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November 2, 2010

Christine O'Donnell, Charlie Crist Defeated

Christine O'Donnell, who received more media coverage than any other candidate this election, was defeated by her opponent Democrat Christopher Coons in the Delaware Senate race today.

Before the election she told CBN's David Brody, "God is the reason I'm running." Alicia Cohn wrote about O'Donnell in the women's blog round-up of this year's female candidates.

Reminiscent of Sarah Palin, who endorsed her, O’Donnell is the type of woman who has many fellow conservatives racing to disassociate themselves. O’Donnell hits a lot of strong points and is an outspoken Christian. But she also has made flamboyant statements — about witchcraft, masturbation, teaching evolution in schools, and the separation of church and state — that have raised eyebrows and set off “airhead” alerts across media.

Republican Marco Rubio defeated Gov. Charlie Crist to win Florida's Senate seat. Earlier this year, Crist vetoed legislation that would have required a woman to get an ultrasound test before an abortion and bar federal funding for abortion, and he said he was open to gay adoption.


Charlie Crist lost the senate race for other reasons than what you mention in here. You mention a far right fringe political point. 5% of the people give a crap about that.
The main reason he was defeated was very simple.
When he ran for Governor, he made enormous promises about homeowners insurance reform after the 2004-2005 Hurricanes, and what did he deliver? an average of $200 per household. Everybody's response was...wow 4 tanks of gas, thanks for nothing Charlie.
At lease he worked on his tan.