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October 22, 2009

Senate Democrats Push Health Care, Climate Change on Moral Grounds

WASHINGTON -- Senate Democrats framed their health care and climate bills with moral appeals and complained about Republican roadblocks during a roundtable discussion with reporters Wednesday.

"I want to get this off my chest," said Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, who is continuing to head up work on a health care plan this week. "We're trying to move forward to do something to take care of Medicaid. There are dozens of things they've held us up on and they're doing that because they're betting on our failure."

Reid was joined by senators including Barbara Boxer (Calif.), Debbie Stabenow (Mich.), Ben Cardin (Maryland) and Bob Casey (Penn.).

Failure to reform health care will create a heavier burden for the faith community to care for the poor, sick and elderly, said Sen. Ben Cardin.

"The faith community is being called upon to provide more resources and do more things that should be in our system collectively," Cardin said.

If the religious community is ever going to come together in the area of public policy, it should be over the concerns of health care and climate change, said Barbara Boxer. She said she's been "thrilled" with support from the religious community for her climate change bill introduced with Sen. John Kerry earlier this month. The bill would require emissions be reduced to 97 percent of 2005 levels by 2012, 80 percent by 2010 and 17 percent by 2050.

Boxer, who is chairman of the Senate environment committee, said she also hopes for support from the religious community in December when she and other leaders meet in Copenhagen to discuss climate change.

She said churches, synagogues, and mosques should be the ones highlighting the moral responsibility to care for the health of people and the planet.

"Let's face it, God is very popular," she said. "So it's important people hear this in their daily lives."


This truly saddens me to hear our congressional representatives exploit religion and citizens' faith in God to push their agenda.

The climate change bill (cap and trade) will be a severe burden to our society and will not solve any 'global warming crisis' they say is so imminent.

As for healthcare, the bill they are trying to push through will not help anyone, as it will give gov't more control of how care is administered.

This kind of behavior by our gov't is not what God intended for us. Our founding fathers built this country on a belief in God and moral law. Our Constitution and Declaration of Independence state that our gov't should PROMOTE the general welfare of the people NOT provide it.

Our system of gov't gives us the freedom to take the opportunity to provide for ourselves and give of ourselves freely to help the general welfare of others. It is our duty as citizens to be responsible and giving of ourselves.

If the gov't takes over that responsibility, you will lose your freedoms as citizens to help others. Once gov't has overarching control of its citizens, the citizens lose their freedoms they now take for granted.

Please pray and take action and responsibility to keep your gov't accountable to their actions. God gave us the intelligence and we must use it to keep the God-given rights bestowed on this country.

Burden on the health care plan.........i don't think so...well may be..

> The climate change bill (cap and trade) will be a severe
> burden to our society and will not solve any 'global warming
> crisis' they say is so imminent.

This statement is wrong.

Boxer on why to enlist religious groups for her political causes: "Let's face it, God is very popular."
Ah - so God is viewed as a rock star for political issues - like Bono.


Of course God is :-)

Ronal Reagan figured that out and sold a bill of goods to Christians. Christians have however not figured out that they and God are politically expedient as yet.

Or perhaps they have and have just decided on the path of least resistance because to do so maintains their lifestyle.

Who does that Barbara Boxer thinks she is? Claiming that Christians should be concerned about protecting creation from the effects of global warming and helping people who are sick and can't afford to get help.

As Christians should't we be more concerned about Gun control, winning wars, and keeping are SUVS and making sure Sarah Palin runs for president again and wins?