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April 13, 2010

Repeal of Calif. Same-Sex Marriage Ban Misses Ballot

Proponents of an effort to repeal the California's ban on same-sex marriage failed to get enough signatures to get the measure on the November ballot.

Monday was the deadline for submitting the nearly 695,000 signatures needed. A San Francisco federal court is weighing whether the U.S. Constitution prohibits Proposition 8, which was passed 52 to 48 percent in 2008 vote defining marriage as a union of a man and a woman. The court case is expected to be appealed up to the U.S. Supreme Court, according to Reuters.

The San Francisco Chronicle reports that volunteers supporting an initiative to outlaw divorce only collected 8,000 signatures of the 694,000 needed.


Looks like the majority has spoken once again.

Marriage is not just a union of two people having sexual relations. The government recognizes the institution of marriage because it is the only institution in society that encourages procreation which is precisely why the government would be interested in regulating marriage.

Gay couples already have all the rights that married couples have, why do they want to impose their idea of marriage on the rest of society? If we redefine marriage only as a union of two people in "love" or involved in sexual relations, think of what else it may lead to. If love or sexual relations are the only criteria, why would it be wrong for a man to marry 3 or 4 women, why not allow men to marry 13 year old boys, why not allow for a biological brother and sister to marry if they are in love, why not allow for a father to marry his daughter? This is where the problem lies. Marriage should only be between a man and woman because it is only men and women who are able to naturally procreate and form families, which are the basic units of western civilization and the source of stability in our society.

All this means is that Homosexual activists are focusing on CA legislature and Federal House & Senate seats.

Having a Homosexual marriage ban repeal on the ballot would increase conservative voter turnout.

Can anyone really believe that Gay marriage will not one day be rammed down our throats?

Homosexual activists know they will go further faster by keeping their legislative majorities.

"...why do they want to impose their idea of marriage on the rest of society?" Political power, pure and simple. And money.

This thread needs to note the repeal effort has been strategically delayed until 2012 in the "Prepare to Prevail" movement. Check it out: http://www.preparetoprevail.com/

Without this information, this article is misinformation.

I seem to remember reading that, Brendan. Nevertheless, it is a loss for the gay marriage activists and all they're doing is delaying the inevitable.

In response to the comment that said "Gay couples already have all the rights that married couples have," I would like to point out that there are 1,138 rights, privileges and protections that are exclusive to the marriage contract in the U.S. and under the DOMA, same sex marriage rights are not recognized. These rights and privileges go far beyond the biological care for children and grant married couples rights to make decisions about health care and life insurance concerning their spouses that gay couples are not able to.

Also, if one is to use procreation as their basis for marriage, infertile couples would not be allowed to marry.

I am not here to claim what is right or wrong, only trying to clarify that much of the arguments in the debate are flawed or skewed. As christians, we need to 'be ready always to give an answer' - but our answers should not be partial or fallible.

James 3:17, Prov. 21:4 + 15, 1 Tim. 4:1-5