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February 22, 2011

Glenn Beck Meets with Billy Graham

Conservative radio and television host Glenn Beck met with evangelist Billy Graham last week, Beck said on his show.


"Just spent 3 amazing hours with Billy Graham at his mountain top home in SC. His son Franklin joined my wife and me for a talk and prayer," Beck tweeted on February 19. "I will share some of my visit with Billy Graham on radio Monday. Side note: I expect tweet hate for me, I cannot understand BG hatred. Sad," he said in a separate update.

A spokesperson for Graham said in an e-mail that it was a private, personal meeting (not an interview) arranged by a family member. Graham lives in North Carolina.

Beck is a Mormon and has received mixed reactions among some evangelicals. James Dobson, Richard Land, Jerry Falwell Jr., and other evangelicals followed Glenn Beck's call for national renewal in August 2010. Some, however, expressed concern about his Mormon faith while others disagreed with his call to "leave your church" if it promotes social justice.

Beck had wanted to meet with Graham before his "Restoring Honor" rally, a round-up on his website states.

According to Glenn, Billy Graham was probably the only other person who had tried to do something on the scale of what Glenn was hoping to accomplish. However, according to Glenn Rev. Graham and his team did not feel that "the time was right."

"Two weeks ago as I have been struggling with some ideas and some things that I am working on for the future and I am trying to get clarity again, I thought of Billy Graham. When the phone range and they said the Reverend feels it's time to meet, I met with him. We had an hour scheduled. It lasted three hours," Glenn said.

"He is a very clear individual. He's slowed down quite a bit," Beck said on the site. "But he is of sound mind and a man of great peace."

Beck gave his impressions saying, "These are not his views but mine."

"My message to you is we must come together. Evil has -- the left has stood -- is standing now with profound and clear evil and they've connected from evil all the way to the average Democrat and everything in between."

"And we are sitting here arguing with each other over, well, how do you mean that exactly? Well, what exactly do you believe in religion, et cetera, et cetera? While none of us can sacrifice what we believe as an individual, we must stand together with those who believe in God and that God endows each individual with the right of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness."

Graham, who is 92 and has trouble hearing and seeing, makes rare public appearances and does few interviews. A few weeks ago, Christianity Today posted an interview where Graham suggested he wishes he had stayed out of politics.

In other Mormon-evangelical relations, the National Association of Evangelicals (NAE) announced it will hold its next board meeting in Park City and Salt Lake City on March 10. The NAE leaders will meet with Utah Gov. Gary Herbert at the governor's mansion and will also meet a leader from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS).

“We hope this time of dialogue with LDS leaders will deepen our understanding of the Mormon faith and contribute to the ongoing work of evangelicals in Utah,” said Leith Anderson, president of NAE. “For the sake of Christ and his kingdom, we seek to represent biblical evangelicalism to those who wouldn’t hear or know. We also look for common ground on issues where we can work together.”


First of all Dr. Graham lives in NC not SC, and you misspelled rang as in "the phone rang" not the phone range. Seriously?

You do realize that those two errors were in the sections where they were quoting Beck, right? So maybe they are just quoting it how he wrote it.

As a one-time resident of Montreat, NC (went to college there), I definitely want to repeat the fact that Graham's "mountain top home" is indeed in Montreat, NC. It's definitely not in SC. Beck misspoke.

"Graham suggested he wish he had stayed out of politics."

Wishes our wished?

Graham has met with everyone from the highest to the lowest, from the Pope on down (now) to the devil himself. He will always be one of my greatest heros!

If Glen Beck were not a paid "entertainer" his remarks regarding Christianity would have greater impact. To lump sll "liberals" as evil is preposterous.
No one is perfect, liberal or conservative, but political liberals follow the teachings of Christ, in showing compassion for the least fortunate, more than do political conservatives. Billy Graham was never a political shill for either party.

The time isn't right for what?

Thanks, Dave.

Your assumption is wrong about conservatives and liberals. The political conservative is proven to be more synpathetic towards those in need. I can site the specific study if you want, but you should probably do the homework yourself to hopefully learn something. That being said, the Church is way to involved in polotics and will eventually come back to bite us.

or politics

I don't agree with everything Glenn does and say but he is right too say that liberalism is evil...at least the modern version of it is...almost every liberal without exception denies Christ or attacks the Bible or hates Christians....such is the modern liberal....

It is not too say that every conservative is a Born Again Christian though many are....the fact is that Conservative values mesh well with the Bible...liberal values hate the Bible and its teachings...that is fact!

Billy Graham knows this as does every true born again Christian!

"but political liberals follow the teachings of Christ, in showing compassion for the least fortunate, more than do political conservatives."

Its easy to look compassionate when your giving other peoples money.

Conservatives generally give more than liberals while at the same time also actually produce something as opposed to just suck it away.

Not a sermon but just a fact!

As a practicing Latter-day Saint, this article gives me hope that fellow believers in Christ can work together to combat evil in the world. Athesim is the 4th largest religion in the world. It is growing and its members are becoming more aggressive in their tactics to kick God out of the public square. All people of faith need to put religious differences aside and work together to bring God and peace back to the world. Together we can make a difference.

I don't think I have ever seen a specific cite to a Glenn Beck factual error or an example of his being a lunatic. Always just a conclusion without example.

I understand a person having adversion to his manner of communicating his concerns, but what Beck facts or interpretations of facts are wrong?

In general, news/opinion pieces usually fall into three categories. One is the critical piece. (This is not mean criticizing, but evaluating with accurate data and logical reasoning) The next is a conciliatory piece, where differences are acknowledged, but common ground is recognized. The last is the agenda piece, written to throw anything and everything at the perceived opposition to achieve a result. To lie, misquote and misrepresent along with judicious use of name-calling is common in this style. I find that Armageddon T Thunderbird’s offering is such a piece. We conservatives detest it when the progressives and liberal do that to us, why is it then ok to do it to another religion?

We have a terrible fight coming against the Godless liberal, progressive and radical Islamic movements. All of us who love God and his precious Son need to stand together against this real evil. In the 2008 presidential elections, it was common to hear Evangelical Christians say that they would rather have Obama than a Mormon in the Whitehouse. These misguided souls would rather have a Godless atheist with no morals run the country than a Mormon whose political positions closely mirror the majority opinion of the Evangelical movement. The great evil one is trying to overwhelm the good and righteous in our nation. One of his methods is to divide and conquer. The radical Evangelical Christians who make Mormons a people equal to or worse than the godless atheists running the liberal/progressive movements, puts in danger the whole of the conservative movement.

We have a possibility of having a Mormon for a president in 2012. I do not know whom I am going to vote for, but I would rather have any of those who are now running than what we currently have.

I am a "progessive liberal" in some respects and a "conservative" in others. Beyond such labels, I am an imperfect but serious follower of Jesus Christ. To say that all liberals, progressives and/or Democrats are evil is beyond absurd. For every verse of scripture used to buttress the conservative agenda, there is another verse supporting the liberal. Though we tend to pick and choose our interpretations of scripture, the Word of God is what it is and eventually we all have to come to terms with the whole counsel of God; not just the parts we like.

The day when Mormons, like Glenn Beck, repent of their heretical beliefs, such as a polygamously married, exalted human being they call "Heavenly Father," who lives on a distant planet that orbits a planet called "Kolob;" a "Jesus" that is the brother of Satan; a "Holy Ghost" that is an incorporeal man fixed in time and space; a two-tiered system of salvation, with the latter tier designed for Mormons to "merit" their way to godhood; the idea that the Mormon church is the "only true and living church on the face of the earth;" and their work of fiction, the Book of Mormon, as the "most correct book on earth," then we'll have something to talk about. Until then, the Glenn Beck's of Mormondom are nothing more than wolves in sheep's clothing, and Christians should obey Jesus when he said to "Beware!" of them.

I am encouraged by the fact that Graham's contacted Glenn, and that Franklin was also present. Much prayer is going out for Glenn right now, by other believers who see him seeking the Truth and open to learn something more than he thinks he knows. A wise man will listen and be yet wiser. We should be cheering our brothers to the finish line, not tripping them because we think they shouldn't be in the race......all of us have things to be brought to light because we all have a certain amount of blindness remaining....let him that has ears, hear.....Yeah, for Grahams! and Yeah for Glenn to not think he is above seeking......

I have been a long time follower on Billy Graham and now his son Franklin. I have great respect for both men. They are not perfect, but they have managed in a profound way to present the message of the Gospel. Who knows in the end who is actually saved. That is between the indvidual and God. I for one accept God at His word. There are so many questions about who is saved and who isn't. You have to have a child like faith to ask Jesus to forgive you. I did that at age 43 without really understanding who Jesus really was. It changed my life. The Holy Spirit was suddenly in my life. That was 26 years ago and I am a lot more sofisticated theologically now. I can look at the various religions of the world and tell what is really truth. A lot of people think of themselves as Christians but don't know the Jesus of the Bible. Only God knows their heart, and it's a mystery to me why a guy like Glenn Beck who is a great conservative can't see through the maze of Mormanisim. It is a cult, but many of the people are wonderful people. The point abot being a Christian is; it's not about religion, it's about a personal relationship with the God of the universe namely Jesus Christ!

I see only two comments that seem to know what they are talking about that the Mormon Faith is nothing but a cult. Their Jesus is not the Jesus I worship. I see that most ones in here have no understanding of what the Mormon faith really is. I suggest they start reading and comparing. Get your eyes open peopel.

My comment is to the first 3 persons commenting on this article. Let me just say or simply suggest that part of our problems within America's culture is simply to "take a shot","feel that they must have a voice in the matter, at someone's mistake or "misquote". These may be individuals exercising their rights to say what he wishes,without any regard to the actual subject matter. It will be my prayer and recommendation that these individuals seek to know God as I have (hopefully they have as well), and to further understand that we must hear what others are saying, and not have some unreasonable need to offer comments which has no value. If someone has a beef with Mr Beck and/or the author of this article then address with them. You should not put this type of negative spin in this matter
Blessings to All

We as Christian followers, need to come in love to those midled by false teachers. Remember that the bible states in 2Peter that there will be false teachers, and it is obvious that Mormons are just that since they teach, not from scripture, but from the book of mormon, that Jesus was a created being, brother to Lucifer. This is not sound doctrine & it doesn't matter how many stay together as families in the mormon cult, they are misled to thinking they will become gods themselves & have planets. Pray for them to find the truth that is Jesus, born of flesh, died on the cross, raised to live in Heaven as our savior.

And we should learn to write with our glasses on! I meant 'Misled' not midled... oops

I am a Christian. Jesus is my Lord and Savior. I try to live my live in obedience to Him. I agree I am sinful, as is everyone "For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of GOd." I am a pro-life Democrat and self-identify as "left" or "liberal". And Glenn Beck has decided and declared that I am evil. It frightens me a little that many of these commenters would agree. And they don't even know me. What are Christians to make of this?

Since the Reformation, Christianity has never been able to come to a conscious as to what the true doctrine of Jesus Christ is. It is evidenced by the literally hundreds and thousands of differing and ever expanding sects. A common bond among them is a love for the remnant of ancient scripture codified in the 4th century AD into the Bible. Even with the Bible, there have been many translations with each set of translators struggling over how best to translate the most accurate meaning. I just don’t think that it is possible for us to become, “one Lord, one faith and one baptism” by having the Bible as the only arbiter.

It also seems to be very arrogant to call another religion or sect “of the devil and deceived” by claiming to be a better reader of the Bible than they are. One could easily ask who gave that reader the authority to claim that they are a better reader than someone else is.

God solved the religion problem in the Old Testament by calling mortal men with priesthood authority that He labeled prophets. In the few centuries before Christ, Judaism had fragmented into sects who each professed that their learned rabbis and scribes were better readers of scripture from dead prophets than the others were. All of them rejected the concept of a living prophet, even to the fact of stoning and killing them. When Jesus came, He did not base the authority of his teaching on scripture. He was sent from God to declare the truth. He also solved the religion problem by reestablishing the use of prophets and priesthood authority to carry on His work beyond his death. He gave these apostles heavenly authority to act in His name in teaching, writing new scripture, organizing and performing saving ordinances.

There are significant and similar parallels in today’s Christianity.

I have met many evangelical Christians and many Mormons and most of them were sincere believers in Christ. These two groups need to stop condemning each other and work together. They need to look for the good in each other and try to promote similar beliefs and stop judging each others closeness to Jesus. They can work together in common good and goals. Liberalism and secularism will only become more powerful if these two groups are not able to work together. Every Mormon should meet with an Evangelical and every Evangelical should meet with a Mormon and discuss common beliefs and goals and put aside their pride.

If Glenn Beck, who is Mormon, and Billy Graham both have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and are trying to sincerely follow him, then people are making problems where there should be love and righteous action and joint efforts. Most younger Evangelicals don't have orthodox views on Christ and Christianity. Does this mean we should despise and judge and condemn them? No, we should work with them and love them and find common beliefs and nourish those common beliefs. Mormons, Catholics, and Evangelicals can work together as people of faith and believers in Jesus Christ. They all hold themselves accountable to God and would put God first in their lives. Holding the things of God as holy and submitting to god is powerful and Evangelicals and Mormons should work together in stopping secularism and intellectualism from replacing a belief in God.

@CERANA: I said we needed to come to those misled by the LDS in love, yet you throw out angry & prideful statements.

This is the core problem, The Jesus of the Bible & the mormon's jesus is NOT the same. Plain & simple. We have love for LDS, but not their non-biblical rendition, their copy, or false doctrine. I do not worship LDS Jesus, brother to Lucifer. It is not the same, so don't claim they are the same.

I am a sinner. But I don't say any of this to hurt anyone or claim a 'monopoly' on Christ. My savior is YESHUA, Lord most high. If I sound stupid to you or anyone else on the 'outside' I don't care.

This is the core problem, The Jesus of the Bible & the mormon's jesus is NOT the same. Plain & simple. We have love for LDS, but not their non-biblical rendition, their copy, or false doctrine. I do not worship LDS Jesus, brother to Lucifer. It is not the same, so don't claim they are the same.

= Buddy, you better read those first verses of Matthew Chap. 7 before you think to judge.

I find it disconcerting that a blog following a simple story reporting a meeting between two high-profile persons with connections to the evangelical community should degenerate into the name-calling I've read above. The legitimacy of Mormonism or some alleged, out-of-context comments from Rev. Graham are not the issue here. There are many points where I disagree with A LOT of the people with supposedly spotless evangelical pedigrees, but on those points where we find common ground, we should at least be grateful that we don't have to stand along. It is amazing how little I care about the finer point of someone else's doctrine when I find myself in a battle with the enemy, and he stands beside me with a sword in his hand.

@CODY: I read Matthew 7 & stand firm in the belief that the gospel of Jesus Christ, born of flesh, died on a cross, rose to live in Heaven as our savior is Lord, not your LDS jesus brother of Lucifer. They are not the same.
2 Peter 2
The Rise of False Prophets
1But false prophets also arose among the people, just as there will also be false teachers among you, who will secretly introduce destructive heresies, even denying the Master who bought them, bringing swift destruction upon themselves.

It is the small details that lead a person astray from the true gospel of Yeshua. It is only because you are loved by the true Christ that I would say anything at all.

And it's not judging to quote the scripture. It's there to discern & rebuke.

A mormon is misled by the very enemy you think he stands with you against... Mormon beliefs they will not tell you:


Jesus of the bible will return to Mt. Olives...Mormon jesus...Independence Missouri. That is why these ARE two different Jesus' we are talking about. Read up peeps.

While Glenn says things that I do agree with his Mormon faith does bother me. He seems to investigate everything except his faith. Same with Sean Hannity. I wish both would investigate what their churches believe and compare it to the Bible.

It bothered me when Glenn had a panel on his show and most were Baptist ministers and all agreed that Mormonism is a Christian religion. God help us.

I have noticed that many of you still believe you are sinner even though you have accepted Christ. You have been transformed and are no longer sinners please read II Cor. 5:17.

@Ken: Thank you for your comment. I was one who had said I was a sinner... Falling short of the glory that is God, though putting on the new nature, it is a fallen world we live in, & though I am not out having affairs, or things of that nature, as it is the old nature, I am not perfect. I am by His grace, saved, & He is doing a work in me until the day of Christ's return.

With all that is known (& coming to light) about the LDS, it is disheartening to see professed baptists go against the Word. And why we have the Word, to discern. :)DD

OH MY GOSH! With Deedee, Ken, Dan et al in heaven, who wants to live there? Their self righteousness is mind boggling. They are so consumed about their own understanding of the bible that they put the "Savior" in a box, limited him in a "BOOK".Okay, believe what you believe. But if a Mormon like me talked back at you, understand that you mostly STRIKE first condemn and belittle me and my religion.

Your self righteousness fail to see the goodness and positivity of Mr. Beck and the Grahams' meeting.

I am a sinner too, and most probably spend a lot time asking for the Lord's forgiveness for replying to your comments. Oh, dear God help me.

You seem to know what is in Mr. Becks and Hannity's heart and mind with your comment below:

"While Glenn says things that I do agree with his Mormon faith does bother me. He seems to investigate everything except his faith. Same with Sean Hannity. I wish both would investigate what their churches believe and compare it to the Bible."
How do you know Beck did not investigate the LDS church before he converted from Catholicism?

I'm not surprised that you deride the Bible, because Mormons are taught that the Bible is true only as far as "it is correctly translated". This is a typical sign of a cult. They take away from the Bible, they add their own books (BOM, D&C, PGP). Smith said that the BOM is the most correct book of any on earth. He also wrote that all the other denominations were of satan, so it is Smith and the Mormons who "attack" first. DeeDee is speaking up for the truth, which is what we're told to do, she is pleasing God, see verses below.

Evangelical Christians trust the truth of the Bible with good reason. It is the only Holy book that has literally hundreds of fulfilled prophecies (and more are being fulfilled in our times, such as Israel becoming a nation again), and it has archeology and history to back it up. The Book of Mormon does not. In fact, Smith writes in it that polygamy is "an everlasting covenant". Obviously it is not. And polygamy is something the mormons wish they could sweep under the rug, but it's hard when their founder had several wives, etc. They differ a LOT from evangelical Christians, and to pretend otherwise is at your peril.

Paul, speaking for God, wrote in Galatians 1:6-10 "I am astonished that you are so quickly deserting the one who called you to live in the grace of Christ and are turning to a different gospel which is really no gospel at all. Evidently some people are throwing you into confusion and are trying to pervert the gospel of Christ.But even if we or an angel from heaven should preach a gospel other than the one we preached to you, let them be under God’s curse! As we have already said, so now I say again: If anybody is preaching to you a gospel other than what you accepted, let them be under God’s curse! Am I now trying to win the approval of human beings, or of God? Or am I trying to please people? If I were still trying to please people, I would not be a servant of Christ."

As for the contents of the article, I am glad to see Mormon's and non-Mormon's of all faiths work together for the good of mankind. I wish that conservatives of all faiths, including my fellow Christians, would consider me on their team when it comes to political issues. Freedom from big government, lower taxes, opposing gay marriage, opposing abortion, balanced budgets. Imagine the power that could be unleashed if we worked together.

I'm familiar with your 3 books, and am wondering if you are? How do you deal with the Book of Abraham in the Pearl of Great Price directly contradicting the BOM? Remember the verses "and the gods came down and ..." followed by the next verse "and the gods came down and .." in verse after verse, and then you deny to Christians that you believe in many gods. When really pressed with these contradictions, you'll say "well, there is only one that we're concerned with". We can read your PGP on the Internet and see your book says "gods" over and over and over. And of course, that's where the planet Kolob is mentioned (that's where their "Heavenly Father" is, which Mormons will lie and deny to your face that it's in their books, and it's very easy to find. Read your Pearl of Great Price, how do you feel about that?

In Galatians, it is specifically warning about an angel coming down and giving a false Gospel. Hmm, reminds me of Moroni doesn't it? Where is the land of Moron mentioned in the index of the BOM? In the Bible, all of the history and archeology can be backed up, and then there are hundreds of fulfilled prophecies. The odds of having all of those prophecies fulfilled puts it into the "impossible" category, but they happened, because God inspired every word of the Bible. John 17:17 "Sanctify them through thy truth: thy word is truth.".

I have the truth. I don't have to depend on a "burning in the busom" for my faith. How do you feel about blacks not being allowed into the priesthood until 1978? Prior to that, they had no way to heaven except as servants. How do you feel about whites being referred to as "white and delightsome" while blacks have the mark of a curse? No thanks, I love the real Lord, and I sincerely pray you'll check out the Bible more and pray before reading it. It's not just an extra book, it is THE Book, it is God's Word.

And no, I don't use anti-Mormon literature to know how false your religion is. I used your own 3 books and newspaper articles about the priesthood. It made the news in 1978 and I was 23 at the time.

We are not sinners because we sin but we sin because we are sinners...Orthodox Christianity teaches the fall of man (sin enters the world by one man--Adam and salvation by one man--Jesus. (Read Romans 5). To Dan: Although we have been saved by God's wonderful grace we still live in a sinful world and will continue to sin until we die...Our sin is no longer counted to us because Jesus took our sin upon himself (past, present and future) when his perfect sinless blood was shed on the cross--He died in our place. This free gift is for any who would profess faith and trust in Him plus NOTHING for our eternal salvation.

Paul the Apostle clarifies this truth in the book of Romans--so we are "saved" sinners who have put our faith and trust in the One who died for us, and when we do sin we can go to God and agree that we have sinned and get back in a right relationship with Him--but our salvation is never lost--just the relationship with Him as a child goes to his father when he has done something wrong and asks for his forgiveness.

Has anyone read George Bush's book where he quotes Billy Graham as saying that you don't have to be "born again" to be a Christian, because some people are just born Christians? I was shocked and hoped that BG had been misquoted! He seems like a nice man and has worked hard spreading the gospel, but this is not good theology.

As for all people who believe in God coming together to fight evil, that could be dangerous depending on what God they serve!

Whoever said that liberalism is evil is dead wrong. We don't deny Christ. We do refuse to speak about God to gain our benefit. We do despise conservatives who claim to have Crist as their lord and savior yet when it comes to showing sincere love for their neighbor who might think differently, they are quick to cast stones. it's not that we don't believe in Christ. We simply don't believe shallow convictions from conservatives who only give lip service but are as hollow as bells in their actions. There are many non-believers who live a more morally upright life than Christians and they don't seek any recognitions, rewards or praise.

Can anyone who is versed in the Holy Bible answer this? BG has stated that there is other way to heaven, & I want to know, if someone has not been given the Word, like tribesman and the like, are they predestined to Heaven if not exposed to Christ? I know there is no way to the Father but through the Son, but if the Son of God has not made an 'appearance' to those in remote places... Just wanting some clairification. Thanks

To Deni: I share with you my own understanding of the issue raised. Although Christ alone is the Way, the Truth and the Life and no man comes to the Father except by Him (John 14:16), He also says, "I have other sheep that are not of this fold"(John 10:16). There is more than one interpretation of the latter verse which, among other things, may well be refering to at least some of those who have not yet heard, or have heard but still do not understand for reasons having little to do with hardness of heart (reasons such as the stumbling blocks caused by self-righteous hypocrites in the church, perhaps??!!), yet the hearts of these people may well be primed in other ways to receive a welcome revelation of the Lord in their dying moments. Who knows what revelations such a one may receive between the consciousness of this world and the next (revelations to which we are not allowed to be privy)? It's all about the inner heart which only God can see and judge. A lot of speculation here, to be sure, but this view encourages me to keep praying in love for others, at the same time always ready to share the gospel in humble but bold conviction.

Thank you Velma & 'Anonymous' for the outline & website respectively. I have often thought that our God is merciful enough to include those into Heaven that have not heard or CANNOT understand the gospel. Think of mentally challenged children & adults who cannot grasp accepting a Savior. Thanks.

I was a Mormon, I left and was rebaptized into an AG church..... after almost 25 years of walking with Christ I have learned that I am not a follower of Christ bc I am smart or in the right church. I am a follower bc of His great love for me. I accepted Christ as my Savior before becoming a Mormon and was a Christian while I was in the LDS. On finding out more about the church I left -- that said...my church affiliation is not what makes me a Christian. What if I weren't smart enough to figure out their poor doctrine??? what if they love Christ and just follow bad teaching, like the Methodists and the Catholics, Baptists and Lutherans???? etc etc
God help us when we think we are saved by His grace and that we have it all right too.....
I watch the Calvinist call the Arminians heretics too - one Baptist screaming at the other....
get over it folks
its all about Jesus

I am shocked that CT readers that responded are so shallow (in general).
Beck is dangerous and brainwashing many good people.

@Andrea411--- We are given His word to discern & rebuke. That is how we know what is sound doctrine :) It makes a difference because false prophets are out to align and malign the true gospel. We must turn to our bibles to discover the truth...

It amazes me that so so very many people can deny the things that are happening today and still stand and say there is not a God in heaven! Our country, my country the United States of America ,,, needs prayer to the One true God, my creator, and my best friend, the Lord Jesus Christ. For it is by His grace that I am saved, by His choice I am healed. He put this country together, and I also beleive He can tear it apart. Tonight I will pray for those affected in Japan and for our country. If you dont know the God I speak of please ask yourself.... if you dont beleive in the Bible, why believe in the news?

I am horrified that certain members of the Graham family (Franklin, his daughter Cissie Graham Lynch and daughters-in-law) support Glen Beck and the racist and socially irresponsible things that he represents. I guess it's the Liberty University "education" !! Glen Beck is full of hate and anger and really does not witness or attract people either to orthodox Christianity or to his peculiar brand of Mormonism. I'm shocked that Billy Grasham allowed himself to be duped into this over publicised meeting, far worse that the Sarah Palin encounter a few months ago, which was engineered by Franklin and posted on the BGEA website. .

Rev Billy spoke in front of segregated audiences. He is to the right of right. His son is following in his foot steps

Where were Billy and Franklin when both Bushes took this nation to war. Where were they during the civil rights movement was unfolding. They must be very disturbed with the election of a Black president. Shame on them for their positions regarding their fellow Black Christians.

You missed the message, Glenn. Billy Graham would have told you that you are not good, but a sinner and in need of a Savior. The only person who can save you is Jesus Christ, not the Jesus of the Book of Mormon, but the Jesus of the Bible. I'm sorry you missed his message, but you should realize that the God of the Mormons is not the God of the Christians. "Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and you will be saved."

I am happy for the Billy Grahams in the world and a lot of others, but too much emphesis on man and not enough on the real being behind it all. God the Father. Billy Graham is just a vessel as the rest of them. Including Mary the mother of Jesus. They were blessed to be used by God. The rest of us should take lessons on how to be obediant to God's calling and follow though with it. Jesus would be coming a lot faster. Give praise where praise is due. Praise and glory always to God the Father and His Son Jesus, with the guiding of the Spirit, three in one. Amen.