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March 29, 2010

CWA Criticizes RNC for Nightclub Expense

Concerned Women for America is asking the Republican National Committee to explain the party's expense for a $1,946.25 visit to a club with topless dancers and bondage outfits.

"As women we find the very idea of officials from either party conducting business inside an establishment that objectifies and demeans women outrageous," Penny Nance, the Chief Executive Officer of Concerned Women for America, said in a statement today.

Did they really agree to reimburse nearly $2,000 for a bondage-themed night club? We have several questions for the RNC: Why would a staffer believe that this is acceptable, and has this kind of thing been approved in the past?

Please explain to women if and why you think it is appropriate to attach your organizations to pornographic enterprises? Did you really swill drinks, ogle young girls and plan party business at this kind of establishment?

The RNC will be reimbursed by Erik Brown of Orange, Calif., the political consultant who expensed the committee for the February visit to the club, according to the Associated Press.


Should anyone be surprised about this?

What, are republicans as godless as the democrats (and even more hypocrite about that)?
Seriously, when will evangelicals realize that both are just sides of the same coin and the serve the god of this world even when they parade as angels of light?
Christians, the joke is on you (I would say “us”, but God in His grace took the blinders a while ago).

Shame on the RNC, and all who attend such events.
I wonder what CWA will do if the RNC ignores them?

Paul warned in I Cor. 15:33 - 'Do not be deceived: "Bad company corrupts good morals."'
Before conservative Christians hitch their wagon to the GOP, maybe we should think again.

Maybe the GOP should think twice before hitching their wagon with the Political-religious Coalition of the Conservatives. They've been proving themselves Not to be a good company.