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September 17, 2009

What to Watch: Pro-life Reaction to Baucus Proposal

Here are the items we're watching today:

-- Some pro-life groups say the health care bill proposed by Senator Max Baucus would allow the government to pay for abortions.

A Rasmussen Reports survey suggests that 48 percent believe any government-subsidized health care plan should be prohibited from covering abortion while 13 percent believe a plan should be required to cover it. Thirty-two percent of those surveyed favor a more neutral approach with no requirements in either direction.

-- The president of Notre Dame plans to participate in the March for Life in January in Washington, D.C. John I. Jenkins took heat after the school invited President Obama to speak at commencement and gave him an honorary doctorate.

-- A mayoral candidate in Florida faces scrutiny over his creationism beliefs.

-- History nuts might enjoy this item. A man is expected to sell one of 32 copies of "the Bible of the Revolution" for at least $40,000. Here's more from the Washington Post.

This endorsement by the secular of the spiritual would have been a flagrant violation of the church/state divide -- but it was nine years before that concept would be codified and ratified in the First Amendment.
On Thursday, at a rare book auction in Manhattan, the 59-year-old retired real estate developer, a self-described devout Christian who avoids affiliation with any denomination and deeply dislikes "political Christians," is selling one of his copies.


Unfortunately the trust level between Americans and the senators and representatives who "represent" us is so low that it doesn't matter what the expressed intent of legislation is, the supposition is that the process will produce something entirely different. The level of skepticism has become so high, due in part to passage of bills that were never read, and high-ranking officials such as Speaker Pelosi who can't manager to be as current on current events as the average American with access to the Internet. Bottom line, the assumption is always there that harm is intended and that what Congress is doing is not for the better good. Man Americans have taken a protectionist stance. Congress brought this on itself.

Thom Hunter

From what I've heard of the bill. It is dead before it even started.

I found myself unable to trust these so called Christian political groups anymore, pro-life or pro-family is just their pretext to rally against any agenda promoted by the opponent of their allied party, namely the Republican party. It's puzzling that they are against a bill that will enpower millions of uninsured Americans when the teaching of caring for the poor and needy is so prevalent throughout the Scripture, Old and New Testaments. The most likely conclusion one can draw is that they are not Christian political activist groups, but offshoot organizations of the Republican party, and partisans in the religious cloaks. They have done far more damage to the good name of the Christian faith in this country than the liberals. It's they who gave the most powerful ammunitions to anti-Christian groups like ACLU to criminalize Christianity.


You are right on Amos H.

The Christian Evangelical movement has prostituted itself to the Republican party starting with Ronald Reagan. It is like salt that has lost its savor - just as the bible said.

Let's pray that God shakes us - (who say and truly believe that we are christians) up before it's too late

Health insurance reform will probably save many lives AFTER birth and improve the quality of life for millions. How hypocritical it is for Bible-centered Christians to care only for fetuses and the severely brain-damaged, which the Bible does NOT explicitly mention, and ignore the far greater human suffering elsewhere that the Bible directly addresses! If we're going to be pro-life, let's be holistically pro-life.

These discussions are endless and with no conclusion. It needs to be discussed with facts.

There is many speculation and controversy about the health care plan in the US right now.Hope they find some good and innovative way to reform the health care system.