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July 12, 2011

NBC Apologizes to Congress for Edited Pledge

WASHINGTON--NBC has issued a formal apology to more than 100 members of Congress for omitting the words "under God" from the Pledge of Allegiance during a patriotic montage that aired last month.

The letter, signed by Kyle McSlarrow, president of NBC Universal, comes in response to a complaint by 107 members of Congress alleging that a montage shown during coverage of the U.S. Open golf tournament obscured America's religious heritage.

The montage featured video of schoolchildren saying the pledge alongside images of soldiers and American flags, but did not include the phrase "under God." It also omitted "one nation" and "indivisible."

McSlarrow expressed regret over the segment, saying "a serious error in judgment was made by a small group of people. To be absolutely clear, this was not an ideological decision by the company and was not discussed with or approved by any senior NBC official."

The letter also stressed that action had been taken, noting, "The employees involved have been reprimanded. And we have already implemented a new checks and balances process for pre-produced pieces, ensuring that nothing will go on the air without senior-level approval."

The letter was addressed to Reps. Randy Forbes, R-Va., and Mike McIntyre D-N.C., who co-chair the Congressional Prayer Caucus, but was also sent to more than 100 other members of Congress.


what do you expect from NBC? The one Million Mom's organization had hundreds of women sign a petition against them for wanting to air a sleazy show of Mr.Hefner- and show him in a good light-you know the old guy who uses and portrays harmful images of women and they willingly and happily let themselves be portrayed and used in this way. Of course they left "under God" out of the pledge, this is a station that is unprofessional, irresponsible and morally bankrupt.The last thing they want to do is be in reverence to the Lord our God.

That’s American politics for you. Our nation is in huge economic trouble, and Congress is at a near standstill because the two parties can’t find a compromise regarding the debt ceiling… but when some people accidentally leave God out of the Pledge during a sports broadcast, they’ll not only work together, they’ll act with lightning fast speed.

Who was responsible for the insertion of one nation under God into the Pledge?
The Knights of Columbus---The Family
Why was it inserted into the pledge? Get the book The Family and find out why it was inserted into the pledge. They insist that they are just a group of friends, yet they funnel millions of dollars through tax free corporations They claim to disdain politics but congressmen from bothParties describe them as the most influential religious organization in Washington.They say they are not Christians, but simply believers.