Prejean.

Quote from article - she has filed a lawsuit, claiming pageant officials discriminated against her religious beliefs, caused her emotional distress -

I wonder if Stephen in the Book of Acts cold have gotten away with that. I could see the headlines now "Hellenistic Jew turned Christian Sues Sanhedrin for $100,000 Due to Emotional Distress Caused by Stoning"

Well Stephen could sue if he could have come back from the dead

But what you trying to tell me - there's no longer any Christian support For Carrie?????????????

Surely, this cannot be the case...

I should have said if Stephen thought like Carrie Prejean and lived in 21st Centurey America....

Since we are no longer in the 1st century of course she should use a lawyer regardless of what the American public thinks of her case. But with an upcoming book and no doubt many paying an arm and a leg to get her to speak at their church or group will getting more $$ solve anything? She is not going to get her crown back.

I was just messing with you concerning Stephen, Ignatius. I knew what you meant. :-)

The American public fascinates me, or not.

For the life of me I cannot figure what person would pay to read a book by her or pay to listen to her speak - much less people of the church.

but hey, anything is truly possible

You know, baring false witness is also a sin. The case in Montana has nothing to do with a doctor refusing to help a man die and you know it. It's about the fact that no doctor, including those willing to help, is legally allowed to help. Stop trying to make it sound like he was trying to force doctors to kill him. You're accusing a dead man of coercion, and you call yourself a Christian? I can't imagine Jesus using blatant deceit to further his cause. It's because of people like you that I am willing to read to Bible, but refuse to any longer go to church. I doubt you care, and that proves my point.

Setay: a post on Christianity Today is hardly an excuse for not participating in Christian community of one sort or another. Hebrews 10:24-5 is pretty clear on this, and since you still read your Bible you can read it yourself. There are Christians who care about your concerns, me included, but it's up to you to get plugged into life-giving Christian community; no one else can do that for you.