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October 12, 2009

The Obamas Attend a Church in D.C.

The first family listened to a sermon on how Christianity has consequences.

President Obama attended St. John's Church with his family in D.C. yesterday, an Episcopal church close to the White House.

An administration official told CT that the Obamas have not settled on a new permanent church. Obama attended the same church on Easter Sunday and Inauguration Day, but it's unclear whether there was a particular reason they visited St. John's yesterday.

The Associated Press caught video of Obama and his wife Michelle talking with the Rev. Luis León before leaving the church with Joshua Dubois, the director of the Office of Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships:

Mike Angell, a seminarian of the church, posted a rough version of the sermon he gave on his blog:

We do not walk alone. Take a moment and look around this sanctuary. None of us walks this way alone. Christianity has consequences, and none of us can face those consequences alone. There is a danger to read the story of the rich man individualistically. We can make it a story about a man who has to individually choose whether or not he will follow Jesus. When Jesus invited the rich man to follow him, he invited him to join a community, a community boldly living life together in a new way. These followers of the way were later called Christians. Jesus walks beside us, and we walk beside our sisters and brothers, the body of Christ. Christianity has consequences, and none of us can face them alone. So I am excited to be here with you at St. John’s for the next couple of years. I am excited to walk with you and to boldly face, together, the consequences of our Christianity.

Here's the AP writes that several presidents have visited St. John's in the past because of its location and because it's familiar to the Secret Service.

A pew nine rows back from the altar carries a small brass plaque designating it as "The President's Pew." Former President George W. Bush often attended services, and church history claims that every president since James Madison, the nation's fourth chief executive, has visited.

The first service in the landmark church was held in 1816 and many former presidents have worshipped there.


Christ is in the Church. No matter a president or VIP attended, He looks even the lowest in position. I always remember the Pharisee & the publican in the New testament whenever this thing happened. God bless.

That's got to be the most milquetoast sermon I've ever heard. What are the consequences of that brand of Christianity? Vague concepts of community, bad preaching and a visit from the President of the United States. Ugh.

Lord God, remind us that true Christianity is dependent upon your divine work, not mortal efforts; that we must conform our selves unto Christ, rather than conforming Christ to our sensibilities; that Christian community is a work of the Holy Spirit, not of mere humans attempting to manufacture self-significance. Let our faith matter, not because we matter apart from you, but because you are good and give us lives that matter. In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, Amen.

President Obama is a people pleasure and not a God pleasure, you can only be one or the other, but not both. If he was in tune with the Lord in the beginning, he would have left his church along time ago before the media got a hold of it. Obama doesn't have fruit that show he is a Christian who stands up to people and tells them like it is, the truth and not worry about his ratings. He should be worried about his soul. God has put him there to fulfill His plan and we as a people of God need to pray for him that he will hear the voice of God and do his will and not the will of the World. We need to continue in prayer, for the people of our government that they will turn from heir wicked ways and repent so God will heal our land. We need not compromise God's Word and continue spreading the Good News until He returns. Amen.

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