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April 5, 2010

Obama Family Attends Easter Sunday Service

President Obama and his family attended Allen Chapel AME Church in Southeast Washington on Easter Sunday, according to the Washington Post.

During one song, Obama nudged his older daughter, Malia, and tried to persuade her to dance. "Come on," he said. Then he swayed his shoulders and clapped his hands with exaggerated enthusiasm until Malia started to laugh.

Few who sat behind Obama looked as relaxed. Two Secret Service officers occupied the pew behind the first family and acted as a moving shield, standing when they stood, swaying when the Obamas swayed, sitting when they sat. Ten ushers stood in the center aisle, wearing black suits and white gloves. Secret Service agents wore headsets and kept lookout from the church balcony. Some parishioners held cellphone cameras above their heads to take pictures of the president.

Most speakers also focused, at least momentarily, on Obama's attendance. Bell, the pastor, called him "the most intelligent, most anointed, most charismatic president this country has ever seen." Then he looked at Obama and said: "God has his hands all over you."

Obama told MSNBC earlier that his family has decided not to join a church because it draws too much attention on him and his family. He said he enjoyed attending church at Camp David, but continues to visit various churches.

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"Bell, the pastor, called him "the most intelligent, most anointed, most charismatic president this country has ever seen." (Gag!) Sounds like some one is sucking up - probably for an appointment.

Why does he have to be "sucking up"?? Why can't he just be a supporter of our President. There is no higher appointment than to be called by God. There is nothing that President Obama can give Dr. Bell, that God cannot.

Whatever Dr. Bell's motives, characterizing a listening president as "the most intelligent, most anointed, most charismatic president this country has ever seen" sounds like the action of a sychophant. Better, surely, for a pastor to treat the President as a human being with the faults and failings of other human beings, or even to point out where his thinking needs reformation, such faithfully as Obama's on abortion.

Sychophant. Yes! An Obama-zombie sychophant.

Ready! Fire! Aim! ;-)

This was all a publicity stunt. Everyone knows Obama doesn't even go to church, he attends a mosque on Islamic holy days.

Dan. I take it that you are of the opinion that Obama is Moslim. While he might not share some of the values which some evangelicals do, this guy has said over and again that he is a christian. We know the church he attended, his first pastor and so on.
About his going to a mosque, can you please give a proof of that? And as a President, he is the president of every America, Christian and Moslem, Atheist and Hindi. If going to their meeting places will help him reach them, then he should. That does not make him a moslem or hindi, Jesus went to Zacheus's house... did it make him a tax collector? Peter visited Cornelius, it did not make him an atheist.
Please lets put aside sentiments and look at issues objectively. And by the way, I am a theologian, I live in Britain and I am born again.

Joseph in Britain, excellent post brother.

Problem is that looking at issues objectively will require putting aside the TV remote and getting of the couch. Something that is so counter culture in "American christianity". Besides they really believe with all their hearts that they got Kingdom already.

@Joseph: "Dan. I take it that you are of the opinion that Obama is Moslim." Go back and re-read my posts. I never said nor even indicated - not even a scintilla - that I believe he is a Muslim. Where did you get such an idea? Now Ray, the guy below me made a comment about how BOH goes to mosque, but I did not. (And Ray may have been a little sardonic with that post.) And I know BOH says he is a Christian, but did not Jesus say in Matt. 7:16 "Ye shall know them by their fruits." So just because you say you are a Christian doesn't necessarily mean you really are.
And congratulations on being a theologian and living in Britain - and being born again. I'm an English teacher and live in the midwest of the USA and am born again, too.