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March 31, 2010

Health Care Bill Restores Abstinence Ed. Funding

The health care bill signed into law restores $50 million in funding for five years for abstinence-only programs. As we wrote earlier, the federal budget signed by President Obama does not include funds directed towards them.

CNN reports today that Guttmacher Institute isn't happy about the newly directed funds. However, a federally funded study released in February suggested that programs that encourage teenagers to delay having sex have been effective. Rob Stein of the Washington Post offers some background:

A University of Pennsylvania researcher reported last month that a carefully designed, morally neutral abstinence-focused approach can work. But the program does not earmark funding for programs focused on maintaining virginity.

During the health legislation debate in the Senate Finance Committee, Sen. Orrin G. Hatch (R-Utah) added $50 million in annual funding for five years to states for abstinence programs -- a provision that survived the tumultuous process that ensued.


Well what do you know. There was actually something good in the healthcare legislation.

"However, a federally funded study released in February suggested that programs that encourage teenagers to delay having sex have been effective."
I can hear the progressive liberals now: "Well, this really sucks!"

Yeah. I have a feeling some of the liberal support for the healthcare bill may drop because of this. They don't really seem to like it when somebody proves them wrong.

Sarah makes the following claim: "However, a federally funded study released in February suggested that programs that encourage teenagers to delay having sex have been effective"

Effective? Really? Where's the evidence? The fact that Sarah makes this claim and then very obviously fails to provide any substantiation or link that would support it should raise a red flag with every intelligent reader. The fact is, abstinence-only programs have NOT been found to be effective by any reputable research organization. (No, right-wing religious organizations don't qualify as reputable organizations.)

kathleen, the evidence for Sarah's claim is clear to see right below her statement, in a linked Washington Post article.
By the by, study info can also be found at the University of Pennsylvania website in seconds by a quick google search: http://www.asc.upenn.edu/news/PressReleasesDetail.aspx?id=37
While it's true past studies have not shown abstinence-only programs to be very effective, Sarah's claim was duly supported, and the data is easily accessible. Please don't wrongly accuse a good reporter of not providing evidence; such comments do not belong in this blog.

Sour grapes, Kathleen? And may I point out the obvious: you failed to show documentation, as well.

That really hits a new low when you won't accept studies that were reported in more conservative news sources. I saw the same studies and YES the abstinence programs were effective.

Are you really saying you trust the leftist liberal media as your only source of information? With a population that is not educated, the taking over of America is so much easier. It keeps you ignorant of the facts by limiting yourself to media that is muzzled by those in power. I knew about obama's white-hating, America-hating pastor of 20 years, several MONTHS before many in our media reported it. It was reported by Investors Business Daily, of all places. But they are a pretty good source of information when our media is intimidated.

That really makes me sad for you and our country, when we have a population that limits itself to media which only prints lefist news. No wonder you didn't hear about the study. You are missing out on a lot when you only read or listen to just what you WANT to hear, and not what is TRUE.

No, the author didn't just write an article and lie. Facts are facts whether you like them or not.

Just as a sidenote, the UCC, the denomination obama belongs to, now is passing out condoms along with the Sunday church bulletin. The condoms are distributed without discrimination to the elderly, married couples, singles, and pubescent school children.

2Tim 4: 1-4
I' solemnly charge you in the presence of God and of Christ Jesus, who is to judge the living and the dead, and by His appearing and His kingdom:
preach the word; be ready in season and out of season; reprove, rebuke, exhort, with great patience and instruction.
For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but wanting to have their ears tickled, they will accumulate for themselves teachers in accordance to their own desires, and will turn away their ears from the truth and will turn aside to myths. '

In the Bible, in the OT, one of the first steps God takes against a country that has turned against Him is to give them a leader they deserve. Well, we got that. Now I pray fervently for our country and for God's mercy. I pray every day that the Lord comes quickly.

It's 250Mil, not 50.

It is good to hear that there is funding for abstinence education. I think it will do more good than harm.

Question: how can abstinence education be morally neutral? I think morality is conveyed in everything we teach, regardless of whether we intend it.

Good job, Brendan

I should have included this in my earlier comment: It should be no surprise that the Guttmacher Institute is not happy with this because the Institute is affiliated with Planned Parenthood which makes millions of dollars off of abortion.

Brendan writes: "kathleen, the evidence for Sarah's claim is clear to see right below her statement, in a linked Washington Post article."

Wrong, Brendan. There's nothing in the WaPo article (some of us do follow the links and read the articles) that even remotely substantiates any claims of abstinence-only effectiveness. In fact, if there was any evidence, you'd have been able to quote it. But there's not, so you can't.

Kathleen, you seem to have some anger issues. I don't think I've ever seen a non-combative post from you. Relax and enjoy the debate. Anyway, the purpose of the article was to tell about money being approved for abstinence-based sex education, not to prove that abstinence-based sex-ed works. Read the article again and you'll see what I mean.

Anger never wins an argument. It can only make things worse.

i'm confused. in an "abstinence-only" curriculum, should the state be teaching children that masteurbation is a sin?

moreover, where does the bible teach that sex before marriage (or outside of marriage, for unmarrieds) is a sin? western christians in particular have said that "fornication" means "sex outside of marriage." but the biblical terms, hebrew & greek, are very general terms for "sexual immorality," & most likely refer to the rampant use of temple prostitutes in the ancient mediterranean. at best the terms are vague.

but yeah, let's make national policy from a sectarian belief system based on misunderstood & vague bible terms.

Some say that this Bill to Law is built inside the concept of Social Grace. This two word phrase Social Grace, was used with the building block and design of the Titanic. There was only enough Life Boats to save the rich and famous and the poor was left to die and this included the poor children.
I am working as hard as I can to see all the Moral Value within this Bill. And I was right this Package of the Union of the Health Care Industry is a $100 Trillion Dollars per year system. The progressive tax forum is spread out over a 3 to ten year tax concept, in order to not over tax this system. Now this may work but the evidence of the basic failed tax system is still in failure and I noted this over 7 years ago and I do not understand why Government intervention did not take place to prevent the issue we face today. Then one day it came to me like a magical dream. With all this Social Grace within our Government Personal they did not have a clue how to fix this failed system with out taxing the Health Care Programs.
My myself I am impressed with the culture shared with the world between Democrats and Republicans, that the forgoing conclusion it to bring about diversity within the Public and bring harm to the Obama Family. Our Government officials have become a Public embarrassment and for most you no longer need to hold that seat of office. I ask this again, Is this what caused the murder of J.F.K ? Is the public really wanting to see the death of Obama our harm to his family over lies ? You see it would not matter if it was the Republicans that hold Office, so understand this, it is the voice of the People the Guide the destiny of this Country, it is only Officials that have lost the way.
As for theses Public Officials Of Government, what are they willing to put in to help balance the failed system ? A 10% per cent roll back in their pay is in order to adjust this economy, for every City, State and Federal Official.. And please do not make me share the constant failures by Officials.
As for this not being able to balance the budget not for another ten years, what if I told you it could be done in 3 years with a surplus of $1.2 Trillion dollars in Our Peoples Government Account. Hey there is a lot of smart people that are not of this Social Grace.
One thing, it is allowed by Law for Government to build jobs that profit for the Peoples Government Bank Account, { Our Bank Account within Our Government } as long as Government Officials do not profit off of this Job Conclusion of Concepts.

1. $250 million=$50 million for five years
2. Abstinence education is only a tiny part of the broader pregnancy prevention/sexual health funds.
3. It always has been.
4. I teach abstinence, from a goals oriented/health approach. Although I have my own moral view on abstinence, I never frame their decisions in terms of "good" or "bad." Doing most of my teaching in public schools, I am very aware of different backgrounds and views on most of my topics.
5. Because of the lack of federal funds, my parent organization is struggling to keep us afloat. We reach 4,000 students a year (pretty good for 4 regular teachers).

The health care bill can benefit this enormous challege of abstinence in American culture. The bible is one of many frameworks to teach and strengthen morality today. Abstinence education can help many young teen/adults consider marriage before sex. The idea of marriage and then sex might seem distance to American culture, but through teaching it can change.

It is good to hear that there is funding for abstinence education. I think it will do more good than harm.

There was actually something good in the healthcare legislation. thanks