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February 22, 2010

Dobson Endorses Texas Gov. Rick Perry

Focus on the Family founder James Dobson today endorsed Texas Governor Rick Perry for re-election, according to CNN.

Perry faces a primary battle against Texas Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison, who was endorsed by former President George H.W. Bush in January.

"Over the years, Gov. Perry has established a record that is consistently pro-life, pro-marriage and pro-religious liberty," Dobson said in a statement. "No other candidate in this race measures up to the high standards established by Gov. Perry on these critical issues of our day."

In the 2008 election, Dobson endorsed former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee in the primaries and later endorsed Arizona Senator John McCain. Dobson retired from his role at Focus on the Family but announced he would begin his own radio show. The Colorado Springs Gazette reported that Dobson's show will begin February 26.


Pathetically predictable...pobrecitos.

Perry is a genuine pro-life leader. Great Governor. Hutchison is pro-choice. Medina is too Libertarian and believes in drug legalization, prostitution legalization, and conspiracies about the government doing 9/11.

Great. Perry will be the governor of the country of "New Texas" after he takes them out of the United States. So much for actual patriotism.

Great governor, great decision.

I'm pro-life too, but I ardently support Ms. Hutchison for governor. Rick Perry is all about polarizing, and Hutchison is willing to work across the aisle for the public good.

Question: Is James Dobson a citizen of Texas? Who cares who he endorses? Why does James Dobson endorse anyone for anything? While it is all too easy to say this is both predictable (it is) and sad (it is), what is most unfortunate is that by selling his voice so that he can have a voice at the table, Dobson perpetuates the image most Americans have of Christians, namely that they are all Republicans. This is damaging to the Kindom of God. And yes, the same is true for anyone who claims the Kingdom is an extension of the Democratic party.

Picking "winners and Losers" have not proven themselves very successful in James Dobson. I wonder if he should stick to "principle" rather than dogma or politics per se.

If Gov. Perry is this conservative, then (as a reference to Greg's comment) yo creo Dr. Dobson eso un eleccion correcto, esta vez.

Dobson reveals his idiocy again. Never vote for anyone anti-choice.

I'm glad you agree, Glenn. I never vote for abortion supports, either.

I meant to say "supporters," not "supports."


Politicians and many TV/Radio-evangelists really do get along well because of what they have in common. That is the need to hold and have a Real Job!

The Media (including "christian media"), like Athletes, entertainers, show bussiness people; are way, way Overrated. More, a whole lot more valuable to a Society, any society or Nation are for example school teachers. Even a firefighter saves more lives and property in a year than Politicians in their entire "careers".


Given Dobson's political philosophy, I understand his ability to say Perry is the 'most pro-life' candidate. But as Dobson is a man who says he reaches his conclusions from a Biblical perspective, I question how he can endorse a man who is widely seen as having been abusive/selfish with political power.
Perry is generally perceived as having 'massacred' his own appointees to the state Forensic Science Commission. rather than let the Board investigate if the system's flaws resulted in the death of an innocent man. Flaws that would indicate there were likely other improper verdicts resulting from bad process/science. Further, the charges of 'political cronyism' and 'bully tactics' to conduct state business, should cause a 'Christian' pause about 'endorsing' and using terms like 'high standards' when discussing Rick Perry.
To embrace a cause (or 3 causes) as being of primary importance to our society, does not give license to condone questionable behavior, sin and greed. My question for Mr. Dobson is "WWJD"?