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June 13, 2011

Bachmann Jumps In, Palin E-mails from God, Perry's Giving to Religious Groups at .5%, Etc.

Rep. Michele Bachmann announced her entry to the race tonight's GOP debate in New Hampshire where social issues played prominent role. During the debate, Bachmann was asked if she would seek to overturn the law in states that have legalized gay marriage.

"I don't see that it's the role of a president to go into states and interfere with their state laws,'' said Bachmann, chair of the Tea Party caucus. She later clarified that she supports something like the Defense of Marriage Act.

"John, I do support a constitutional amendment on marriage between a man and a woman, but I would not be going into the states to overturn their state law,'' she said to CNN's John King who moderated the debate.

All of the candidates except for Herman Cain and Texas Rep. Ron Paul said they believe "don't ask, don't tell" policy that bars gays from openly serving in the military should remain in place.

Cain was asked whether Muslims should be asked questions to determine their loyalty to the United States, who responded, "I would ask certain questions. ...[Y]ou have peaceful Muslims and you have militant ones, the ones who are trying to kill us." He said, "I do not believe in Shariah law in American courts."

Former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney, who is Mormon, said, "No, I think we recognize that people of all faiths are welcome in this country. We treat people with respect regardless of their religious persuasion."

In other recent election news, Cain told the Weekly Standard that he regrets telling TPM that Bachmann's prayer at Ralph Reed's recent gathering sounded like the "the ultimate pander."

As the media sifts through former Alaska governor Sarah Palin's e-mail, reporters uncovered one where Palin imagines a letter from God to her family about the birth of her son Trig, who was born with Down syndrome.

Many are watching to see if Texas Governor Rick Perry enters the race. A Houston Chronicle article suggests that Perry gave about a half a percent of his income to churches and religious organizations. Perry has invited other governors to a prayer event in early August.


Raise your hand if you were aware that the "note from God" to Sarah about Trig's birth was NOT "discovered" in this e-mail dump, but was published in her book "Going Rogue" on pages 261-264.

Hands? Hands, people?

This tells me two things.

1. Sarah happily uses her developmentally disabled child as a prop to further her political agenda. And...

2. A whole lot of conservatives bought the book but never actually read it.


Bachmann's answer makes no sense.

"John, I do support a constitutional amendment on marriage between a man and a woman, but I would not be going into the states to overturn their state law,'' she said to CNN's John King who moderated the debate.

She wouldn't need to. The federal law would trump the state law. She can't have it both ways.

CT, please do an interview with Ron Paul during this primary race. He has some interesting things to say on social issues (abortion, marriage, race, economic equality).

Why does CT only cover the Republican party? Does Christianity = Republican?

I agree with the CT reader who asks why CT only covers the Republicans! I think you should also cover the third parties such as the Greens and Libertarians, and the rest of them. The Republicans and Democrats have bankrupted the nation and should be put out business using the anti trust and anti monopoly laws!

ParkyPundit you so hammered the nail on the head!

How can an avowed Christian like Bachmann lie so blatantly as she
did in the monday night debate? She wrongly accused Pres. Obama of knowingly planning to "kill 800,000 jobs" with the affordable health care act passed by the Democratic congress after many unfortunate compromises with Republicans!! Fact checkers, including David Gergen, revealed her fuzzy math and faulty time frame. However she did prove that a clear, crisp lie with specific numbers makes a stronger point than foggy truth. As Christians, let us call for more fact checks and fewer blunt lies!

@ anne ford

Is easy for her or any other when conscience is dull or absent and the Church of Rome is pulling the strings.


Well, according to some Media outlets: Amid diminishing media interest, Sarah Palin has quit her high-profile bus tour halfway through and returned to Alaska with her family, according to RealClearPolitics.

The move puts a damper on widespread speculations that Palin's "One Nation" bus tour, which launched on Memorial Day, was a potential precursor to a potential White House bid for 2012. Palin never made it to her scheduled stops in the key primary states of Iowa and New Hampshire.