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October 13, 2011

Rick Perry's Wife Says Husband Is Being Attacked for Faith

Texas Governor Rick Perry's wife Anita Perry suggested today that her husband is being attacked for his faith during a "rough month."

"We have been brutalized and beaten up and chewed up in the press to where I need this today," Anita Perry said at North Greenville University in South Carolina. "We are being brutalized by our opponents, and our own party. So much of that is, I think they look at him, because of his faith. He is the only true conservative–well, there are some true conservatives. And they’re there for good reasons. And they may feel like God called them too. But I truly feel like we are here for that purpose."

Anita Perry suggested that her husband's difficulties were a "test." "Last week, someone came up to Rick and gave him the Scripture. He said Rick, I want to tell you God is testing you," she said.

She said Perry relied on prayer when deciding whether or not to enter the GOP race. "He felt like he needed to see that burning bush," she said. "I said he may not see that burning bush but other people are seeing it for you."

Anita Perry also spoke about her trips to church with her grandfather. "My grandfather was the deacon in a Christian church and he made sure I went to Sunday school every Sunday because nothing made him prouder than for me to hear him in his sermon on Sunday," she said.

Texas pastor Robert Jeffress endorsed Perry last week at the Family Research Council's Values Voter Summit in Washington last week. After introducing Perry, he later told reporters he believed Mormonism was a cult, which many reporters saw as the main story out of the summit. Jeffress discussed his views that Christians should not vote for a Mormon candidate during the 2008 election.

Former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney, who is Mormon, suggested that Perry should disavow Jeffress, but Perry declined, the Associated Press reported. The video of Anita Perry's speech is available below from MSNBC:

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These crocodile tears are very Clintonesque.

Bush wore his Christianity on his sleeve. Rick Perry is Bush on steroids and wares his Christianity on a body suit!

No Anita, he's being attacked on all sides, including from his own brethren, because he is shamelessly using his faith to pander to the religious right. While this is not new, no one in recent times has done it so shamelessly as your husband has.

Happy are you if you are persecuted for righteousness' sake. Your reward is in heaven.

Oh for crying out loud. If you can't stand the heat get out of the kitchen.

What should a Christian expect in worldly politics? Or can a Christian really keep a good witness in modern politics without joining the mud-throwers?

He's being attacked because he's shown himself to be unprepared to be President. It has nothing to do with his faith.

I can see how Mrs. Perry might well be upset, because following "The Response" rally in Texas, people who were startled by the NAR preachers wrote a bunch of articles not in their favor. Also there was a sharp reaction to that Rev. Jefress at the Values Voters. I suspect I do not agree with one single thing that the Perrys believe, but I can see how this might have hurt Mrs. Perry. I remain inspired by what Sarah Pulliam Bailey did to preserve Rev, Gene Robinson's prayer at the Inauguration; I don't believe Ms. Bailey admires Gene Robinson, but she did a blessed thing for those of us who do. I would like to see someone comfort Mrs. Perry in that spirit.

I'm praying for you, Rick & Anita! God is with you! You are people who love Jesus & stand up for Him, & He will stand up for you! Romans 8! God bless you...no matter what happens, God is with you, & you were raised up "for such a time as this." (Just like Esther)

It is there for everybody to see that today's so called secular news channels & news are heavily biased against Christianity & any thing Christian. Especially in the last 2 to 3 years, & increasing by the day. Definitely an anti culture which makes me believe in the Bible even more, for it states that these things will happen in the last days, prophesied to happen in the appointed times, with the good news of Jesus Christ in His Magnificent Glory, in Battle Readiness.There is none, none who can go against the "Lord of Hosts". It is the Truth of a vision.

Just "...be strong and of a good courage!", Anita and Rick! (Josh.1:9, of course) Especially, encountering American post-Christian consumerism of some fellow readers of CT and the like.

Waaah, waaah. What a bunch of babies.

I don't think so!


I admire Rick Perry for stateing his Faith as a Christian. But, it's the Republican's platform that scares the hell out of me!

I sure don't want to offend anyone, but I've observed Gov. Perry's actions for many years now from my small home town here in Texas. Frankly, he is very capable of taking a pretty blunt "Let 'em eat cake" kind of attitude.
Mrs. Perry's comments about being "brutalized" for their religious faith would carry a lot more weight for me if the Perry's "walked the walk" in regards to charitable giving to churches (or even more general religious organizations).
For folks who want to divest the government of any supportive societal role and expect religious organizations to take up the slack that is left behind, they are not setting a very good example. On 06/12/2011 the San Antonio Express News reported that from 2000 through 2009 the Perry family tax records show that they gave 0.05% (yes, that's 1/2 of 1%) of their rather-substantial income to such causes. In 2007 with an income of over $1,000,000 their tax return shows a contribution of $90 to their church. In 2008 Gov. Perry promised to give away a $35,000 raise he got, but nearly 1/3 of that contribution went to the non-profit org for which his wife consults! (Another $5,000 went toward restoration of the burned-out Governor's Mansion... as we'd say in Texas, nuff said). I'm sorry, but actions speak way louder than words.
I don't know if this will come across in my posting, but here's a link to the SA Express story:

This "discrimination" of Rick Perry is no different than what people continue to do to President Obama As of April 24% of people polled still think he's a Muslim.

So Perry gets a pass after his vicious attacks against Romney? Turn-around is fair play right?

These people are pathetic! Do they really believe that God has any interest in the outcome of a political election? God apparently doesn't care about the outcome of football games or he could have answered my prayer about putting the Steelers on the bottom of the AFC North, so I doubt that He has much interest in the clowns running for the GOP nomination. Religion should not be a number one topic in politics, but,unfortunately, one party that seems to be top heavy with very conservative Evangelicals keeps dragging it back into the discussion.