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November 29, 2010

Pew: Half of Evangelicals Oppose Gays Serving Openly in the Military

Most Americans (58 percent) say they favor allowing gays and lesbians to serve openly in the military, according to a new survey from the Pew Research Center for the People & the Press and the Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life. Twenty-seven percent of Americans oppose homosexuals to serve openly.

About half (48 percent) of white evangelical Protestants oppose letting gays serve openly in the military, while 34 percent support a reversal of status quo. Among all Protestants, 34 percent oppose the idea while 49 percent favor it.

A few weeks ago, Defense Secretary Robert Gates said he would release a study of the effects of a "don't ask, don't tell" repeal tomorrow. The Washington Post reported earlier that the study concludes the military can lift the ban with only minimal risk. Senator Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) said yesterday that leaders are nowhere 'near' votes to repeal "don’t ask, don’t tell."


Common sense is fading fast: would you put your daughter next to a guy, 24/7, who might be sexually attracted to her? Of course not. Then why would you put your son next to a guy who might be attracted to him? It's crazy!

Well, well! What do we have here? Just bring back the Draft!! Then the Military will be able to choose from a very large pool of able (if not obese) bodies of Men.

Good grief what I'm saying?

A return to the draft will put an end to the current Platonic love affair and fascination with the Military, that so many church attendants seem to have.

It will cause an increase in the population of Canada, an increase migration of young american "men" to other coutries. Of course I forgot that all they'll have to do is say yes when asked. Or do something after being drafted, to get thrown out, dishonorably of course.

The current enamoring and fascination with the Military and all things military, on the part of so many "christians" is amusing.

There would have to be modifications made for soldiers in close living conditions. Otherwise the situation would be just as Manuel describes. Surely these things have been taken into account...or has common sense been sacrificed (along with many other things) on the altar of political correctness?? There are those who say that gays serving openly in other countries has not affected military readiness...of course, that is typically in countries that do not fight wars! The US continues to shoulder (for how much longer?) the fight for liberty throughout the globe. There has to be a way for common sense to prevail without unnecesarily preventing people from serving in the military.

Why don't staights want gays in the military? That's not a hard question to answer. Homosexuality is still considered a perversion by most. As a single male, I wouldn't want to room with an openly gay male. (Altho, he probably would keep a very tidy and stylish barracks room.) Nor would I want to room with a guy who practiced beastiality, or with someone who was into multiple partners. Nor would I want to room with a guy who practiced incest. So if DADT is struck down, what do we have then: Ask and Tell. And I really don't see how the military could make modifications, TM. What would the military modify? Would they have special Gay companies/platoons? That would be as discriminatory as the gays claim DADT is. Leave DADT alone. It's the best we have, altho it obviously is not perfect.

I worked for over a decade in advertising in a fairly liberal city, which means that I worked alongside many people who happened to be gay -- both lesbians and gay men. I continue to have colleagues and acquaintances who happen to be gay. I have observed that just like straight people, people who are gay are attracted to a relatively few number of people -- not just anyone who walks by the water cooler. Gay people and straight people work side by side with people of the opposite sex all the time and usually nothing happens. Just like usually nothing happens between heterosexual men and women who work side by side. Really there are two choices that make any sense: Don't allow gay people in any work place (which I think a lot of people would find to be intolerable) or allow them to work without asking them to lie about who they are. What we have now with DADT is a strange piece of hypocrisy.

Actually some of the most annoying things of living in barracks was trying to sleep if someone was a loud snorer.

Other minor annoyances was guys passing gas loudly, especially if it was your buddy in the top bunk. Then some would make a competition about it.

Also if someone would not shower for days at a time, foul smelling socks, others were coming late at night drunk, and other stuff which usually were cause for frequent fights on weekends.

Other than that homosexuals were a very finite, almost invisible minority that wouldn't dare to bother nobody.


Okay, say we immediately struck down DADT, and gays could serve openly in the military. What would be the consequences? I can see this happening: straight GI Joe, who bunks with gay GI Joe, comes back to his barracks room after guard duty to find his gay roommate having some pillow talk with his boyfriend. Sure, it sounds fair and just [the operative word here is "sounds" b/c upon closer examination it isn't fair or just to impose that perversion on straights] to allow gays to serve openly in the military, but most people don't have a clue about the consequences of those decisions.

Here's another problem with gays serving openly in the military: remember several years ago when some talk show host had a show in which the theme that day was "You have a secret admirer." Well, this straight guy's secret admirer was - you guessed it - a gay guy. On national TV the straight guy was mortified and humiliated. Now I don't think the gay guy intended for that to happen - but it did. To make a sad story even sadder: the straight guy ended up killing the gay guy after the show in a fit of rage. Tragic! Why tempt fate? Why put young gay men and women in positions where they may be tormented and harassed.

The correct policy of DADT should be, Do Ask Do Tell, so we know who to refuse or discharge.

Oops, sorry that only worked during the Draft.

On second thought, the only cure for this dilemma and maybe a few others would be the Draft.

The US legal system, the media, Wall Street, Hollywood, US warmaking foreign policy and the pro-abortion and pro-gay movements, are all over-Edomed. A nation of people, the Edomites, utterly condemned by the major writing prophets, ‘became Jews’ just over a century before the birth of Christ. According to Flavius Josephus, the Jewish historian who lived just after the time of Christ, 'They (Edom) were hereafter no other than Jews' (Josephus Antiquities of the Jews, XIII ix 1; XV vii 9). Yahweh the God of Israel, ‘hated Esau (Edom)’, a people ‘against whom he has indignation forever’ (Malachi 1:2-4). Ezekiel refers to Idumea (Edom, also referred to as Mount Seir) as taking possession of the land and heritage of Israel and Judah (Ezekiel 35:10, 11, 15; 36:2, 5). The Herodian dynasty at the time of Christ were Edomites, testifying to the takeover and the word 'Jew' had almost become synonymous with these evil people. Jesus said to the Jews ‘Because you are not sheep of my flock you do not believe’ (John 10:24-27). Judaic-Talmudism is a highly racist religion, while pretending not to be. Only Jews are able to be full citizens of counterfeit 'Israel', while Palestinians born in Jerusalem but chased out by violent ethno-cleansing by the Jewish settlers are not allowed to return - even if Christians.

The aim of the Jewish ADL is to establish the federal government as the pro-homosexual educator and punisher of Christian opponents of Edomite-promoted sodomy at every level, even of public schooling. They seek federal endorsement of adolescent homosexuality as a legitimate, normal alternative and to flood government-sponsored educational programs into public schools to promote homosexuality. Indeed, the ADL will gain more ground in their attempt to sodomize America..

Todays Military and specifically the Army, though one third the size in personnel is about 8 times more costly than it was in 1973, the year the draft was abolished.

That is just pay and bonuses only.

So now we have a situation in which an 18 year old joins with only a high school (no other skills), and gets paid while still in BT as much or more than a First Sargeant was then. Add to the pay and generous bonuses necessary to entice people to enlist or re-enlist. Keep adding generous housing and dependents benefits, College tuition and Veterans benefits and Bingo; you have the perfect arithmetic formula to bust any country's Budget.

I would never join the Military voluntarily, and told my son the same. But neither would I flee or betray the country and would respond to the call like I did. I would not have it any other way. As long as my daughter live under my roof she will no be enticed by some recruiter either. It is not my problem neither my daughter's that there are not enough "men". Or that a Politician became president based among others on the promise to eliminate the Draft.

I'm a Christian, I'm in Love with Christ and with my wife.

I'm not in Love or fascinated by the Military never was. If I was, then I would've join it.

That is the difference with so many of todays "christians".

If their Fascination and Love of it was true and real. The Military and specially the Army would be filled with no less than 2 Million young christian MEN. Then at least we would know where in the world the youth of the Church have gone.

Time for a reality check here folks. The simple fact is that gays have served in every military force in history, serve in every current military on earth, & will also be in every country's military in the future.Simply having rules preventing homosexuals from being in the military won't change this.I'm aware of the moral & religious implications of homosexuality & I don't support that lifestyle, but neither I nor anyone else can make homosexuality disappear.I also wish cancer didn't exist, but it does & I can't change that fact.Regulations prohibiting gays from military service may make us feel better, but they won't prevent gays from serving. And that is just the way things are.

The evasive nature of this 1993 law overtly affirmed the centuries old ban on homosexuals serving in the military. Covertly, under the popular "Don't ask, Don't tell" slogan homosexuals gained a measure of secureness and passage into the military for themselves. The absurdity of such a policy has always seemed abysmally and incredibly moronic. Would we be as receptive to the free adaptation of similar evasive slogans in other areas involving human interaction? Lets not forget this law was signed by President Clinton whose own evasiveness concerning his moral behavior was exposed in the Lewinski scandal.

Now, the law will no longer need the support of catchy slogans because it is about to be repealed in the name of freedom, rights and humaneness by the Obama administration. What is the new evasive policy? The Obama administration policy to removal and ban of all direct, specifc reference or use to terminology such as Islamic terrorist in all government documents and negotiations.

This is following a similar track as the drive of government to force immoralities it deems merely as amoral on Americans. Just as America saw the government agenda of a gradual shedding away of judgmental terms on homosexuals it is seeing the same with respect to terrorists even as the government speaks about its vigilance and commitment to thwart attacks against America. This practice of speaking out of two sides of its mouth is classic government.

It's more of a trust issue. Our military needs to be a cohesive unit. If gays are allowed to serve openly, the normal men and women around them will be uncomfortable knowing that they're around same sex people who may be attracted to them. Would anyone here want to be in a group shower with someone who is attracted to members of the same sex? I know I wouldn't. Trust is vital within the armed forces and the day this trust is gone, we will no longer have an effective fighting force.

Here's another perspective. This is not about whether soldiers can get along with gays. Soldiers will always be able to focus on the mission and get along. This is about an erosion of the fundamental core values of the military. Core values which line up with my Christian values. As a leader in the military and a vocal Christian I will be targeted by homosexuals who know I can't condone their lifestyle. Once it is officially recognized as another lifestyle choice, I will be forced to advocate for it. I am constrained by Christ to oppose it. How will the military rectify that fundamental difference in values. Don't expect them to favor the Christian. It is not a coincidence that gays have targeted the three most conservative institutions in America: Church, marriage and now the military.

Having been in the military (Navy) I believe that it
is important that gays and lesbians not be allowed
to enter the service. I believe that GOD would not
be protecting those because of their status. We also
need to keep GOD in the country so that there will
be blessings for AMERICA from GOD in all the needed
areas where we are currently having problems. I also
believe that gays and lesbians will not be protecting
their fellow members if they are not liking them
because they do not want to have any personal
doings with them.


Can an M16 be fired by a one eyed, one arm, one leg man?
How many fingers are needed to pull the trigger of a weapon? How many fingers are needed to push the red button? Do you need both eyes to aim a pistol or rifle?


Homosexuality is a moral/spiritual issue as it is choosing who to kill, who to go to War with, who to hate, who to rob, what to covet, which idol to worship or dishonoring parents.

Volunteering for the Military is a choice made out of a Political conviction, as much as it is based on the ignorance of what lies ahead and of what you are getting into. Other enticements do influence that decision. But only super naive people ignore the facts well mentioned by Will, that there are, and there have been homosexuals in every Military.

Actually now a days you can find them in every "church".

Good grief, they are even in positions of Leadership in some denominations that claim to be "christian". Go figure that one out!


My son is a Marine. The only reason that he doesn't favor gays "openly" serving in the Marines is that it creates another special class that finds it their duty (or opportunity) to complain (and perhaps sue?) any time that they don't get advanced fast enough.
Otherwise, he simply doesn't care.

@Over, does your Marine son realize that his "reasoning" for not supporting the right for gay Marines to serve openly is similar to the reasons people had to not integrate the military?

There is no rational argument against gays serving in the military in this country. Openly gay people have been incorporated into the military forces of many European nations as well as Canada. In this land of the free and the home of the brave, it is still a "good" thing to disrespect and denigrate gay and lesbian people who might want to honorably serve their country.

In the final analysis it is simply prejudice against gay people. It is even sadder that many people use their religion to validate or rationalize their own personal prejudices. They start out with hate in their hearts and then attribute that hate to God. After all, they reason, if God hates gays then it is okay for me to hate them too. But if they studied what Jesus taught us, they would find that true Christianity is inclusive and teaches that we should respect all people.

Larry: just want to say, good post. thank you.

The half of evangelicals that supports gays in the military are obviously not Christians (Evangelicals). Matthew 7:16. Can we really support this sin in any capacity and expect our prayers to be heard and call ourselves followers of Christ? Would Jesus Christ support gays in the military?