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September 21, 2010

GOP Stalls 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' Repeal

The Republican Party blocked a vote in the Senate to repeal “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” earlier today. The Senate could not close debate on the issue due to a filibuster, which blocked the defense authorization bill.

Several moderate Republicans have said they would vote to end DADT after they review a Pentagon study of the policy, the Washington Post reports.

In 1993, President Clinton signed the law that says if openly gay military personnel will be discharged. The reversal has been a rallying point for many conservative groups.

Senate Democrats were also considering an amendment that would lift restrictions on abortions at military hospitals, according to the Washington Times.

Republicans have a lot riding on Tuesday, said Charles Colson, a longtime evangelical activist.

"The Republican leadership would be pretty stupid if they didn't fight this issue," Mr. Colson said. Should the GOP fail to filibuster the plan, he said, "I think it would turn [social and religious conservatives] off from the Republican Party."

During his first State of the Union address earlier this year, President Obama pledged to work with Congress to overturn DADT. The Post reports that advocates for a DADT repeal want another vote in December after the election.


Yeah, it is crazy to have a situation, like on navy subs, where you are bunking and living 24-7 with someone to whom you are a potential object of sexual interest. Men and women in the services deserve to be protected from this kind of treatment. The Senate did well yesterday.

One message I see in the Gospels over and over again is the importance of honesty and openness. It is not merely enough to hide our actions but we must conform our hearts as well. To say that a certain kind of behavior is okay if you don't talk about it - that seems so anti-Christian to me. Whatever the behavior. This doesn't mean we have to say the behavior is fine, but we do need to talk about it. Filibustering in general is anti-Christian, for exactly the same reason.

In response to the previous poster - I think it is selling our servicemen (both gay and straight) short to think they can't work with someone wh might be attracted to them. I personally think they can live with the fact that someone might have a general attraction to their gender. And if they can't, I would think the humane thing to do is to let gay servicemen be open about their sexuality. Otherwise those people who have anxieties about serving with gay servicemen won't know whether their fellows are viewing them sexually or not, and the doubt will be there for all of their fellow soldiers - not just the small % who actually are gay.

Time to move this one to the archives, CT. A doofus federal judge from Mass. just told the military to stop enforcing DADT. One more step to legitimizing and legalizing a perversion. What's next? Plural marriages, I predict. Oh, the times they are a changin'. (Sounds like a good song title to me.)

Dan, given the glorification of polygamy by such networks as Lifetime and HBO, I believe what's next is already here.

@Jan B: Really! I did not know those networks were glorifying polygamy as I don't watch them. But you know, I've been told I have amazing insight into the obvious - and I guess this proves it. ;-P But why does the media seems to be conditioning our society to accept that which God has declared an abomination. Hmmmm. I think I smell a conspiracy here. Now if we could only get to the bottom of it.

One more step to legitimizing and legalizing a perversion.

I agree Dan and batteryjessica. Also, this will destroy trust among fellow soldiers in the military who are uncomfortable with them being allowed to openly serve. This trust is vital for an effective fighting force. Imagine what this'll do to morale. Units with gay soldiers won't feel able to trust each other and will make mistakes. This decision could damage our military so severely that it may be decades before we can recover.

I would not want to be in the military where I would be assigned a barracks room with a homosexual. This story will not turn out well for any involved - gays or straights. If a foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of small minds, then the judge who ordered this insane ruling is a pinhead.Sheesh!!!

The overall goal is to do away with marriage all together.
Without a specific definition, it will cease to exist in any legal form. No one will benefit.
Genesis in no way glorifies polygamy. It takes the skin off and reveals the ugliness within. Polygamy is always shown in a negative light via its impact and ramifications on all those involved. Jealousy, fighting, and even eventual wars. The Bible presents polygamy as it really is. HBO presents it as entertainment. The latest show on TLC is downright disgusting and not worth anyone's time. Sadly, the women and the children are emotionally and physically abused. They stop being able to think rationally or make objective decisions. They grow up to be emotionally disturbed individuals who seek love in all the wrong places, and verbally and emotionally abuse their families. If it sounds like I've been there, it is because it has affected my family through marriage and the person who needs the help refuses to get it. Because of this, she continues to emotionally and verbally abuse others out of the midst of her unresolved pain.