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March 22, 2010

Rallying for Immigration Reform

Health care stole the spotlight yesterday, but just blocks away from the Capitol, tens of thousands of people marched in support of immigration reform. Here's a story that includes several evangelicals who attended the march yesterday.

Today, several religious leaders met with senior White House officials to discuss immigration reform, including Sojourners head Jim Wallis and Sam Rodriguez, president of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference. Here are statements from others:

Galen Carey, Director of Government Affairs, National Association of Evangelicals :

“We are pleased that President Obama and Members of Congress are finally giving long overdue attention to resolving the immigration crisis this year. Fixing our broken immigration system is important to the security and prosperity of all Americans, and particularly to the hardworking immigrant families who contribute so much to our churches and communities. Immigration reform can’t wait. We want action now.”

Rev. Rich Nathan, Pastor of Vineyard Church of Columbus, the second largest church in Ohio:
“As a pastor I have witnessed the brokenness of our immigration system firsthand. We have individuals from 75 different nations attending our weekend services. Some are here illegally to escape poverty and to make a better life, but now face only two options: to stay in the shadows or to be deported. In the Hebrew Bible, special provision is made for immigrants, along with orphans and widows, to safeguard the most vulnerable people in Israelite society. God’s call to people who value the authority of the Bible is clear: remember where you came from and act with justice and love towards the immigrant in your midst.”

Here are a few photos from the rally:






I've had students who I suspected were children of illegal immigrants. They are in a tough situation. Some of those kids were academically bright and good citizens at school and in their neighborhoods. But their parents were also breaking the law. Having said that, try sneaking into Mexico - or any other other country - illegally. What happens?

No amnesty, No Comprehensive Immigration Reform (CIR). They keep repeating the--SAME TIRED NUMBER--but the US border Patrol in just the Tuscon sector, expressed, "Only one out of ten is caught." The Tucson sector Border Patrol union local 2544 on the number of illegal aliens in our nation: "There are currently 15 to 20 million illegal aliens in this country by many estimates, but the real numbers could be much higher and the numbers increase every day because our borders are not secure (NO MATTER WHAT THE POLITICIANS TELL YOU-DON'T BELIEVE THEM FOR ONE SECOND) Said a Spokesman for the Border Patrol. "Our illegal immigration numbers are based on an estimated twenty million illegal aliens having been present in our nation as of -JANUARY 1, 2004."almost four million people crossed our borders illegally 2002" end of quote. Other experts on the subject agree that illegal crossings have only increased since then. Please don't believe my numbers? Go to the US Census Bureau and read we could have a population of 438 million people by 2040, unless we halt this travesty for good?

Americans cannot afford 10 million more families. Foreign nationals are very knowledgeable at cheating the IRS and the US taxpayer. They can even get child credits for their children, either not in America or in some other country. Once those here receive appropriate green cards they can then sponsor immediate family member, including people with infirmities as long as they are financial sponsored. But this is a joke, because once here the law--IS NOT ENFORCED. They then become public charges. They can collect Supplementary Security income (SSI) and other benefits. The number can never be truly calculated? Even the US Census will be off the mark, because hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions will stay silent. Now the number of illegal immigrants who have no intention of renewing their entry visa, or have slipped past the Border Patrol (Canada and Mexico, South American countries and islands) must be deported.

We need professional and highly skilled workers, but not desperate uneducated, non-or semi-skilled. We have millions of Americans and legal residents in that category. Guest workers for farms and agriculture, but they must stay in that job until their visa expires. No options!.Then go home? California the SANCTUARY STATE, ARIZONA & NEW YORK have been bled dry.

The true estimate of foreign nationals in America is somewhere between 20 and 30 million? If AMNESTY is forced through the numbers will skyrocket, as countless numbers will be ready to bridge the border, just before President Obama signs the new reform. (with the wife and kids this would amount to 40-50 million people) on welfare, in subsidized housing, food stamps, WIC, more teachers, covered by Medicaid and other payments. They will not be paying any taxes because of the EIC and Child Tax credits will reimburse them. The IRS does not follow up on this type of fraud? This is a cruel trick on every honest taxpayer is this first generation of newly legalized immigrants, could escalate with thousands bring in brothers, sisters, Mothers and Fathers. By the year 2040 the population of America could be unsustainable with limited resources, water shortages, highways crammed to capacity and a infrastructure that is falling apart.

THOSE INTERESTED-THE HISTORY CHANNEL IS ONCE AGAIN TELEVISING "The Crumbling of America." This Friday observe the depreciating bridges, dams, levees and 50 year old underground system of sewage in some areas. Our Survival is in peril, but they do not enforce immigration laws. In fact Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano has cut the budget for the Border Patrol and other enforcement tools in the SAVE ACT and REAL ID Act. Yet the Congress keeps appropriating money to fight foreign wars or aid other countries. There is much more to learn-not- the propaganda given to us by the business world Learn so much more by surfing the Internet or go to NUMBERSUSA. Read about the corruption from both political parties at JUDICIAL WATCH. Don't hesitate in calling your Senator or Representative at 202-224-3121 In addition Don't forget to give your State assembly a piece of your mind.

Not copyrighted. TELL THE PEOPLE YOU KNOW--NO AMNESTY! It will entice Millions more to come for free government entitlements.

Dan, what happens when illegal aliens are caught in Mexico? Your answer here: http://www.humanevents.com/article.php?id=14632
If Obama gets his way on this, he hopes to register illegals as Democrats.
If illegals would go through the legal process, then they will not be in the shadows.

I'm impressed! I thought the Dems would wait at least a month before touching immigration reform, but they're rolling like a river!
Strike while the iron is hot, I suppose. I reckon some of the GOP will compromise on immigration now that the no-compromise approach failed miserably on healthcare. Otherwise, the Dems will likely do everything by way of reconciliation, and the "Party of No" chant will resound against the GOP come November; the Dems might even hold their House majority!
But November is much to far away; all I can say is, I think the immigration reform should pass, whatever the GOP does, so some of them might as well get on board and do their best to make it fit their fancy.

Well, I used to live in Orange County Ca which is in the top 9 for total numbers of illegal immirgants. And living next to Santa Ana, I do understand their side;however, as much as before the OC which is thought of as upper middle class whitearea and the home of Saddleback Church but the county is really about 35 percent hispanic and 17 percent asian after this census results, now has 43 percent of the student population on the free and reduce lunch program in that county and cities like Anaheim and Santa Ana have about 85 percent of the student body on that program. That's because the white folks that go to Rick's church don't have most of the children in the county but the hispanic immirgants do now. Santa Ana is one of most crowded cities in the US about 4.5 people per household the us average is around 3.0 per people. So, a lot of hispanics legal or illegal social mobility in an expensive place means that some problems existed like kids belonging to gangs and kids having children before the age of 19 twice the US average. Also, new Mexican or Central American immirgants make it harder for legal hispanics in this poor economy and their children. Hispanic youth in the teens are now 43 percent of the population of the state but teen unemploymnt is now about 33 percent in the state of Ca. Where making hispanics legal solved all these problems probalby not since this was tried way back in 1986 when most illegal immirgants live mainly in LA or Santa Ana or the Central Valley of Ca.

A four vote margin is hardly a resounding victory. If Americans truly wanted this bill, it would not have taken this long to pass it. The Republicans did not stop it because they did not have the votes to do so. The Democrats kept the Republicans out of the decision making process. Had they not done so, during the days of Obama's high approval ratings some of the Republicans might have made some concessions. The opposition to this bill goes way beyond the Republican base. And if the Democrats push the naturalization of illegal immigrants so soon, it will only keep the intensity of Obama's opposition from waning. Even Linsey Graham, a strong supporter of naturalizing illegals said that after what he has seen of the way the Democrats rammed the Health Care bill through Congress despite overwhelming public opposition, he may not support the Democrat party's attempt at naturalization this time around. He knows the public's feelings on this and doesn't want to be on the losing side this time around like he was in 2006. The message for those who think the Republicans can influence legislation in this curent Congress from the Health Care fight should be that the Democrats will expect nothing more than total capitulation to their agenda.

It fits our needs perfectly the advantage of immigration reform on the country: Greater supply of unskilled workers, a younger workforce, and skilled workers in needed sectors. But there is also a disadvantage of immigration reform like Greater poverty, more educational cost, lower unskilled wage levels, and increased danger of terrorism. Thanks to the post!

A local pastor in the Vineyard Church here in MD is in support of a bill before the legislature that was essentially criminalize certain kinds of communications between a Maryland resident who communicated through a "marriage broker" with a foreign lady, whether abroad or even in Maryland, if s/he did not first do things like get fingerprinted, background checked, etc. FIRST before such communications took place. The language in the bill would make outfits like ChristianCafe into "marriage brokers" (the language in the bill defining a "marriage broker" is much broader than the Federal IMBRA law) yet would (apparently to avoid legal challenges on free speech and association grounds) not criminalize communication on, say, Craigslist.

His support for this is, I suppose, because it will supposedly do something to protect those adult foreign women from predatory MD men. It has so happened that I have dated foreign women, as a single Christian man, both here in MD and abroad. In those cases, if romance were sparked, and if this law were in effect, a K-1 visa would be out of the question if I had not followed the law to a "T."

.......So when I read that the Vineyard association of churches has signed on to "immigration reform" (a code word for amnesty for people who have not followed the law with a "T"), along with the NAE, I am not surprised. It is a knee-jerk (to me) reaction, a way of being "nice." But as I have seen locally, it may not be something that has been fully thought through.

Certainly there is need for "reform" and I am not calling for illegals to be massively deported.

I do, though, call for more serious reflection on the part of our leaders.