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December 9, 2010

Sarah Palin to Visit Haiti with Franklin Graham

As far as I can tell, Sarah Palin doesn't appear with many religious leaders very often. It seems, however, that she has developed a special relationship with the Grahams. She will visit Haiti this weekend with Franklin Graham as part of his Samaritan's Purse outreach, according to the Washington Post.

Gunfire and barricades were reported Thursday in the capital city of Port-au-Prince, and the U.S. State Department reissued a travel warning to the country and recommended against nonessential travel.

Graham said he appreciates Palin's willingness to visit Haiti during such troubled times.

"I believe Gov. Palin will be a great encouragement to the people of Haiti and to the organizations, both government and private, working so hard to provide desperately needed relief," he said in a statement.

In early 2009, she also traveled with Franklin Graham to Alaska to distribute food. She also visited Billy Graham, who recently turned 92. Right after the 2008 election, I spoke with Billy Graham's daughter, asking the longtime registered Democrat had any preference for the candidates at the time. Gigi Graham said he was very fond of Palin. "He's a typical man. I don't care if he's 90 years old, he thought that she is so pretty," she said. "He loves a pretty woman."

Earlier this year, Palin defended remarks Franklin Graham made about Islam.

Andy Barr of Politico suggests that the appearance in Haiti with Graham could help her image among evangelicals.

The Haiti trip could serve two distinct political purposes for Palin.

First, it provides an opportunity to expand her image and policy portfolio beyond her limited image as a darling of the tea party movement.

Second, she'll be able to better establish her claim to evangelical voters if she chooses to seek the Republican presidential nomination. Evangelicals overwhelmingly supported former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, one of Palin's potential 2012 rivals, in the early 2008 GOP primaries and caucuses.

Graham, the son of Rev. Billy Graham, is extremely popular among evangelicals. But he has at times found himself in hot water over his comments, especially regarding Islam.

However, Palin has not done the same kind of religious outreach that we saw President Obama do before the 2008 election. As far as I know, she hasn't done any interviews with Christian media about her latest book and seems to prefer Fox News, TLC, Facebook, and Twitter for her outlets.

Former President Bush openly appealed to evangelicals during his 2000 presidential candidate and met with them while in office. Since his new memoir came out, Bush has appeared at Saddleback Church and on Focus on the Family radio, though that may be an attempt to sell books. Evangelicals appeared to be less excited about John McCain, but he met with the Grahams, Rick Warren, Pat Robertson, and other leaders.

What do you think? Does she have the same kind of appeal to evangelicals as other potential candidates?


I hope that Palin doesn't embarrass the United States. Jan. 2010 many singers and actors held the Hope for Haiti telethon. It was carried by most stations. Fox didn't carry it. Palin was on Fox's payroll at that time.
I think our entertainment industry does a fantastic job whenever there is a disaster. Within days talented people gather and inspire us to once again be a generous nation.
Palin has been a money machine. Maybe she has discreetly been generous. She should not use the Haiti disaster to make herself appear to be a humanitarian. Sean Pinn is the true hero over there.
I hope Palin keeps a low profile on her trip. I hope she leaves the cameras at home. She should take her checkbook along with a large check from Fox.

When Jesus said, ''My kingdom was not of this world'' I think he really meant, ''My kingdom is identical to the desires of the Republican Party and the economic interests of the United States and their top 2% richest citizens.''

I'm not a comment maker, but I was drawn to comment on this particular item. First I must say, I'm appalled at some comments people make. We apparently have so much anger and hate that lives in us! Second to the question of whether Palin would be a good candidate. I personally feel she would not be a good candidate. She may have the appeal, she is kind, likeable, pretty ( as Graham mentioned) smart, but I hope our candidates for US President would be of higher caliber. In the last decade the potential candidates are far and few between. What does that mean?

The left see's Sarah Palin's visit to Haiti as a political move / photo op vs for humanitarian reasons which is usually reserved for the Hollywood elite. Now if John Edwards adopted a Haiti baby all would be forgiven in the eyes of the left.

Greta from Fox and the cameras are going to Haiti with palin. Photo-op.

Palin is a typical politician. Anything she can do to make herself look better for a potential vote - she will do. But, we all know, that it takes more than publicity to make a President. Besides poking her pretty face in every camera she can, I have yet to see any substance about her that lends itself to being much of a leader - especially a run for President. She is no statesmen or stateswoman, just a publicity hound. Perhaps she'll get some new pictures in Haiti for a new book I am sure she will write to keep the big checks coming in. She is long on criticism, short on ideas. A true comedy choice for any elected office in the future, I am afraid.

She has a natural ability to recognize the needs of others less fortunate. Her caring demeanor and Christian outreach does not have to be measured, proven, or displayed to others for approval. Born a sinner like the rest of us, she has a personal relationship with her savior and leads others by personal example. I pray for her, and for those who would mock and ridicule her. God bless and forgive us all.

Hopefully she can generate more funding for the needy people there. Bless you Sarah and family.

It's amazing how people can condemn others when they themselves will not dare get on a plane to go to such countries.
Most people heard of the violence and election issues but less attention was drawn to Haiti's political instability till now.

I work for a releif agency and it is very common for such agencies to take sponsors along to visit their projects, even in Haiti.
It does not matter why Sarah is doing it,if the charity feels it would help, then it's up to them to make the call to allow her to visit their projects- the Haitians can't be worse off.

People search your hearts, the same measure you use to judge and condemn others, God will mete the same out to you.

Haiti's Earthquake was Jan 12. 2010. Palin was hired and on air at Fox News, Jan. 13, 2010. Palin did not speak one word regarding Haiti. Fox news was criticized for their lack of coverage of Haiti on their prime time shows.
Was Palin silent on Haiti because she did not want to offend her right-wing Christian Coalition base prior to the Nov. Mid-term votes? Palin was also silent on Pat Roberson's remarks "pack with the devil" and "blessing in disguise".
Palin used her time on Fox promoting her book and bashing the President

Andrea states:

"People search your hearts. The same measure you use to judge and condemn others, God will mete the same out to you."

The same warning also applies to Palin who is so quick to condemn anyone daring to question anything she says or does.


First, I find it amusing that many of you are condemning Sarah Palin for her charitable acts when Barack Obama or any other liberal politician/celebrity could do the same thing and you would be praising them. Second, I don't think she should run for President of the US. While I believe she would make a great President, I think she could do more good as head of the Republican party, where she could keep the party conservative.

Haiti's earthquake was Jan 12, 2010 as you stated. Obama didn't address the issue until Jan 13, 2010.
Did you research how long it was until the president went to Haiti after the earthquake? Has he EVER visited Haiti? Surely he must have, but I can't find a single article on when Barak Obama visited Haiti. There are many, many articles, such as from the Christian Science Monitor, begging him to visit Haiti. The president of Haiti came to the White House, but I could not find a single article listing when Obama himself went to Haiti. Sending his wife doesn't count. She is just married to him. And you are actually complaining about how long it took Sarah Palin to speak about Haiti? Tell me when Barak Obama went to Haiti, he is supposed to be our President. Talk about a log in the eye! Someone said they hope Palin doesn't embarrass. Doesn't your presidents "no show" embarrass you? I could be wrong, but I searched and searched and didn't find any articles saying HE had ever been there.

On Jan. 16, 2010 President Obama along with Former President Bush and Clinton announced the fund drive for the relief effort for Haiti.
On Jan. 22. 2010. There was a televised Worldwide Teletron called Hope for Haiti to raise funds for Haiti.
The immediate need for Haiti was hands on help, equipment, medical supplies, etc.
If you watch only Fox and listen to Limbaugh you may not have heard about the fund drive efforts.
The last thing Haiti needs is a photo-op.
CNN frenquently covers the needs of Haiti. As recently as Dec. 10 Cooper Anderson had Sean Penn, via satellite, discribing the current conditions.

The article asks if I think Palin has the same appeal to evangelicals as other presidential candidates.

She may, but the question is, should she, or should anyone really be that appealing. Elections are always a less or evils kind of choice. We select flawed humans in every case and the best we can do is try to select those with fewer flaws, more humility and a record and reputation of compassion and wisdom and leadership that bespeaks the love of Christ in some way.

These are rare qualities; even the best candidates probably only demonstrate some of them. With Palin, however, I have a very difficult time finding any of them in any kind of consistent way.

Christian ministries should be very careful about who they associate closely with, particularly when it comes to celebrities. We strive to serve a different kingdom, and celebrities most often don't. I fail to see any depth or wisdom in Franklin Graham's choice here.

I knew very well that Obama had sent in Michelle his wife, and Hilary. I read much more than fox news and I don't listen to Limbaugh. In fact, I hardly watch Fox News. I have a slight disability which keeps me at home, and I study everything from all kinds of sites several hours a day. I go to sites with many different points of view.

I knew you would be unaware that Obama has NEVER even been to Haiti to show his support, their President had to come HERE. Obama's true lack of concern rings loud and clear. I read sites all over the Internet as i have many hours a day to do it. If it had been a Republican president who had not gone there, I am sure you would be screaming. Leftists are so hypocritical, it's amazing to me. Please be honest, at least with yourself.

You go after Palin, who holds no office, yet let Obama totally off the hook for not even bothering to go there. You would think he could fit it in on one of his many 3 week vacations.

It's interesting how leftists are good at attacking the person and making assumptions, but are unable to give thoughtful responses to what people actually say. Palin has been number 1 on their hit list since the very beginning. Do you call that Christian, or do you even call it reporting? That's it! Attack the person! Really shows a lack of knowledge and honesty.

I'm very impressed with Ex-Governor Palin. She sees that Haiti is in serious trouble. She is going to follow Sean Penn's lead and try to help them.
I know she will stay with this very needy project until completion.
She has a few friends that tossed away money this year that I'm sure would like to put their money to a more productive cause. Meg Whitman, Carla Fiora & Linda McMahon. Anyone that donated to Carl Paladino, Joe Raese, Sarron Angle and Tom Tancredo would probably like to see their money be more productive.
Anderson Cooper, on CNN, interviewed Sean Penn on Friday, Dec. 10. After he described the terrible problems in Haiti I made an online donation.
Anyone that wants to see the condition in Haiti can go to CNN's web site.

I can only hope and pray that Christianity and the Republican Party can find a more fitting representative than Sarah Palin. She is an embarassment to both!

@David, just because she's plain-spoken, doesn't mean she's not intelligent. As for her other actions, apparently voters liked the candidates she supported well enough to vote a majority of them into office. Also, I would really like to know what makes you think she's an embarassment to Christianity.

Let me explain something from my last post: my argument about her intelligence is in response to a common liberal argument about why she should not be president. Looking back, I see I jumped ahead a little bit. I'll put it this way: how can someone who wants to get rid of the normal attitudes and corruption in Washington and bring Conservatism back to the Republican party be an embarrassment to the party?

she could throw a monkey wrench into things . At least we can look forward to a new president in 19 months