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May 9, 2010

Obama Will Nominate Elena Kagan for Supreme Court

President Obama will nominate Solicitor General Elena Kagan as the next Supreme Court justice, according to several news reports.

Kagan, 50, was formerly dean of Harvard Law School, was a law professor at Harvard at the University of Chicago, and served as Associate White House Counsel under President Bill Clinton. The New York Times reports that her lack of judicial experience could help and hurt her confirmation process.

As solicitor general, Ms. Kagan has represented the government before the Supreme Court for the past year, but her own views are to a large extent a matter of supposition.

Perhaps as a result, some on both sides of the ideological aisle are suspicious of her. Liberals dislike her support for strong executive power and her outreach to conservatives while running the law school. Activists on the right have attacked her for briefly barring military recruiters from a campus facility because the ban on openly gay men and lesbians serving in the military violated the school’s anti-discrimination policy.

Replacing Justice Stevens with Ms. Kagan presumably would not alter the broad ideological balance on the court, but her relative youth means that she could have an influence on the court for decades to come, underscoring the stakes involved.

Focus on the Family Action's CitizenLink and Family Research Council have written about Kagan's issues related to homosexuality. If Kagan is nominated and confirmed, she would also be the third Jewish justice on the current bench, and there would be no Protestants on the high court.


If their were Protestants on the Supreme Court of which the Family Research Council approves...well, given the general intellectual integrity and dispassionate analysis coming from the Family Research Council...you can finish this post in your mind.

Does the author seriously consider Focus on the Family or the Family Research Council to be credible and informed commenters, on either the subject of homosexuality or American jurisprudence?

If you have a pulse on Biblical and Christian thinking, Focus on the Family and Family Research Council are indeed credible. As are Chuck Colson, American Family Association, American Life League, Campaign for Working Families, Center for Reclaiming America, Christian Coalition of America, Concerned Women for America, Constitution Party, Eagle Forum, Faith and Action, Moral Majority Coalition, National Right to Life Committee, Priests for Life, Traditional Values Coalition, Vision America, Christian Broadcasting Network, Christian Examiner, Coral Ridge Ministries, Covenant News.com, Insight Magazine, Liberty Channel, Presbyterian Layman, Salem Communications, Ten Commandments News, Washington Times, World magazine, World Net Daily, Acton Institute, American Vision, Chalcedon Foundation, Discovery Institute, Free Congress Foundation, Institute on Religion and Democracy, Manhattan Declaration, Summit Ministries, Wallbuilders, Ave Maria Law School, Christ College, Colorado Christian University, Liberty University, New Saint Andrews College, Patrick Henry College, Regent University, University of Bridgeport, Alliance Defence Fund, American Center for Law and Justice, Americans United for Life, Foundation for Moral Law, Home School Legal Defense Association, Liberty Counsel, Rutherford Institute, Thomas Moore Law Center, Hugh Hewitt and others. Most of these will, in coming days, voice their opposition to this nomination and will state it with aplomb, authority, and intelligent analysis.

Many of the organizations you name are just the 21st Century equivalents of the White Citizens Councils of my youth. (I've been reading their old newspapers which are now on line.) The FRC is in the news these days because of one of its founders, and what that has revealed...is quite predictable. Intellectual integrity is not what one thinks of when one thinks of some of them.

In light of recent revelations it will be pretty humorous to hear the Family Research Council rant on about Kagans "issues related to homosexuality."

It appears that in naming someone who has almost no paper trail, evidence of what her judicial philosophy is, Obama and company have conceeded that the left's judicial philosophy cannot win in a public debate.

Let me emphasize the words "Biblical and Christian worldview" or a Christian perspective or God's perspective. In other words, what is God's viewpoint on a particular issue given the full view, the big picture of the scripture? We may, as individuals, relying on the Holy Spirit, the one and only Holy Spirit, come to a conclusion, using the Bible, God's Word, in correct and appropriate exegesis and hermenuetics, concerning an issue even though the terms of the issue are not explicitly laid out in Scripture. But it is in the consensus of the conclusion from many sources that clarifies what God's viewpoint must be.

I don't know what standard you place on "intellectual integrity" but that without the Spirit of Christ is nothing but foolishness and worldly wisdom which falls far short of divine wisdom.

And your reductionism to "White Citizens Council" is a move only a liberal could make which smacks of a racist comment.

Kagan is the second Jewish lesbian appointed to the Supreme Court by Barack Obama. Sonya Sotomayor is supposedly a Latina, but is also actually Jewish. With the appointment of Kagan, four of the nine Supreme Court judges will be Jews. That's 44.4% for a minority group consisting of less than 2% of the population. There will be no White Protestants, which illustrates the true meaning of "diversity."
Kagan supports massive government censorship of TV, press and Internet. She is prepared to use the law to silence "hate speech" i.e. opposition to "diversity" (i.e. the advancement of homosexual values and "minority" rights.)

I believe President Obama's choice for the next Supremen Court Justice is exemplary. Ms. Kagan would bring to the bench a strong case for reason and common sense.

Granted, she will be chastised by both sides of the political spectrums, but I believe she knows where the law begins and ends. Her background as a law clerk to Thurgood Marshall, and her legal experience in Chicago, Yale and other places, will bring more balance to our Supreme Court.

Ms Kagan's age is a plus in being approved to serve on the Supreme Court. Her 'youth' should be seen as a positive factor for generations to come.

Mr. Peterson, you have revealed quite a bit about yourself. In a word, you are Godless. Obviously, you have no desire to be right with God or even to seek what His will might be for your life. Now I know that your term for "intellectual integrity" comes from a purely worldly connotation. Therefore, what I was saying before is true. Your wisdom is foolishness to God.

It is interesting to see how your bias lets you fall for innuendos.I presume you are talking about George Rekers. I read about that. You did not reveal above that the guy had been gone from FRC for 10 years nor that Rekers recently had surgery and didn't know the fellow he hired to carry his luggage was gay until halfway through the trip. Now your bias tells you that Rekers must be lying, that he knew the guy was gay and must have had sex with him and your bias would also say that Tony Perkins is lying about having no contact with or knowledge of Rekers' activities for over a decade. You even assume that everyone who heard about the incident is going to throw up their hands and say, "Oh, boy, I knew it. FRC is no good."

But the objective person is going to say those things are possible but nothing like that has been proven. They are just allegations at this point. It's just "he said, she said" type conjecture. But let's say Rekers did knowingly hire this guy for sex. It doesn't have any bearing on FRC because FRC does not approve of such behavior and if Rekers were still currently tied to FRC, it doesn't make FRC any less than any other organization where people and human nature are concerned. And this incident certainly does not affect in any way the other organizations I listed above and it certainly does not disprove God or the Bible. I think your ranting is a roundabout way to say Jesus Christ can't be true because His followers are hypocrites.

There is only one Good and that is God. Jesus Christ is God and he led a sinless life here on earth. We are fallen creatures, saved by grace but subject to temptation and to yeilding to that temptation. The Bible predicts that. David, a man after God's own heart, committed adultery and murdered a man because of it but, still, God listed him in the Hall of Faith.

While homosexuality is a sin, the homosexual is a person God loves dearly and every organization listed above will tell you that. Most of the Christian organizations dedicated to reaching out to the homosexual put that love into action