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November 23, 2010

Barbara Bush: Housekeeper Kept Fetus in a Jar

President George W. Bush's mother is disputing her son's account that she showed him a fetus in a jar.

"No, the truth is I didn't put it in the jar. ... Paula put it in the jar," she said, referring to the Bushes' housekeeper, Paula Rendon, according to Rachel Slajda of Talking Points Memo.

"I was shocked when she gave it to him," she told Larry King on CNN. "Memories dim a little bit." She said she gave permission to her son to use the anecdote in the book.

"You had different views on pro-life?" King asked. "I don't remember," she said.

During the 2000 presidential campaign, Barbara Bush suggested that the Republican Party should drop an anti-abortion plank from its national platform. Earlier this year, Laura Bush reiterated her position that abortion should remain legal.


I did not see Mrs. Bush's miscarried child, but on a related topic, I sincerely hope that people would show a little more respect to fetuses, especially those who say they are pro-life. Often, the pictures of fetuses used in protests and demonstrations fall into the exploitation category. Please remember that a fetus is a person, who deserves the same amount of dignity given to everyone else. We do not show pictures of the bodies of adult murder victims in poor taste, so neither should we show pictures of aborted unborn babies in a casual manner.

@ Andrew: we don't show the bodies of soldiers or the innocent civilians who are killed by our bombs and bullets, either. We don't respect human life in this country.

Perhaps if we were shown the carnage of war, we would be more empathic toward those who are mutilated and victimized by war.

As a student of the Christian faith, I am anti-war. As Dr. King said, war keeps us from addressing urgent domestic priorities. War is often unethical. Our leaders lie to us. War is a racket.

My God. That was her child, his sibling in the jar.
Andrew, I had been pro-life, but it wasn't until I saw a film that a pastor decided to show, after much soul searching, of aborted children, that it became much more personal to me.