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September 28, 2011

Obama Heckled as 'Anti-Christ,' Affirms 'Jesus Christ is Lord' (Video)

A heckler interrupted President Obama's fundraising event in Los Angeles Monday night with calls that Obama was "an anti-Christ."  The heckler, identified as David Serrano, stood just feet in front of the president. The Secret Service quickly removed him. The episode, however, gave Obama one more opportunity to restate his Christian beliefs.

Serrano interrupted Obama's introductory remarks at the fundraiser. "Jesus Christ is the one and only true and living God, the creator of the heavens and the universe," Serrano said. "Jesus Christ is God. Jesus Christ is God. You are [the] anti-Christ." 

Obama did respond immediately to Serrano, who chanted "Jesus Christ is God" while the Secret Service escorted him out of the crowd.

“First of all, I agree that Jesus Christ is the Lord. I believe in that,” Obama said. He then pointed out that the man may have left his jacket. Whether this was a concern for security or an attempt to "give him his cloak also," Obama insisted the man take his coat with him. That is, until a woman said it was her jacket.
The president then returned to his speech.  "All right, where was I? It is good to be back in L.A," Obama said.

Tony Bell, spokesman for Los Angeles County Supervisor Michael Antonovich, told the New York Daily News that Serrano is not new to local political events. He frequently interrupts public meetings with similar statements.

"He yells out his statements, which are very mistaken, odd interpretations of scriptures. He's been pretty close to being thrown out of our meetings," Bell said. “He's not a pleasant guy. He talks about Jews in his diatribes and seems very anti-Semitic. I don't have the impression he's dangerous, but he has issues that could use some help.”

Serrano's heckles did not come cheap. The 1,000 attendees paid $250 to $10,000 to hear Obama give a campaign speech at the L.A. House of Blues. Serrano has been released by the Secret Services without charges.


If you watch the video, it is pretty clear that he was not concerned about security, he was trying to make sure that the man did not lose his coat.

No reason to suggest anything other than that.

The President is one cool dude! I love the calm way he responded. After eight years of a president who only appeared in tightly controlled meetings it is a pleasure to watch a man who is not afraid of the public. I do pray for his safety though. And it is a pleasure to have a President who affirms his Christian faith withough making it a reason anyone should support him.

I agree with the crowd. Four more years!

This comment was a disgrace, and I too, am thankful for how well the President responded.

A tough situation graciously handled. Nicely done. :-)

You can say "Jesus is Lord" all you want...it is your actions that determine if you believe what you say.

I agree, Dave. Which is why I've always wondered about the sincerity of our former president's Christian commitment. The war he declared against Iraq which to date has killed 100,000 Iraqis and several thousand American troops was in disobedience to the core of the Gospel command to love our enemies. It was also the first time in American history that we engaged in an unprovoked war. As yet I don't believe he's ever confessed that particular sin.

I believe the president is a believer by the way he lives, not just what he says. My wife and I pray for him almost daily (as God commands us to do).

John Hubers - I don't disagree with you about the Iraq war but let's not go overboard. I don't recall Korea or Vietnam attacking us. And I don't think the "proxy" argument holds much water.

As to the article, the heckler was ridiculous and out-of-line. Sadly, I know several people in my conservative Republican neck of the woods who have expressed a similar opinion. When partisanship outweighs all, and evangelicalism becomes conflated with Republicanism, it's all too easy to see those on the other side of the political spectrum as not just of a different opinion or even wrong but evil. It's a huge loss to our witness.

I am sick of hearing that Obama is a Muslim. It is clear he is not, no matter what Limbaugh, Beck and others say. I thank God that I live in America and that people can verbalize their discontent and beliefs, but it doesn't mean I have to listen to it. God Bless President Obama. He has a tough job.

I think that President Obama handled this situation well. But, I don't believe the actions of that loon qualify as news & I don't know why Christianity Today gave him publicity by reporting it.

For even demons agree that Jesus is Lord. Obamas homosexual and abortion agenda tell Christians he is not a Christian.

How can anyone here say Obama was gracious? He mocked laughed at him whilst his followers mindlessly shouted "four more years" . He also really sounded "sincere" when he said he believed "Jesus is the Lord". Remember that even the demons and Satan himself acknowledge the authority of Jesus' name.

I would add the fact that many Christians all over and unconnected are beginning to acknowledge that something isn't quite right may indicate that the spirit is moving. Of course it may all be doom and gloom, but, what if he is the son of perdition?

Lets not forget that he has in the past mocked scripture, supports abortion, homosexual marriage, and gun control and read the oddest psalm [46] on 9/11: "be still and know that I am God".

This is all conjecture, but I wouldn't be so quick to call a brother a "loon".

Judge not or you too will be judged.

Non sequitur, Willie. While demons may say Jesus is Lord [A->B], and another person may say Jesus is Lord [C->B](you, I, and Pres. Obama are part of that subset), it does not always follow that the other person is a demon [A is not always equal to C]. How can you judge a person to be a non-Christian based on that person's agenda alone? If God were to judge us simply on the basis of our own secret agendas--did he not call us sons and daughters of perdition?--would he not call us liars and deluded followers of his Son? We are all sinners saved by grace through faith in his Son. The question is: are you prepared to retract your statement and call Pres. Obama your brother in Christ if his faith is indeed genuine? Let him who is without sin cast the first stone. Having a heterosexual and pro-life agenda does not necessarily make a person a Christian. Instead of resorting to name-calling and hateful speech, why don't you just pray for our leaders as we are commanded in Scripture? The dictum for our day and age is not so much for us to wish another to be like Christ, but rather: how can I be like Christ to you.

Dude is lucky that he didn't get shot. Spent a large chunk of my life around government security types and there is a tendency (and training) to shot first ask questions later.

While it isn't stated here, there are reports that the heckler threw something (maybe the coat) in the direction of the stage. Again, if that is the case (and multiple media sources have reported it) dude is EXTRA lucky he didn't get shot.

Protection of the POTUS (no matter who it is) is no joke.

As to the continued insistence of some that Obama isn't a Christian for x, y, or z reason, I figure that is between him and God. There is no religious test for holding office in this country and my Baptist forebears worked their rears off getting us Religious Liberty in this country (some paid for it with blood).

If you don't agree with his policies (which I don't on many) don't vote for him. But to claim that he is or isn't a Christian is a little above your pay grade.

First Of All

people need to get off this thing of calling president Obama the anti-Christ
he is not the anti-Christ

anyone who truly knows the bible, should know that he could not be the one the bible identifies as the anti-Christ.

the anti-Christ will be possibly a pol ital leader from the old roman empire.The bible gives some indication that he may possibly come out of France, because at one point Spain was identified as the little horn, which was where this leader would come.

secondly, yes, president Obama is a eloquent speaker, and the world has received him ,as they will the anti - Christ, but this anti - Christ will have a partner the bible calls the false prophet.

many believe it may be the pope, because after all, it was Rome who killed the Lord on the cross, and then killed many of those who followed Christianity, feeding many of them to lions as entertainment, and then made Christianity its religion. Read the inquisition. but also because the catholic church on many occasions has over ruled many biblical teachings, saying it has the authority to do so.

never the less, he certainly will not be president Obama.
I have read where the bible indicates that this leader may be gay, because it says he will not have a natural affection for women.

president Obama clearly loves women, seeing he is married to one.

#1, president obama is not the anti-christ. I know many people would like to believe he is, but he is not. The anti-christ will come from the old roman empire for one, so he certainly will not be of african descent. the bible comments about anti-christ would make you believe he is be gay, because it says in so many words, that he will not be attracted to the woman. you have to know the bible pretty good to have come across this word. anti-christ will deal directly with the catholic church, because it assumes it is the premier church of Christ. The catholic church already assumes equal divinity with the pope and God, because it calls the pope the holy father. I could go on and on. anti-christ will ultimately call himself God, and will enter the unbuilt temple of the jewish nation, and proclaim himself as god. Again, I could go on. To make a long story short, president obama, though he is having some of the success across the world anti-christ will have, biblically he is not the one.

Serrano did no service for Christ. And of course Obama is not the anti-Christ, no matter how much one may disagree with his pro-abortion, pro-gay "mainstream" Christianity. The true anti-Christ won't have a recalcitrant Congress blocking his every move, or find even the liberal media critiquing his every step!

I can see how Obama could have been alarmed by the coat. Just wondering why the woman didn't come forward sooner. Obama asked several times if the coat was Serrano's.

I am no supporter of President Obama as far as his politics or reelection are concerned...but he handled this situation with wonderful grace!

The derange loon David Serrano, is a by product of the many false teachings that are part of the galloping, prevalent and prevailing Apostasy sweeping thru the churches in America.

Among those false teachings and high in the scale, is the highly toxic mixture, of Worldly Political ideologies and agendas, with "christian" teachings. They're producing these type of people; to the public embarrassment of the faith.

The sad spectacle provided by this loon, comes just one week after another public charade that made the news for a few days right here in CT. The comments of Pat Robertson on marriage and divorce and that's just the tip of the iceberg.

In the midst of so much hate on the internet, how refreshing to come across a discussion in which the particpants are mostly respectful and MOSTLY reasonable despite their political leanings. I for one am so tired of the way our political system has polarized people against each other until it is way beyond reason, and to the point where huge numbers of people in our society are literally brainwashed. To the person who claimed Obama is not a Christian, I am sorry for you. He's so obviously a good person, a good family man and a Christian. There ARE Christians with varying beliefs and outside the Republican party.

Ethiopia & now Libya is at his step(his for the asking)
He will not regard the desire of women- which is bringing forth children, He will do everything to control human population through Abortion, deceitful Planned Parenthood , gay promotions & such relationships etc. He will honor a strange god in his estate- Privately he carries lucky charms of a Hindu god, a strange one, for it has the face of a monkey, called son of Air, A god of forces, whose god again is in their strong holds
(their seat which is in Pagan India). He honors them in the strong holds- by taking a Contingent of His (U.S) Military there, which seem like an innocent diplomatic gesture , but inwardly constitute "Dark Sentences". In short he by deceit sells the soul of his Country to pagan gods, who themselves have gay stories wound around them, which gives an indication as to why he "Jumps" for gay rights, For it is more than just rights. His chief executor , the secretary of state & off course the chief adviser- Secretary of defense. So he is neither a Christian or a Muslim, but a Pagan in heart that is why he does not -worship the God of his fathers, Does all these look innocent ?

I would assume that Satan would pick a guy that would have higher approval ratings

He is the antichrist, little horn, son of perdition, 1st beast. go to my you tube channel called littlenoah2'schannel. He is and has already fulfilled the scriptures.

He is indeed the greatest deceiver walking the earth today. You don't see this because God has poured out the strong delusion.

I think satan has poured out the great delusion and God allowed it.