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March 3, 2010

Wildmon Resigns From American Family Association

Donald E. Wildmon, founder of American Family Association (AFA) for more than 30 years, has resigned from his position as chairman after several months of hospitalization, according to a press release.

Wildmon contracted encephalitis from a bite from a mosquito with the virus, and he also had surgery for cancer on his left eye.

Wildmon said in the release that he will continue to work at the ministry but will not have a leadership role. Wildmon said his son Tim, who has been with AFA for 24 years, is expected to lead the ministry, according to the release.

Wildmon began AFA in 1977, and the ministry now operates on a $20 million annual budget with 175 employees, owning 180 radio stations and publishing a monthly magazine.


See God doesn't like ugly as the old people say. As some Christians have said - He dealt with Haiti, He dealt with Chile, now he's dealing with hypocrites and haters. A lesson to us all. Be afraid... be deathly afraid...

Nice to know that Roy is not a hater...

I may not always agree with Donald Wildom, but I pray that God will be merciful to him... and to Roy as well.

our Lord God has raised up Rev. Donald Wildmon as a wise and understanding witness to righteousness in Christ and the quality of life worthy of praise. Pray that the Lord is not finished working through brother Donald Wildmon in our critical day and time.

As a young, married college student in 1979-80, I had the privilege of driving Mr. Wildmon to the airport. He was a gracious man, interested in a young, green man. When he got out of my car, he left a gift that made a huge difference in that month's budget. Not only did he stand firmly for righteousness, he had a gracious spirit. I will never forget that. God bless him!

I've had encephalitis, so I can sympathize with Rev. Wildmon's health problems. I didn't really quite bounce all the way back, myself, but I did bounce forward, nevertheless.

Still, despite Rev. Wildmon being quite gracious in person...as an artist, I've always found his organizations, anyway, the National Federation for Decency and then later, the American Family Association, to be in bad taste, sadly blind to artistic and intellectual integrity, cluelessly (I hope) anti-Semitic at times (I'm hardly the only one to think that), and just pathetically shameless in their Gay bashing.

Rev. Wildmon made a long career for himself in the public eye, and successfully raised enormous amounts of money to further Christian morality. Yet, for all his success in gathering resources, I think he and his organizations have done little, if anything, for justice.

Recover well and enjoy your grandchildren. Your son seems quite capable of following in your footsteps...which is not necessarily a good thing.

God raised him up huh? So God raised him up only to strike him down now? Strange, very strange.

Well as long as God consults you