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April 26, 2010

President Obama Pays a Visit to Billy Graham's House


President Obama met with Billy Graham yesterday, the first time a sitting president has met in Graham's North Carolina home, according to his spokesman A. Larry Ross.

Franklin Graham, whose invitation to a Pentegon prayer service was rescinded last week, also attended the meeting. Here are the details from Ross:

Over coffee, the two men discussed a variety of topics, including their wives, and love for and similar experiences with golf and Chicago – where the President started his career, and Mr. Graham attended school and has had several significant crusades.

Like others before him, President Obama shared how lonely, demanding and humbling the office of President can be, and how much he appreciated the counsel of people like Mr. Graham and the prayers of so many citizens.

Mr. Graham presented the President with two Bibles – one for him, and other for the First Lady – after which the President prayed for Mr. Graham, who, in turn, concluded with a prayer for the President, his family and his Administration.

Obama and Graham were supposed to meet in October 2008 during the campaign, but it was canceled due to Graham's health.

"Reverend Graham has obviously been an important spiritual leader for past presidents and for the American people for decades," White House spokesman Bill Burton said. "He's a real treasure for our country. The president appreciates the opportunity to visit him at his home."

Graham made a rare public appearance in Charlotte last week for a ceremony at the Billy Graham Library, which reopened last week after renovations.


I pray that Obama was sincere in praying for Rev. Graham & he has learn something from Rev. Graham. I hope he knows he can't leave Israel out in the cold. He should remember of the covenant that this country has with Israel. It's a shame when a man of God like Franklin can't be invited to a pray breakfast because he tells someone they're a sinner. It's funny when foreigner's can come to our country & tell us what to do, but we can't go to their country & tell them waht to do. AMERICA & HER LEADERS better shape up.

I only wish/hope Billy had made plain the Gospel he preached back in the heyday of his ministry/ Many of us are praying the Obamas will know the reality of Christ, which while not wanting to be judgmental, we don't think they know.

What a privilege it would be to meet Graham in his home.

Praise God for the prayers of both men. May the Lord bless them and lead them in their difficult lives. Billy is a treasure and Obama is a good man, worthy of our respect.

It's nice to see two great Christian men together in a picture like this. As for Franklin, it's too bad he doesn't have the wisdom of his father. You will never win a Muslim to Christ by insulting him first. That's hardly a way to achieve rapport. "Malign no one, be uncontentious, gentle, always being courteous toward others." Tutus 2:2

I think it's great that Obama & Graham, two leaders, both servants of God in Civic and Church spheres, respectively, meet, share and pray together in the Name of Jesus. That can only spell blessing for the nation, regardless of their somewhat differing political perspectives.

Billy Graham has been in contact with our presidents for years and he has given advice to them all. The various presidents always seem happy to meet with "America's Pastor" and to exchange ideas with him and listen to and pray with him. It's a shame that Billy's health prevents him from going out and preaching any more.

What an opportunity Joel Osteen had to witness for the Lord and stand against the sin in this nation, when he was interviewed by Larry King, who, by the way, asked all the right questions. Joel Osteen blew it 100%. Now, Billy Graham had an opportunity of a lifetime to tell it like it is to our leader, who surely needs God. Do I think he told Obama he needed to leave Israel alone? Do I think he told Obama that his stand on homosexuality was wrong? Probably not! Franklin Graham does have a litte more guts than his Father. Too many ministers are stradling the fence while this nation is going to hell on a roller coaster. Sorry, being nicey, nicey in order not to offend someone does not get the job done. Billy Graham is going to have to give account someday for not standing up and telling the truth to Obama when he had a wide open opportunity. Most likely he blew it also. At least the Pope takes a stand!

It is very gratifying to see two very different, imperfect, but nonetheless sincere believers in Jesus Christ sit down together in genuine Christian love. Billy Graham has shown evidence of ever deepening sanctification over the years, come with a price, as the process always does. Barack Obama may have a long way to go in that same process, but he belongs no less to his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I believe that the Holy Spirit was present between them and both men's prayers were honored by the Lord, to whatever varying extents. Would so much like to see more of Jesus and less of self in Franklin Graham's and Sarah Palin's words, attitude and behavior.

Rev. Franklin Graham talking with CNN's Campbell Brown last night, where he said he does not believe he would have been disinvited from speaking at the National Day of Prayer observance at the Pentagon if "Bill Clinton or George Bush" were President. Graham stopped short of saying he believes President Obama had anything to do with the decision, but said he believes there are those in Obama's Administration who advocated for the decision.
On Islam, Graham stood by his past remarks when he was asked by Campbell Brown if Islam is an "evil religion." Graham responded: "Well, Campbell, if you take just the way they treat women, I have a real problem with Islam - I do. The way they treat women - it is horrid. It is not a peaceful religion that President Bush and President Obama tried to tell the American people it is - it is not that at all."
Franklin Graham later said "Islam is what it is" when Brown attempted to talk as if it is no different than Christianity or Judaism.

Graham is a courageous man who is stating the obvious to millions of Americans - that Islam is not a peaceful religion. But his words fall like a hammer to those on the politically-correct Left who don't even believe there is such a thing as right and wrong, good and evil. To them, all things are shades of gray, especially when it comes to religion. But all you have to do is look at what Islam produces in a society where it is the dominant religion. Where on earth is there a place that Islam is dominant where you also find respect for human rights, freedom of religion, and an absence of terrorist jihadist activity? Islam's God is not Chritianity's.

I was born and raised in a nation that has far more Muslims than Christians and both have lived together peacefully side by side for centuries. My experience there as a committed Christian is that neither side tries to tear down the other. There is public preaching and praying by both and the Christians, though in the minority, are both bold and faithful to the gospel in most respects. In fact, I have observed far more faithful Christianity there than I have here in the US. There is a significant difference between the vast majority of Muslims around the world and the extremist killers who have hijacked the airwaves and the internet with a gross distortion of Islam. The Muslim world will never come to Christ with Franklin Graham's approach. There is a far better way (I Corinthians 13).

Where is the discernment? What we are lacking in so many churches and among so many so-called Christians is discernment. I am not going to judge anyone as to their final destination but I can say whether a person is demonstrating a Christian worldview or not. They may be ignorant of what it means to be a Christian or to know what they believe and why but when it comes to discerning the status of so-called intelligent people, I would say they are probably deceivers and deceived. These people that are saying of some kind of certainty that Obama is a Christian are deluded, without discernment or ignorant, not having investigated his background. This smacks of the prophecy that even the elect might be led astray about the anti-Christ.

I totally agree with you Timothy, and you're right, the only explanation that seems possible is the delusion that is described in the Bible as affecting almost everybody. I praise God that there still are Bible believing Christians like you, and some of my friends, and we all see what is going on, believe me.

I just shake my head in wonder how what is so clear to us is hidden from the rest. The verse says the elect-if that were possible. So, it doesn't include the elect, it's just that the road is narrow, like Jesus said. And all the people we thought were Christians all these years, it's heartbreaking to see that they are also under this delusion, but we know that God is in control of all things, and that this is what is prophecied.

Revised with corrections:

How can any of us know with absolute certainty that we are not being deluded about something or someone, including our own selves? It is only by the grace of God that we are right about anything at all, if we are. There is a reason why Scripture tells us to work out our own salvation "in fear and trembling". Let's be sure that we are not suffering from spiritual pride as that is most odious to the Lord. Perhaps 1 Corinthians is too "nicey-nicey" for some of us?!

Good grief, Velma. What are you smoking? "It is only by the grace of God that we are right about anything at all, if we are."???? So why should I even listen to what you have to say since you don't even know if you are right? And you seem to think we can lose our salvation. Do you even know what that verse means?
I know whom I have believed and am persuaded that He is able to keep that which I've committed unto Him against that day. The Bible also tells us to be ready to give an account of the hope that is within us. And that hope is based on assurances of what God has said and done in time and history. The Bible is clear that we can know the truth and we are able to judge the fruits of those who claim to be Christians but in reality are not. Yes, we are fallen and imperfect but that doesn't mean we can't reason and come to know what is true and what isn't. Yes, we need God to guide us to the perfect truth but that is why we are all here, that is why we have the Bible and other tools at our disposal. If God thought we couldn't reason and come to certain resolutions, why did he write the Bible? Or do you think the Bible is of no importance or not even the Word of God? Discernment is one of the gifts and if everything you said is true, why would God give us that as a gift?

Timothy, I agree with everything you say but you obviously missed my point, which was simply the use of hyperbole to call attention to the sin of spiritual pride; a sin which we must all guard against in our religious certitudes. We are also admonished in Scripture to speak the truth in love.

Timothy, let me state more carefully for the record that I agree with MUCH of what you have said on this blog, but not all. To be more precise, I do not agree with "everything" you have said, as I stated above. I still maintain that I much prefer Billy Graham's approach to his son's, and that I believe Barack Obama to be a flawed but sincere believer, which no doubt both you and I are as well in different ways. I thank God that Jesus Christ alone is the Ultimate Judge of us all.

I could say a whole lot about delusions, deceptions and paranoid conspiracy theories but at this point, there's no point in going any further. I hope we can at least agree to disagree and pray for each other, Timothy. May the Peace of Christ be with you.

Well, Velma, you don't have to "say a whole lot about delusions, deceptions and paranoid conspiracy theories." You brought up the theory that Barack Obama is a Christian and I say he is not. You could focus on that. I laid out, generally, a good argument for why I and many others do not see the fruits of that since he aligns himself with so many anti-Christians and his policies are almost all anti-Christian.

Since you do not contest any of that or wish not to do that, even though you were on this blog to prove a point, I presume, you have basically lost the argument and, therefore, you cannot go away believing you are right on this matter. Agreeing to disagree does not solve or resolve anything, really, because we are not talking about a subjective issue. We are not addressing whether we like Beethoven's 5th Symphony or something like that. My position that Obama is not a Christian is something that is falsifiable. If you can demonstrate that the side Obama takes on any moral issue is Biblically sound, then I would concede that there is a possibility that Obama is a Christian, even a flawed one.

You have not changed my mind. The peace of Christ be with you.

Ah, Velma, the classic, "Don't confuse me with the facts, my mind is already made up."

You obviously aren't interested in changing my mind even though I told you that you could if you presented some facts to the contrary of what I have said. While you are closed-minded, I am of an open mind. In fact, in another blog, I am beginning to believe I could change my mind on the Arizona Immigration Law.

I am sincerely delighted to know that you are, after all, of an open mind! Unfortunately, even with all the specifics I could very well lay out for you, I do not have the time to help you explore any view opposed to your own. My original intent on this site was simply to add/reinforce a certain perspective to the mix and move on; not to try to have the last word in an endless game of debate. Therefore, please have the last word if you wish. I will no longer be responding to this blog.